Philips Electronics patents granted on 31 May 2011

19 US patents granted on 31 May 2011 and assigned to Philips Electronics

1 D638,977 Luminaire
2 D638,822 Notebook speaker
3 D638,821 Notebook speaker
4 D638,650 Coffee percolator
5 7,954,164 Method of copy detection and protection using non-standard TOC entries
6 7,953,156 System and method for encoding and decoding enhancement layer data using descriptive model parameters
7 7,953,053 Distributed resource reservation in a wireless adhoc network
8 7,953,033 Method of signalling, a communication system and a communication equipment
9 7,953,003 Requesting permission from a base station to send packets queued at a mobile station according to its transmission delay
10 7,952,792 Reflective display and method for manufacturing such a display
11 7,952,475 Communication system for monitoring the health status of a patient, communication device, sensor device and method
12 7,952,292 Illumination control
13 7,952,285 Metal halide lamp with cerium oxide seal
14 7,952,284 High-pressure discharge lamp
15 7,952,270 Electroluminescent device
16 7,952,063 Method and system for operating a pointing device to control one or more properties of a plurality of other devices
17 7,952,022 Dual access luminaire junction box
18 7,950,830 Illumination system for illuminating a display device
19 7,950,824 Lighting system and a color indicator part therefor