Samsung patent applications published on 09 March 2006

79 US patent applications published on 09 March 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060053474 Radio frequency modulator
2 20060053454 Digital broadcast receiving device and method of providing VOD content using the same
3 20060053445 Digital broadcast receiver and method of providing program guide using the digital broadcast receiver
4 20060053435 Cartridge for an information recording medium
5 20060053375 Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
6 20060053318 Apparatus having power saving mode function and method for controlling power saving mode
7 20060053019 Recording and reproducing apparatus for use with optical recording medium having real-time, losslessly encoded data
8 20060053006 Audio encoding method and apparatus capable of fast bit rate control
9 20060052145 Data input key for a portable apparatus and key array thereof
10 20060052124 Reconfigurable base station using mobile station RF ASIC
11 20060052106 Method and apparatus for performing fast handover
12 20060052098 Method and apparatus of notifying user of service area and service type for a mobile terminal
13 20060052081 Apparatus and method for displaying digital multimedia broadcasting channel information in a terminal
14 20060052066 Wireless repeater using a single RF chain for use in a TDD wireless network
15 20060052052 Apparatus and method for receiving digital multimedia broadcasting signals
16 20060052026 Method of producing field emission type cold-cathode device
17 20060051921 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor device gate structures by performing a surface treatment on a gate oxide layer
18 20060051668 Pouch-type lithium secondary battery and fabrication method thereof
19 20060051257 Pyrolysis furnace having gas flowing path controller
20 20060051139 Belt clutch apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
21 20060051134 Method of driving device for driving developers and image forming apparatus having the device for driving developers
22 20060051127 Unit for screening photosensitive medium and electrophotographic image forming apparatus having the same
23 20060051126 Process cartridge and an image forming apparatus having the same
24 20060051074 Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
25 20060051073 Storage medium storing interactive graphics stream, and reproducing apparatus and method
26 20060051063 Storage medium storing multimedia data for reproduction of AV data and programming function, and reproducing apparatus and method thereof
27 20060051051 Combination recording apparatus for simultaneous recording and method thereof
28 20060050909 Sound reproducing apparatus and sound reproducing method
29 20060050892 Audio-visual system and tuning method therefor
30 20060050802 Channel estimation method in a MIMO wireless communication system
31 20060050728 Method for bi-directional communication between source device and destination device during allocated channel time
32 20060050709 Method for transmitting and receiving data bi-directionally during allocated time and wireless device using the same
33 20060050706 Method for address assignment in ad-hoc network
34 20060050674 Handoff system and method between mobile communication network and wireless LAN
35 20060050673 Method and apparatus for acquiring IP address in DHCP environment
36 20060050661 Method for conducting link adaptation without collision in wireless network
37 20060050619 Optical information storage medium and method of and apparatus for recording data thereon
38 20060050591 Address coding method and address decoder for reducing sensing noise during refresh operation of memory device
39 20060050576 NAND flash memory device and copyback program method for same
40 20060050548 Semiconductor memory device capable of compensating for leakage current
41 20060050445 Magnetic film structure using spin charge, a method of manufacturing the same, a semiconductor device having the same, and a method of operating the semiconductor device
42 20060050441 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus suspension assembly and method
43 20060050431 Hard disk drive assembly having mounting bracket and mobile phone employing the same
44 20060050430 Hard disk drive assembly, mounting structure for hard disk drive, and mobile phone adopting the mounting structure
45 20060050346 Noise-reducing resonator and laser-scanning unit with the same
46 20060050204 One pixel full color display device using cholesteric mixture
47 20060050195 Receiving container for a display device, liquid crystal display device having the receiving container and method of manufacturing the same
48 20060050194 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
49 20060050192 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
50 20060050175 Deinterlacing method and video appliance adopting the deinterlacing method
51 20060050171 Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus to increase brightness detectable range and digital photographing apparatus adopting the method
52 20060050076 Apparatus for and method of generating graphic data, and information recording medium
53 20060050047 Liquid crystal display for performing time divisional color display, method of driving the same backlight unit for liquid crystal display
54 20060050042 Apparatuses for generating analog driving voltages and common electrode voltages and methods of controlling the analog driving voltages and the common electrode voltages
55 20060050038 Display device and apparatus and method for driving the same
56 20060049988 Antenna module and elctronic apparatus having the same
57 20060049913 Printed circuit board including embedded resistor and method of fabricating the same
58 20060049858 Buffer capable of controlling slew rate in drive IC
59 20060049837 Test apparatus for evaluating electrical properties of liquid toner and test method for the same
60 20060049735 Surface light source device and back light unit having the same
61 20060049709 Brushless direct current motor with chamfered magnet
62 20060049547 Method for producing nanoparticles
63 20060049528 Semiconductor chip stack structure and method for forming the same
64 20060049517 Flip chip semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
65 20060049493 Lead frame and method of manufacturing the same
66 20060049439 Image device and method of fabricating the same
67 20060049426 Nitride based hetero-junction field effect transistor
68 20060049413 Array substrate with reduced pixel defect, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display panel having the same
69 20060049407 Thin film transistor array panel
70 20060049403 Substrate for a display device, liquid crystal display device having the same and method of manufacturing the same
71 20060049330 Optical system having element for correcting aberration of mirror and optical pickup apparatus employing the same
72 20060049192 Microwave oven
73 20060049168 Wafer bake apparatus
74 20060049155 Wafer level package fabrication method using laser illumination
75 20060049034 Laser ablation apparatus and method of preparing nanoparticles using the same
76 20060048797 Cleaner and cleaning method using the same
77 20060048548 Washing machine
78 20060048487 Vacuum cleaner
79 20060048406 Clothing dryer