Philips Electronics patents granted on 27 March 2012

21 US patents granted on 27 March 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 RE43,273 Generation of a sound signal
2 D656,657 Luminaire
3 D656,656 Luminaire
4 D656,655 Luminaire
5 D656,654 Luminaire
6 8,146,063 Translation of a series of computer instructions
7 8,145,318 Measurement and stimulation of muscle tissue
8 8,145,300 Simplified biphasic defibrillator circuit with make-only switching
9 8,145,012 Device and process for multimodal registration of images
10 8,144,987 Method, a system and a computer program for segmenting a surface in a multi-dimensional dataset
11 8,144,962 Local motion compensation based on list mode data
12 8,144,956 Ultrasonic diagnosis by quantification of myocardial performance
13 8,144,955 Automated robust learning of geometries for MR-examinations
14 8,144,950 Method for facilitating post-processing of images using deformable meshes
15 8,144,879 Method, device, encoder apparatus, decoder apparatus and audio system
16 8,144,560 Method for preventing interchange of optical information carriers
17 8,144,555 System and method for embedding optical drive compatibility information in optical media
18 8,143,814 Method and device for driving a gas discharge lamp
19 8,143,813 Data based ambient lighting control
20 8,143,803 Lamp control circuit and method of driving a lamp
21 8,141,279 Steam ironing device, ironing board and ironing system, with means for providing an electrically charged steam output