Samsung patent applications published on 05 October 2006

98 US patent applications published on 05 October 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060225116 Thin network server
2 20060224985 Method of displaying an event in a mobile terminal and mobile terminal implementing the same
3 20060224944 Method of displaying an event in a mobile terminal and mobile terminal implementing the same
4 20060224737 Method for forming super frame used for transmitting isochronous data and asynchronous data in residential Ethernet system
5 20060224519 Apparatus and method for protecting transmission of communication content
6 20060224433 Device and method for managing event information in wireless terminal
7 20060224383 Speech processing apparatus, medium, and method recognizing and responding to speech
8 20060224320 System and method for assigning pseudo random noise codes to pseudo satellites
9 20060223959 Method for producing propylene polymer having a very high melt-flowability
10 20060223931 High-dielectric constant metal-ceramic-polymer composite material and method for producing embedded capacitor using the same
11 20060223595 Folder-type portable communication device having sliding display unit
12 20060223567 Method of managing radio resources and Node B apparatus implementing the same
13 20060223563 Method and system for transmitting information of respondent participating in push-to-talk over cellular network session
14 20060223490 System and method for providing deferred service
15 20060223476 Antenna selection diversity apparatus and method in a broadband wireless communication system
18 20060223222 Organic thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
19 20060222971 Display apparatus substrate and manufacturing method, and a display apparatus thereof
20 20060222966 Mask layout and method of forming contact pad using the same
21 20060222934 Electrode assembly for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery using the same
22 20060222833 Imprinting mold for printed circuit board having excellent durability and method of manufacturing printed circuit board using the same
23 20060222435 Cover locking apparatus for a multi-function device
24 20060222427 Paper feeding cassette for preventing double-feed of paper and image forming apparatus with the same
25 20060222417 Two-component developing device and image forming apparatus including the same
26 20060222416 Electrophotolithographic image forming device and image developing method
27 20060222410 Two-component developing unit
28 20060222391 Method and apparatus for controlling transfer voltage in image forming device
29 20060222390 Electrophotographic image forming device and developing method thereof
30 20060222369 Remote antenna unit and wavelength division multiplexing radio-over-fiber network
31 20060222365 SCM-PON using WDM
32 20060222258 Image restoration with gain control and shoot suppression
33 20060222252 Apparatus and method for encoding multi-view video using camera parameters, apparatus and method for generating multi-view video using camera parameters, and recording medium storing program for implementing the methods
34 20060222131 Method for sampling reverse data and a reverse data sampling circuit for performing the same
35 20060222114 Receiver having digital timing recovery function
36 20060222095 Method of robust timing detection and carrier frequency offset estimation for OFDM systems
37 20060222088 Method of controlling digital image processing apparatus for convenient communication, and digital image processing apparatus using the method
38 20060222079 Scalable multi-view image encoding and decoding apparatuses and methods
39 20060222066 Intra prediction method and apparatus
40 20060221994 Method for allocating slot for synchronous Ethernet service in Residential Ethernet system
41 20060221882 File distribution method and apparatus in a mobile broadcast system
42 20060221874 Versatile system for transceiver noise reduction in a time-division duplexing wireless network
43 20060221803 Hybrid disk and method of writing data to and/or reading data from the hybrid disk
44 20060221797 Optical pickup, optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the same, and method for detecting tracking error signal
45 20060221662 Display device and driving method thereof
46 20060221644 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
47 20060221643 Light generating unit, method of manufacturing the same, backlight assembly having the same display device having the same
48 20060221641 Light emitting diode backlight and liquid crystal display having the same
49 20060221635 Phosphor blend for wavelength conversion and white light emitting device using the same
50 20060221629 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device employing the same
51 20060221612 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display having the same
52 20060221611 Back light unit and liquid crystal display employing the same
53 20060221574 Liquid crystal display having an LED and a thermal conductive sheet
54 20060221564 Display apparatus
55 20060221492 Method for resonance identification in hard disk drives
56 20060221443 Stereoscopic display for switching between 2D/3D images
57 20060221430 Versatile system for a locking electro-thermal actuated MEMS switch
58 20060221418 Method for compressing/decompressing motion vectors of unsynchronized picture and apparatus using the same
59 20060221310 Illumination unit and image projection apparatus employing the same
60 20060221277 Transreflective liquid crystal display
61 20060221273 Diffusion plate, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
62 20060221258 Projection TV
63 20060221252 Reliability estimation of temporal noise estimation
64 20060221249 Dual-channel adaptive 2D noise reduction for video signals
65 20060221237 Display apparatus and control method thereof
66 20060221163 Registration device and image forming apparatus with the same
67 20060221127 Printhead assembly and inkjet printer with the same
68 20060221122 Inkjet head cleaning system and inkjet head cleaning method
69 20060221118 Inkjet head and inkjet printer with the same
70 20060221095 Methods and systems for combining luminance preserving quantization and halftoning
71 20060221059 Portable terminal having display buttons and method of inputting functions using display buttons
72 20060221045 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device integrated with the same
73 20060221014 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
74 20060220996 Plasma display panel and method of driving the same
75 20060220967 Combined DMB and mobile communication antenna apparatus for mobile communication terminal
76 20060220930 Digital broadcast receiving apparatus and method for processing synchronization therein
77 20060220927 Arithmetic decoding apparatus and method
78 20060220793 Mobile radio frequency identification reader, portable terminal having the same, and FR transmission power setting method thereof
79 20060220627 DC-DC converter utilizing a modified Schmitt trigger circuit and method of modulating a pulse width
80 20060220611 Battery pack mounting apparatus for portable terminal
81 20060220597 Cathode-ray tube display apparatus
82 20060220579 Method and apparatus for driving electron emission panel
83 20060220578 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
84 20060220576 Method of improving uniformity of brightness between pixels in electron emission panel
85 20060220517 Display device
86 20060220303 Image forming apparatus having stopper
87 20060220301 Paper feeding apparatus
88 20060220240 Analytic structure for failure analysis of semiconductor device
89 20060220098 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of making the same
90 20060220057 Group III-nitride light emitting device
91 20060220043 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
92 20060220036 LED package using Si substrate and fabricating method thereof
93 20060220034 Thin film transistor with capping layer and method of manufacturing the same
94 20060220025 Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
95 20060219999 Group III-nitride light emitting device
96 20060219887 Reflector for generating a neutral beam and substrate processing apparatus including the same
97 20060219865 Apparatus for and method of correcting image in multi-function product
98 20060219702 Electronic appliance including display unit