Philips Electronics patents granted on 29 March 2011

18 US patents granted on 29 March 2011 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 7,917,921 Control of an interactive application
2 7,917,728 Integrated circuit and method for transaction retraction
3 7,917,557 Method and devices for creating a second playlist based on a first playlist
4 7,917,188 Method for using CEST contrast agents in MRI
5 7,916,873 Stereo compatible multi-channel audio coding
6 7,916,617 Recognizable patterns in adjacent tracks of ROM record carriers for simultaneous scanning for copy protection
7 7,916,418 Apparatus and method for controlling the rotation velocity of an optical disc
8 7,916,296 Method and apparatus for adjusting a color point of a light source
9 7,916,282 Surface detection system for use with a droplet spray oral cleaning device
10 7,916,168 Display of an arrangement of a panoramic video by applying navigation commands to said panoramic video
11 7,916,099 Electroluminescent display device with scrolling addressing
12 7,915,991 Fractional turns transformers with ferrite polymer core
13 7,915,707 Deformable integrated circuit device
14 7,915,511 Method and electronic device for aligning a song with its lyrics
15 7,914,173 Lamp assembly
16 7,914,171 Air-handling luminaire
17 7,913,916 Smartcard and a method of operating a smartcard
18 7,913,433 Measures for keeping a degree of contamination of a steam generator including its contents below a predetermined maximum