Philips Electronics patents granted on 29 May 2012

30 US patents granted on 29 May 2012 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 8,191,102 Method of transmitting interactive television
2 8,190,372 Sensor device for and a method of sensing magnetic particles
3 8,190,278 Method for control of a device
4 8,190,211 System, apparatus, and method for asymmetrical beamforming with equal-power transmissions
5 8,190,098 Packet data multicast communication system, a station, and a method of operating the system
6 8,190,096 Method and system to select devices of a wireless network, particularly a network of wireless lighting devices
7 8,190,007 Calibration camera with spectral depth
8 8,189,995 Record carrier, apparatus and method for storing video having playback control using conditional arithmetic operation
9 8,189,929 Method of rearranging a cluster map of voxels in an image
10 8,189,895 Fused perfusion and functional 3D rotational angiography rendering
11 8,189,892 Methods and systems for identification of DNA patterns through spectral analysis
12 8,189,809 Audio device for improved sound reproduction
13 8,189,791 Hierarchical deterministic pairwise key predistribution scheme
14 8,189,742 Fast dose modulation using Z-deflection in a rotaring anode or rotaring frame tube
15 8,189,652 Method and apparatus for detecting high-mobility state of mobile terminal and related device
16 8,189,125 Apparatus for audio, video and/or data recording and/or reproducing
17 8,189,039 Autostereoscopic display device
18 8,189,034 Combined exchange of image and related depth data
19 8,189,011 System and method for controlling lighting systems
20 8,188,736 PET/MR scanners for simultaneous PET and MR imaging
21 8,188,732 Arrangement and method for influencing magnetic particles in a region of action using distinguishable magnetization of the two magnetic particles
22 8,188,673 Organic light emitting diode arrangement
23 8,188,508 Semiconductor light emitting device with a contact formed on a textured surface
24 8,187,202 Method and apparatus for acoustical outer ear characterization
25 8,187,186 Ultrasonic diagnosis of myocardial synchronization
26 8,186,833 Method and system for electroholographic display with zeroth-order diffraction suppression
27 8,186,515 Method and separator system for separating magnetic particles, separator column for use in a separator system
28 8,186,355 Glossoplasty using tissue anchor glossopexy with volumetric tongue reduction
29 8,186,264 Disposable cartridge for use in a beverage maker, comprising a novably arranged needle member
30 8,186,064 Shaving apparatus