Philips Electronics patents granted on 30 April 2013

18 US patents granted on 30 April 2013 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D681,218 Baby bottle
2 D681,217 Baby bottle
3 D681,216 Top assembly for a baby bottle
4 D681,191 Elbow connector with sealing port for respiratory therapy
5 D681,005 Speaker
6 8,433,983 Secure protection of biometric templates
7 8,433,021 Determining symbol synchronization information for OFDM signals
8 8,432,980 Method and system of interleaving for a multiple-input multiple-output multi-band OFDM communication system
9 8,432,868 Systems and methods for seamlessly roaming between a wireless wide area network and a wireless local area network
10 8,432,854 Method and system of beacon transmission and reception
11 8,432,776 Quick access to disc management information
12 8,432,500 Lighting device with thermally variable reflecting element
13 8,432,355 In-plane switching display devices
14 8,431,942 LED package with a rounded square lens
15 8,431,423 Reflective substrate for LEDS
16 8,430,534 LED lamp and method for producing the same
17 8,430,525 Illumination assembly for shop illumination
18 8,430,021 Grinding members for a coffee-grinder device, and coffee machine comprising said device