Philips Electronics patents granted on 25 October 2011

31 US patents granted on 25 October 2011 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D647,665 End cap for luminaire
2 D647,662 Luminaire
3 D647,661 Luminaire
4 D647,660 Luminaire
5 D647,658 Luminaire
6 D647,657 Floodlight luminaire
7 D647,626 Light treatment apparatus
8 D647,504 Center unit for home theatre system
9 D647,475 Charge base for vacuum cleaner
10 8,046,808 Communication of TV-Anytime CRIDs
11 8,046,589 Renewable and private biometrics
12 8,046,051 Method and apparatus for the observation of a catheter within a vessel system
13 8,045,848 Babycare heating apparatus
14 8,045,778 Hot spot detection, segmentation and identification in pet and spect images
15 8,045,769 Planar angular visualization of the bronchial tree
16 8,045,677 Shifting an object for complete trajectories in rotational X-ray imaging
17 8,045,633 Estimation of length of channel impulse response
18 8,045,594 Surface-emitting external cavity laser device
19 8,045,502 Method of reserving resources with a maximum delay guarantee for multi-hop transmission in a distributed access wireless communications network
20 8,045,494 System and method for hibernation mode for beaconing devices
21 8,045,437 Method and device for recording marks representing data in an information layer of an optical record carrier
22 8,045,334 Component adapted for being mounted on a substrate and a method of mounting a surface mounted device
23 8,045,069 Method and system for providing multiple views directed to multiple viewing zones
24 8,044,967 Converting a three-primary input color signal into an N-primary color drive signal
25 8,044,769 Multi-dimensional control of lighting parameters
26 8,044,660 Arrangement and method for influencing and/or detecting magnetic particles in a region of action
27 8,044,421 Light emitting device with tension relaxation
28 8,043,227 Non-invasive system and method for measuring skin hydration of a subject
29 8,042,977 Troffer luminaire
30 8,042,967 Lamp module and lighting device comprising such a lamp module
31 8,042,960 Illumination device for producing a polarized light beam