Philips Electronics patents granted on 30 March 2010

21 US patents granted on 30 March 2010 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 7,689,934 Method of scrolling through a document
2 7,689,848 Power management adapted to compute average length of time that a processor is idle during each processing cycle from synchronization signals
3 7,689,637 Adaptive filtering method and related device
4 7,689,446 Automated reservation system with transfer of user-preferences from home to guest accommodations
5 7,689,278 Identification system for defibrillator electrode package
6 7,689,130 Method and apparatus for illumination and communication
7 7,689,031 Video filtering for stereo images
8 7,688,982 Protected return path from digital rights management dongle
9 7,688,948 Method and apparatus for generating radiation in the wavelength range from about 1 nm to about 30 nm, and use in a lithography device or in metrology
10 7,688,937 Three dimensional electron beam computed tomography
11 7,688,704 Multilayer optical disc having disc information
12 7,688,509 Autostereoscopic display
13 7,688,339 System for scribing a visible label
14 7,688,002 Light emitting element control system and lighting system comprising same
15 7,688,000 Method and device for driving a metal halide lamp
16 7,687,997 UVC/VUV dielectric barrier discharge lamp with reflector
17 7,687,979 Electric lamp/reflector unit employing a ceramic insert
18 7,687,944 Actuation system for personal care appliance using linear actuators
19 7,687,753 Control system for an illumination device incorporating discrete light sources
20 7,687,275 Nitric oxide detection
21 7,685,935 Food processor with tools combined to a tool unit