Samsung patent applications published on 05 January 2006

77 US patent applications published on 05 January 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060005220 Set-top box allowing key command input while displaying animation sequence on OSD screen and method of displaying OSD data
2 20060005214 Optical storage capable of reducing power consumption
3 20060005026 Method and apparatus for secure communication reusing session key between client and server
4 20060004895 Apparatus and method for creating a binary file for function-based data storage and a computer-readable storage medium for storing the method
5 20060004822 Method and apparatus for moving multi-media file and storage medium storing program for executing the method
6 20060004566 Low-bitrate encoding/decoding method and system
7 20060003787 Method and apparatus for data transmission in a mobile telecommunication system supporting enhanced uplink service
8 20060003772 Method and system for establishing a voice call for a hybrid mobile station operating in a data mode
9 20060003769 Mobile terminal device for handover in WLAN and method thereof
10 20060003767 System and method for supporting soft handover in a broadband wireless access communication system
11 20060003759 Apparatus and method for exchanging version indicator information between entities in a wireless network
12 20060003556 Method of growing semi-insulating GaN layer
13 20060003534 Salicide process using bi-metal layer and method of fabricating semiconductor device using the same
14 20060003501 Method of fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor fabricated by the same method
15 20060003473 Semiconductor device having ferroelectric material capacitor and method of making the same
16 20060003268 Method of forming semiconductor patterns
17 20060003251 Drying process for toner particles useful in electrography
18 20060003243 Positively-charged electrophotographic organophotoreceptor, and method of manufacture
19 20060003242 Method of making coating composition for producing single layered photosensitive layer by using homogenizer
20 20060002807 Hermetic compressor
21 20060002742 Wet-type electrophotographic image forming apparatus and a setting method thereof
22 20060002732 Liquid-type laser printer for eliminating internal gas by using sub-power and method thereof
23 20060002685 Audio video system capable of transferring image files to external device and image file transfer method therefor
24 20060002578 Multi-function actuator capable of preventing vibration
25 20060002577 Internal weight type vertical vibrator
26 20060002566 System and method for estimating speaker’s location in non-stationary noise environment
27 20060002561 Apparatus and/or method for encryption and/or decryption for multimedia data
28 20060002544 Apparatus for protecting multi-function products from surge voltage
29 20060002531 Telephone system in multi-function products and method and medium for operating the same
30 20060002476 Filter for eliminating discontinuity of block-based encoded image, and method thereof
31 20060002466 Prediction encoder/decoder and prediction encoding/decoding method
32 20060002439 Laser output control apparatus and method
33 20060002431 Service display control method, apparatus, and medium using fast information channel in DAB receiver
34 20060002390 Method and apparatus for storing and searching broadcasting stream
35 20060002389 Method and apparatus for receiving broadcasting data
36 20060002367 Symbol synchronization method for OFDM-based wireless communication system
37 20060002359 OFDMA system and method for controlling frequency offsets of subscribers in uplink communication
38 20060002355 Method and system for providing handoff between mobile communication network and wireless local area network, and switching device therefor
39 20060002354 System and method of routing in a router in a communications system
40 20060002325 Method for controlling conversion of vocoder mode in a mobile communication system
41 20060002321 Method and device for decreasing dissipation of power in receiver of digital multimedia broadcasting system
42 20060002308 Apparatus and method for managing information in multimedia service providing system
43 20060002281 Method and apparatus for reproducing data of super resolution information storage medium
44 20060002268 Apparatus for detecting abnormal states of laser diode power in an optical disc recording/reproducing device
45 20060002267 Method and apparatus for managing disc defect using temporory DFL and temporary DDS including drive and disc information disc with temporary DFL and temporary DDS
46 20060002247 Optical pickup and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus adopting the same
47 20060002223 SRAM employing virtual rail scheme stable against various process-voltage-temperature variations
48 20060002202 Mask ROM devices of semiconductor devices and method of forming the same
49 20060002125 Light emitting diode module for automobile headlights and automobile headlight having the same
50 20060002008 Hard disk drive
51 20060002007 Hard disk drive having disk damper and disk protector
52 20060002006 Hard disk drive and method adopting damping member with open-cell structure
53 20060001939 Dynamic bearing and beam deflecting apparatus employing the same
54 20060001938 Scanning optical lens having asymmetric curvature and laser scanning unit employing the same
55 20060001780 Laser television
56 20060001758 Method for editing images in a mobile terminal
57 20060001742 System keyboard and remotely controlled surveillance system using the system keyboard
58 20060001696 Inkjet printer including shifting guide
59 20060001695 Inkjet printer
60 20060001693 Apparatus and method for printing according to the type of print media using a printer having wide printhead
61 20060001581 Antenna unit and electrical connection device thereof and portable device having the same
62 20060001558 Apparatus and method for correcting DC offset of receiver in multiband-hopping communication system
63 20060001422 Printed circuit board with weak magnetic field sensor and method of fabricating the same
64 20060001353 Flat fluorescent lamp
65 20060001351 Glass panel and a cathode ray tube including the same
66 20060001341 One-way transparent optical system
67 20060001325 Coin type vibrating motor
68 20060001324 Pattern coil type vertical vibrator
69 20060001181 Terminal structure of multi-layer substrate and method for forming the same
70 20060001077 Split gate type flash memory device and method of manufacturing the same
71 20060001070 Capacitor of a memory device and fabrication method thereof
72 20060001034 RGB light emitting diode package with improved color mixing properties
73 20060000908 TV and control method thereof
74 20060000827 Microwave oven
75 20060000242 Washing machine and method of controlling the same
76 20060000240 Washing machine
77 20060000111 Cyclone condensing apparatus and washing/drying machine having the same