Samsung patent applications published on 04 May 2006

168 US patent applications published on 04 May 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060095977 Software protecting method and apparatus using the same
2 20060095936 Apparatus and method for displaying digital broadcasting program information
3 20060095733 Hardware device for executing conditional instruction out-of-order fetch and execution method thereof
4 20060095600 Dual mode mobile communication terminal and method for automatically recognizing card information and selecting a drive mode
5 20060095402 System and method for collecting contents on audio/video network and controlling execution of the contents
6 20060095379 Key management method in network system
7 20060095293 Method and system for providing and using ticket
8 20060095226 Hand/eye calibration method using projective invariant shape descriptor of 2-dimensional image
9 20060095170 System and method for identifying objects in a space
10 20060095158 Robot control system and robot control method thereof
11 20060094928 Fuel cell for microcapsule-type robot and microcapsule-type robot powered by the same
12 20060094850 Composition for preparing nanoporous material comprising calixarene derivative
13 20060094453 Apparatus and method for setting multimedia items using an MMS message in a mobile terminal
14 20060094450 Method for controlling an operation mode of a mobile terminal in a broadband wireless access communication system
15 20060094436 System and method for assigning a sub-channel in a BWA communication system
16 20060094402 Security monitoring method in bluetooth device
17 20060094376 Apparatus and method for high efficiency power amplification for a mobile communication system
18 20060094372 Method for uplink scheduling in communication system using frequency hopping-orthogonal frequency division multiple access scheme
19 20060094368 Apparatus and method for selecting an antenna in a digital broadcast receiving terminal
20 20060094366 Apparatus and method for signal transmission and reception using downlink channel information in a sleep mode in a BWA communication system
21 20060094363 Apparatus and method for dynamically allocating resources in a communication system using an orthogonal frequency division multiple access scheme
22 20060094360 Method and system for identifying device on universal plug and play network and playing content using the device
23 20060094359 Method for detecting bluetooth device using company ID
24 20060094241 Etchant for conductive materials and method of manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel using the same
25 20060094212 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
26 20060094203 Method of forming a trench isolation layer and method of manufacturing a non-volatile memory device using the same
27 20060094188 Methods of fabricating flash memory devices and flash memory devices fabricated thereby
28 20060094185 Capacitor including a dielectric layer having an inhomogeneous crystalline region and method of fabricating the same
29 20060094172 Method of fabricating thin film transistor
30 20060094158 Fabrication method of packaging substrate and packaging method using the packaging substrate
31 20060094142 Fabricating method of semiconductor optical device for flip-chip bonding
32 20060093895 Rechargeable battery
33 20060093865 Perpendicular magnetic recording media with laminated soft magnetic underlayer
34 20060093841 Method of forming ferroelectric thin film
35 20060093503 Variable capacity rotary compressor
36 20060093501 Suction port assembly of vacuum cleaner
37 20060093423 Method and apparatus for controlling printing in inkjet printer
38 20060093418 Fixing device and image forming apparatus including the same
39 20060093417 Fixing device
40 20060093416 Fixing device and image forming apparatus having the same
41 20060093415 Fusing roller and fusing apparatus adopting the same
42 20060093414 Fusing roller and fusing apparatus using the same
43 20060093411 Fixing device
44 20060093409 Apparatus for and method of printing a mono-color image using a single-pass color printer
45 20060093404 Liquid toner electrophotographic printing systems and methods
46 20060093400 Developing unit and electrophotographic image forming apparatus having the same
47 20060093381 Method and apparatus for obtaining refilled toner data
48 20060093358 Optical packet communication system using labeling of wavelength-offset polarization-division multiplexing
49 20060093357 Method and apparatus for suppressing optical surge in optical burst switching network
50 20060093355 Apparatus and method for label transmission in optical packet data switching network
51 20060093342 Lens barrel apparatus for camera
52 20060093313 Combination recording apparatus for auto-selecting record apparatus to use referring to apparatus using status and method thereof
53 20060093312 Content playback system and method
54 20060093285 Latching apparatus for pluggable optical transceiver module
55 20060093284 Semiconductor laser diode
56 20060093255 Optical filter, manufacturing method thereof, and planar lightwave circuit using the same
57 20060093245 Fluid dynamic bearing and hard disk drive employing the same
