Philips Electronics patents granted on 25 January 2011

9 US patents granted on 25 January 2011 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 7,877,661 Method for encoding multiword information by wordwise interleaving and wordwise error protection with error locative clues derived from synchronizing channel bit groups and directed to target words, a method for decoding such information, a device for encoding and/or decoding such information, and a carrier provided with such information
2 7,877,228 Method and system for detecting artifacts in ICU patient records by data fusion and hypothesis testing
3 7,877,132 Medical viewing system and method for detecting and enhancing static structures in noisy images using motion of the image acquisition means
4 7,876,850 Wireless communication system with diversity/MIMO array branch decoupling
5 7,876,397 Backlight for 3D display
6 7,876,003 Resonant actuator for a personal care appliance having a programmable actuation capability
7 7,875,984 Complaint bonding structures for semiconductor devices
8 7,875,533 Package-integrated thin film LED
9 7,874,707 Recessed lighting fixture