Philips Electronics patents granted on 28 December 2010

25 US patents granted on 28 December 2010 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D629,959 Luminaire face plate
2 D629,804 Mouse
3 D629,788 Digital audio player
4 D629,787 Digital audio player
5 D629,643 Combined steamer and blender
6 7,861,187 User interface to support a user selecting content
7 7,861,142 Information recording disc, recording and/or reproducing device and method
8 7,861,092 Personal communication apparatus capable of recording transactions secured with biometric data
9 7,861,062 Data processing device with instruction controlled clock speed
10 7,860,565 Defibrillator having a switched mode power supply for transcutaneous pacing
11 7,860,558 ECG lead misplacement detection and correction
12 7,859,962 Seamless recording of real-time information
13 7,859,941 Transmit apodization control for microbeamformers
14 7,859,867 Method and inverter for converting a DC voltage into a 3-phase AC output
15 7,859,595 Flicker-free adaptive thresholding for ambient light derived from video content mapped through unrendered color space
16 7,859,401 Addressing scheme for smart wireless medical sensor networks
17 7,859,189 Electroluminescent display having a drive transistor controlled by a light sensitive device and a light blocking structure to prevent cross talk
18 7,859,185 Light-emitting device
19 7,859,176 High-pressure discharge lamp assembly
20 7,859,170 Wide-bandwidth matrix transducer with polyethylene third matching layer
21 7,858,409 White point compensated LEDs for LCD displays
22 7,858,408 LED with phosphor tile and overmolded phosphor in lens
23 7,857,892 Air pollution sensor system
24 7,857,623 Brushhead stem with core channels for dispensing fluids
25 7,856,743 Ironing board having an extendable and rectractable base