Samsung patent applications published on 02 March 2006

122 US patent applications published on 02 March 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060048189 Method and apparatus for proactive recording and displaying of preferred television program by user’s eye gaze
2 20060048183 Device and method for updating function in digital broadcasting signal receiver
3 20060048182 Display device for displaying compensated program guide and method thereof
4 20060048181 Method and device for initializing cable card and channel list using reset menu on OSD screen
5 20060048176 Disk-chucking device of disk drive
6 20060048173 Optical disc loading apparatus for an optical disc drive
7 20060048172 Tray movement speed control method and apparatus
8 20060048166 Disc release apparatus for disc player
9 20060048034 Method and apparatus for transmitting block ACK frame
10 20060047821 System, method, and medium for relaying data using socket application program
11 20060047820 System and method for monitoring simultaneous PoC sessions
12 20060047668 Web service-enabling digital video/audio-processing apparatus, and web service method and system therefor
13 20060047423 Navigation system and method for detecting deviation of mobile objects from route using same
14 20060047383 Apparatus and method of managing vehicle maintenance information in a mobile terminal
15 20060047346 Private video recorder providing user interface showing history of storing status of content and method therefor
16 20060047208 Apparatus and method for measuring quantity of exercise through film-type pressure sensor
17 20060046796 Sliding device for dual sliding-type portable communication apparatus
18 20060046789 Apparatus and method for controlling uplink power in a mobile communication system using a TDD scheme
19 20060046783 Sliding module for mobile terminal
20 20060046762 System and method for controlling congestion between response messages responsive to a group call page in a mobile communication system
21 20060046759 Mobile communication system using push to talk scheme for supplying location based service and method therefor
22 20060046754 Proxy translator for extending the coverage area of a wireless network
23 20060046728 Cellular mobile communication system and method using heterogeneous wireless network
24 20060046722 Handover method for next generation mobile communication system having overlapping area
25 20060046687 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving an emergency rescue request using UWB signals
26 20060046667 Power amplifying circuit in mobile terminal
27 20060046663 Frequency synthesizer and frequency synthesis method
28 20060046647 Proxy mobile station using assignable mobile identifier to access a wireless network
29 20060046644 Software-defined repeater for use in a wireless network
30 20060046602 Method of manufacturing field emitter electrode using self-assembling carbon nanotubes and field emitter electrode manufactured thereby
31 20060046509 Method of forming a phase change memory device having a small area of contact
32 20060046485 Method of manufacturing package substrate with fine circuit pattern using anodic oxidation
33 20060046456 Damascene process using different kinds of metals
34 20060046445 Method of forming a conductive line for a semiconductor device using a carbon nanotube and semiconductor device manufactured using the method
35 20060046388 Nonvolatile semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
36 20060046378 Methods of fabricating MIM capacitor employing metal nitride layer as lower electrode
37 20060046136 Method of producing polymer capacitor by forming micropore in ion exchange membrane and polymer capacitor produced thereby
38 20060046079 Method for preparing surfactant-templated, mesoporous low dielectric film
39 20060046013 Super-resolution information storage medium and method of and apparatus for recording/reproducing data to/from the same
40 20060045762 Suction muffler for compressor
41 20060045591 Device for fusing toner on print medium
42 20060045588 Fusing roller and fusing apparatus having the same
43 20060045587 Fusing roller and fusing apparatus using the same
44 20060045586 Fusing roller and fusing apparatus having the same
45 20060045567 Developing unit having foldable handle and image forming apparatus having the same
46 20060045564 Color image forming apparatus
47 20060045563 Developing device and image forming apparatus having the same
48 20060045562 Shock absorbing apparatus for packaging toner cartridge
49 20060045557 Carrier vapor cleaner, a wet type electrophotographic image forming apparatus having the same, and a carrier vapor cleaning method
50 20060045553 Wet-type electrophotographic image forming apparatus and method for controlling collection of developer
51 20060045549 Image forming apparatus and storage thereof
52 20060045544 Method for requesting service by use of two-way real-time communication with service center server
53 20060045525 Optical access network of wavelength division method and passive optical network using the same
54 20060045524 Optical access network of wavelength division method and passive optical network using the same
55 20060045478 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving protected contents at home
56 20060045474 Video reproducing apparatus, remote controller for controlling the apparatus, and method for converting channels of the apparatus
57 20060045396 Bearing and turbo compressor comprising the same
58 20060045341 Apparatus and method for high-speed character recognition
59 20060045336 Method of image segmentation
60 20060045247 Apparatus and method of providing a call service using a prepaid card in a portable terminal
