Philips Electronics patents granted on 28 August 2012

19 US patents granted on 28 August 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D666,349 Luminaire
2 D666,337 Light bulb
3 D666,336 Light bulb
4 D666,089 Packaging
5 D666,051 Coffee maker
6 8,255,231 Encoding and decoding of audio signals using complex-valued filter banks
7 8,255,037 Cardiac roadmapping
8 8,254,585 Stereo coding and decoding method and apparatus thereof
9 8,254,526 Thermionic electron emitter and X-ray source including same
10 8,253,744 System for virtually drawing on a physical surface
11 8,253,740 Method of rendering an output image on basis of an input image and a corresponding depth map
12 8,253,723 Method to visualize cutplanes for curved elongated structures
13 8,253,693 Device capable of being operated within a network, network system, method of operating a device within a network, program element, and computer-readable medium
14 8,253,419 Battery voltage monitoring system for monitoring the battery voltage of a series arrangement of more than two batteries
15 8,253,353 Driving a light source
16 8,253,123 Method and device for generating EUV radiation or soft X-rays with enhanced efficiency
17 8,251,538 Lighting device
18 8,251,529 Thin illumination device, display device and luminary device
19 8,250,971 Device for producing coffee