Philips Electronics patents granted on 27 December 2011

19 US patents granted on 27 December 2011 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 RE43,050 Medical electrode and release liner configurations facilitating packaged electrode characterization
2 8,086,800 Integrated circuit and method for buffering to optimize burst length in networks on chips
3 8,086,567 Apparatus and method for storing data
4 8,086,306 OTC automatic external defibrillator with quick install battery
5 8,086,300 ECG electrode contact quality measurement system
6 8,086,295 Collapsible containment wall for imaging
7 8,086,082 Methods for mounting an electro-optical component in alignment with an optical element and related structures
8 8,086,001 Utilizing physiological models to control functional acquisitions
9 8,085,902 Automatic control of a medical device
10 8,085,629 Optical focus error offset to reduce radial to vertical crosstalk
11 8,085,624 Method for storing audio-centered information with a multi-level Table-of-Contents (TOC) mechanism with one Master-TOC and Sub-TOCs for various audio formats, a device for use with such mechanism and a unitary storage medium containing such mechanism
12 8,085,293 Self adjusting stereo camera system
13 8,084,958 Device for generating light with a variable color
14 8,084,948 Method for dimming a light generatng system for generating light with a variable color
15 8,084,945 AC driven light-emitting diodes
16 8,084,270 Device for analyzing fluids
17 8,083,674 Power saving uplink for biosensors
18 8,083,390 Lighting device employing a light guide plate and a plurality of light emitting diodes
19 8,082,813 Actuator for displacement of a holder against a homing-position