58 20060093133 Portable terminal having combination of optical waveguide and sound resonance space
59 20060093105 Facsimile machine having function of issuing emergency message and controlling method thereof
60 20060093099 Apparatus and method for managing call details using speech recognition
61 20060093076 Apparatus for estimating a frequency offset in a communication system and method thereof
62 20060093074 Apparatus and method for estimating a carrier-to-interference-and-noise ratio in a communication system
63 20060093066 Apparatus and method for space-time-frequency block coding
64 20060093062 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data using space-time block coding
65 20060093061 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data using space-time block coding
66 20060093060 MIMO system and method
67 20060093035 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
68 20060093034 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
69 20060093033 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
70 20060093007 Multi-wavelength semiconductor laser device
71 20060093004 Semiconductor laser device and method for manufacturing the same
72 20060093003 Semiconductor laser device and process for preparing the same
73 20060093001 Multiple-wavelength laser diode and method of fabricating the same
74 20060093000 Multiple-wavelength laser diode and method of fabricating the same
75 20060092997 Laser beam generating apparatus for a laser scanning unit
76 20060092985 Method of transmitting time-critical information in a synchronous ethernet system
77 20060092970 System and method for VoIP call transfer using instant message service in an IP multimedia subsystem
78 20060092964 Method and system for establishing bidirectional tunnel
79 20060092960 System and method for transmitting/receiving hybrid automatic repeat request buffer capability information in broadband wireless access communication system
80 20060092939 Apparatus and method for extending mobility in a mobile ad hoc network
81 20060092929 Interwoven clock transmission lines and devices employing the same
82 20060092924 Method for wireless internet communication in mobile communication terminal
83 20060092899 Method and apparatus for supporting multiple wireless universal serial bus (USB) hosts in coordinator-based wireless network
84 20060092898 Hand-off method using edge nodes in mobile ad-hoc network
85 20060092883 Probing method for fast handoff in WLAN
86 20060092879 Method of signaling QoS information at hand-over between access networks in an IP-based core network
87 20060092876 Method and apparatus for scheduling uplink data transmission for mobile station in soft handover region in a mobile communication system
88 20060092875 Apparatus and method for controlling transmit power of preamble sequence for AAS in OFDMA communication system
89 20060092872 Communication method and apparatus using heterogeneous neighbor base station information in a broadband wireless access communication system
90 20060092866 Apparatus and method for processing information using wireless communication terminal
91 20060092859 Method, apparatus, and medium for automatically configuring network address
92 20060092835 Data transmission system between two separate terminals and method thereof
93 20060092817 Ferroelectric recording medium comprising anisotropic conduction layer, recording apparatus comprising the same, and recording method of the same
94 20060092814 Aberration compensation element, and optical system and optical device provided with the same
95 20060092813 Optical pickup apparatus and method of combining submount and optical bench of the same
96 20060092809 Recording medium for storing version information for maintaining recording and/or reproducing compatibility, and method and apparatus for managing the same
97 20060092799 Method for reading burst cutting area (BCA) data from optical disc and an optical disc apparatus
98 20060092798 Optical disk players and methods for detecting burst cutting area (BCA) data in a constant linear velocity mode
99 20060092796 Recording medium for storing start position information for each zone and method and apparatus of managing data using the information
100 20060092795 Recording medium having spare area for defect management and information on defect management, and method of allocating spare area and method of managing defects
101 20060092789 Method for detecting servo error, apparatus therefor, disk which maintains quality of servo error signal, method of controlling servo of disk recording/reproducing apparatus, method of detecting tracking error, and method of detecting tilt error
102 20060092754 Semiconductor memory device with reduced number of pads
103 20060092750 Line driver circuit for a semiconductor memory device
104 20060092741 Self refresh circuit of PSRAM for real access time measurement and operating method for the same
105 20060092728 Circuit and method for test mode entry of a semiconductor memory device
106 20060092725 Redundancy circuit and repair method for a semiconductor memory device
107 20060092723 Data input/output method of semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device for the same