61 20060045222 Optical driver including a multiphase clock generator having a delay locked loop (DLL), optimized for gigahertz frequencies
62 20060045211 Method and apparatus for calculating log-likelihood ratio for decoding in a receiver for a mobile communication system
63 20060045201 Apparatus and method for full-diversity, full-rate space-time block coding for two transmit antennas
64 20060045189 Method for reducing channel switching delay in digital broadcast receiver and digital broadcast receiver using the same
65 20060045171 Code tracking apparatus and method under a multi-path environment in a DS-CDMA communication system
66 20060045170 Apparatus and method for canceling interference in a single antenna 1xEV-DV mobile station
67 20060045155 Method of fabricating laser diode
68 20060045141 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
69 20060045116 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
70 20060045106 Repeater apparatus for supporting a plurality of protocols, and a method for controlling protocol conversion in the repeater apparatus
71 20060045094 Proportional fair scheduling apparatus for multi-transmission channel system, method thereof and recording medium for recording program of the same
72 20060045081 Data multiplexing method, field programmable gate array, and optical network
73 20060045066 Flooding method in ad-hoc network
74 20060045059 Method for wireless transmission of data in infrastructure mode wireless network environment
75 20060045052 Digital multimedia broadcast receiving apparatus and method thereof
76 20060045049 Handoff system and method between a wireless LAN and mobile communication network
77 20060045048 Data transmission method in wireless LAN, access point device and station device
78 20060045047 Random access method in multi-cell OFDMA networks
79 20060045034 Wireless networking apparatus and channel switching method using the same
80 20060045023 Method for estimating available bandwidth of network
81 20060045003 Method for detecting initial operation mode in wireless communication system employing OFDMA scheme
82 20060044972 Method and apparatus for optical disc PCA search
83 20060044966 Method of determining the type of an optical disc and a data recording and/or reproducing apparatus
84 20060044958 Probe position error detecting method and apparatus in probe-based data storage system
85 20060044821 Surface light source device and backlight assembly having the same
86 20060044779 Backlight assembly and liquid crytal display apparatus having the same
87 20060044734 Printed circuit board including embedded capacitor having high dielectric constant and method of fabricating same
88 20060044668 Apparatus, medium, and method for protecting a storage medium in a portable device
89 20060044507 Method of dropping liquid crystal onto a substrate, apparatus for dropping liquid crystal using the same, and method of manufacturing display device using the same
90 20060044498 Transflective display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
91 20060044475 Adaptive bidirectional filtering for video noise reduction
92 20060044469 Apparatus and method for coordinating synchronization of video and captions
93 20060044460 Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus, and digital photographing apparatus utilizing the method
94 20060044455 Lens-positioning device of camera module
95 20060044453 Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus, and digital photographing apparatus adopting the method
96 20060044442 Embedded camera apparatus and mobile phone including the same
97 20060044401 Mobile communication terminal for storing a picture and picture-taking location information and method for providing services using the same
98 20060044400 Control method for digital photographing apparatus for efficient setting operation and digital photographing apparatus using the method
99 20060044320 Video display control apparatus and video display control method
100 20060044301 Display device and driving method thereof
101 20060044265 HMD information apparatus and method of operation thereof
102 20060044217 Image providing system and method thereof
103 20060043945 Power regulator having over-current protection circuit and method of providing over-current protection thereof
104 20060043915 Motor driving apparatus, and initial driving method for three-phase motor
106 20060043895 Electromagnetic shielding film, plasma display panel filter using the electromagnetic shielding film, plasma display panel device including the electromagnetic shielding film, and method of manufacturing the electromagnetic shielding film
107 20060043862 Method of manufacturing field emitter electrode using carbon nanotube nucleation sites and field emitter electrode manufactured thereby
108 20060043808 Hydrodynamic pressure bearing spindle motor
109 20060043664 Paper-feeding device of image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
110 20060043469 SONOS memory cell and method of forming the same
111 20060043403 Organic light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
112 20060043401 High power light emitting diode package
113 20060043388 Reflective electrode and compound semiconductor light emitting device including the same
114 20060043384 Vertical nitride semiconductor light emitting diode
115 20060043365 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
116 20060043361 White light-emitting organic-inorganic hybrid electroluminescence device comprising semiconductor nanocrystals
117 20060043190 Microwave oven with bar code scanner
118 20060042416 Method of preparing nano scale nickel powders by wet reducing process
119 20060042310 Cooling system
120 20060042306 Refrigerator
121 20060042300 Refrigerator
122 20060042044 Biaxial hinge device for mobile terminal and mounting mechanism thereof