Philips Electronics patents granted on 26 July 2011

14 US patents granted on 26 July 2011 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D642,319 Luminaire
2 D642,314 Luminaire
3 D642,313 Floodlight luminaire
4 7,987,213 Storage profile generation for network-connected portable storage devices
5 7,986,836 Method, a system and a computer program for segmenting a surface in a multidimensional dataset
6 7,986,801 Device having a point and a spatial sound generating-means for providing stereo sound sensation over a large area
7 7,986,598 Recording methods and devices for recording information on dual layer recordable disks
8 7,986,411 Imaging of a turbid medium
9 7,986,375 Multi-view autostereoscopic display device having particular driving means and driving method
10 7,986,374 Autostereoscopic display device using controllable liquid crystal lens array for 3D/2D mode switching
11 7,986,291 Method of driving displays comprising a conversion from the RGB colour space to the RGBW colour space
12 7,986,103 Method for driving a lamp in a lighting system based on a goal energizing level of the lamp and a control apparatus therefor
13 7,985,979 Semiconductor light emitting device with light extraction structures
14 7,985,966 Electro-optically active organic diode with short protection