108 20060092716 Memory devices using tri-state buffers to discharge data lines, and methods of operating same
109 20060092705 Semiconductor device having multi-bit nonvolatile memory cell and methods of fabricating the same
110 20060092698 Magnetic random access memory devices including magnets adjacent magnetic tunnel junction structures and related methods
111 20060092694 Phase change memory device and method of operating the same
112 20060092690 Magneto-resistive RAM having multi-bit cell array structure
113 20060092682 Semiconductor memory device and a method for arranging signal lines thereof
114 20060092672 High-voltage generator and method of controlling high voltage
115 20060092665 Light emitting diode and backlight apparatus having the same
116 20060092664 Surface light source device and backlight unit having the same
117 20060092595 Multilayered chip capacitor array
118 20060092574 Actuator assembly having optimized 4-bar linkage type actuator arm, hard disk drive employing the same, and method for optimizing shape of opening formed in actuator arm
119 20060092573 Latch system of hard disk drive and method of forming the latch system
120 20060092571 Disk drive suspension assembly and recording and/or reproducing apparatus with suspension assembly
121 20060092558 Hard disk drive, hard disk damper, and method for the same
122 20060092552 Cassette housing assembly and a magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus having the same
123 20060092514 Optical image stabilizer for camera lens assembly
124 20060092509 Lenticular lens sheet and manufacturing method thereof
125 20060092465 Facsimile transmission method, medium, and apparatus
126 20060092457 Printing method using ordering file, and print system, image supply device and print device employing the method
127 20060092456 Recording medium storing print ordering file, method and apparatus for creating print ordering file
128 20060092367 Thin film transistor array panel
129 20060092306 Apparatus for and method of processing on-screen display when a shutter mechanism of a digital image processing device is half-pressed
130 20060092297 Method and apparatus for removing hot pixels in a digital camera
131 20060092285 Optical image stabilizer for camera lens assembly
132 20060092265 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling top margin of printing medium in image forming apparatus
133 20060092261 Thermal printer
134 20060092260 Thermal printer
135 20060092221 Printing method and apparatus for an ink-jet printer having a wide printhead
136 20060092181 Apparatus and method for controlling position of image when the image enlarged or reduced
137 20060092154 Apparatus and method for providing a 3D animation file reflecting a user’s personality in a mobile communication terminal
138 20060092152 Display apparatus and control method thereof
139 20060092140 Apparatus and method for user interfacing
140 20060092116 Liquid crystal display
141 20060092112 Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for driving the same
142 20060092091 Embedded antenna of mobile terminal
143 20060092060 Data modulating method and apparatus, data demodulating method and apparatus, and code arranging method
144 20060091944 I/Q quadrature demodulator
145 20060091921 Duty cycle correction circuit and a method for duty cycle correction in a delay locked loop using an inversion locking scheme
146 20060091897 Electronic apparatus with driving power having different voltage levels
147 20060091855 Rechargeable battery module
148 20060091820 Display device and driving device of light source therefor
149 20060091809 Flat lamp
150 20060091543 Land grid array module
151 20060091517 Stacked semiconductor multi-chip package
152 20060091500 Nitride based semiconductor device and process for preparing the same
153 20060091482 Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors having a recessed gate electrode and methods of fabricating the same
154 20060091458 Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
155 20060091440 Memory device having molecular adsorption layer
156 20060091437 Resistive memory device having array of probes and method of manufacturing the resistive memory device
157 20060091429 Light emitting diode and lens for the same
158 20060091408 Nitride based semiconductor device using nanorods and process for preparing the same
159 20060091407 Multi-wavelength light receiving element and method of fabricating same
160 20060091405 Multi-layer electrode and compound semiconductor light emitting device comprising the same
161 20060091396 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
162 20060091392 Electrically conductive structure, method of forming the same, an array substrate using the electrically conductive structure and a liquid crystal display panel including the electrically conductive structure
163 20060091389 Thin film transistor array panel
164 20060091376 Semiconductor light-emitting device with improved light extraction efficiency
165 20060091268 Imaging device having stand connection
166 20060090702 Duplex chemical vapor deposition system and pulsed processing method using the same
167 20060090694 Method for atomic layer deposition (ALD) of silicon oxide film
168 20060090292 Brush assembly and a vacuum cleaner having the same