Samsung patent applications published on 10 August 2006

127 US patent applications published on 10 August 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060179478 Method of controlling content access and method of obtaining content key using the same
2 20060179451 Broadcast receiving apparatus and method for providing multilateral video communication
3 20060179426 Pre-compiling device
4 20060179389 Method and apparatus for automatically controlling audio volume
5 20060179388 Method and apparatus for re-concealing error included in decoded image
6 20060179371 Data copy method and application processor for the same
7 20060179370 Semiconductor memory device in which memory cells are tested using several different test data patterns and method thereof
8 20060179335 Power control system and method, and main and auxiliary devices applied to the same
9 20060179314 Key establishment method and system between wireless communication devices
10 20060179181 Apparatus and method for controlling direct memory access
11 20060179109 Contents transmission system, method of playing contents using integration media play program, method of transmitting contents using media format transcoding function, and method of determining whether contents are transmitted
12 20060179088 Key input device combined with key display unit and digital appliance having the same
13 20060179001 Method of generating usage rule information for broadcast channel
14 20060178881 Method and apparatus for detecting voice region
15 20060178872 Method and apparatus for recovering line spectrum pair parameter and speech decoding apparatus using same
16 20060178822 Apparatus and method for displaying route in personal navigation terminal
17 20060178815 Apparatus and method for correcting location information of mobile body, and computer-readable media storing computer program for controlling the apparatus
18 20060178777 Home network system and control method thereof
19 20060178176 Terminal
20 20060178170 Wireless communication device having battery authentication, and associated method
21 20060178161 Method and system for automatically updating user information in a push-to-talk system
22 20060178156 Routing method in a wireless sensor network
23 20060178150 Method of transmitting data with minimum energy consumption in a wireless sensor network
24 20060178133 Portable apparatus for storing a phone book, and method and mobile phone for sending a phone call using the same
25 20060178129 Apparatus and method for selective call acceptance in a wireless network
26 20060178125 Receiver for wireless communication systems and I/O signal phase difference correction method therefor
27 20060178111 Apparatus and method for canceling noise in wireless transceiver
28 20060178105 System and method for selectively receiving digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) data broadcast
29 20060178002 Methods for forming dual damascene wiring for semiconductor devices using protective via capping layer
30 20060177961 Method for fabricating organic thin film transistor by application of electric field
31 20060177954 Dicing tape attaching unit that can attach pre-cut dicing tape and general dicing tape to wafer and in-line system having the dicing tape attaching unit
32 20060177788 Burner for fabricating optical fiber preform
33 20060177767 Photosensitive resin composition, thin film panel including a layer made from photosensitive resin composition, and method for manufacturing thin film panel
34 20060177766 Photoresist for enhanced patterning performance
35 20060177745 Phase shift masks
36 20060177360 Sterilizing apparatus and ion generating apparatus
37 20060177237 Image forming apparatus and image reading apparatus
38 20060177223 Wavelength division multiplexing-passive optical network
39 20060177207 Method and apparatus for expressing amount of camera motion
40 20060177144 Apparatus and method for data processing by using a plurality of data processing apparatuses and recording medium storing program for executing the method
41 20060177126 Apparatus for compensating image according to probabilistic neural network theory and method thereof
42 20060177124 Method and apparatus for creating stereo image according to frequency characteristics of input image and method and apparatus for reproducing the created stereo image
43 20060177123 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding stereo image
44 20060177112 User interface method, medium, and apparatus with gesture-recognition
45 20060177067 Hybrid broadcast encryption method
46 20060177055 Conditional access system for digital multimedia broadcasting and method therefor
47 20060176993 Transmission method for MIMO system
48 20060176988 Receiving apparatus and method thereof
49 20060176981 Blind detection method and apparatus, and mobile communication receiver having the same
50 20060176969 Apparatus and method for reducing the crest factor of single carrier or multi-carrier signals
51 20060176957 Method and apparatus for compressing multi-layered motion vector
52 20060176947 Apparatus and method for setting tap coefficient of adaptive equalizer
53 20060176924 Semiconductor light emitting device having effective cooling structure and method of manufacturing the same
54 20060176920 Laser apparatus and manufacturing method of thin film transistor using the same
55 20060176908 Method and apparatus for determining ACK frame to acknowledge receipt of transmission frame on a WLAN
56 20060176878 Method and system for transmitting a multimedia message
57 20060176871 Apparatus and method for providing broadcast parameter message in a mobile communication system
58 20060176867 Method and apparatus for setting gain factors for dedicated physical channels in a mobile telecommunications system
59 20060176865 Wireless communication method and system for differentially controlling power according to distance
60 20060176859 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data in a cellular communication system
61 20060176855 Handoff system and method among heterogeneous networks and mobile terminal employing the same
62 20060176853 Handover management apparatus and method for heterogeneous wireless networks
63 20060176837 Terminal for performing wake-up with consumption of low power and wake-up method thereof
64 20060176835 System and method for providing internet protocol based broadcast services
65 20060176813 Methods and system for admission control and scheduling in ad hoc wireless networks
66 20060176803 Apparatus and method for transmitting fast feedback information in a wireless communication system
67 20060176802 Apparatus and method for compensating for frequency offset in wireless communication system
68 20060176790 Optical disk writing and reading apparatus, and method thereof
69 20060176789 Data line switching circuit for optical pickup device
70 20060176783 Apparatus for detecting saw-tooth wobbles from optical disc and method thereof
71 20060176758 Semiconductor memory devices having negatively biased sub word line scheme and methods of driving the same
72 20060176723 Memory module and memory system having the same
73 20060176717 Analog control ASIC apparatus for high voltage power supply in image forming apparatus and method for controlling high voltage power supply
74 20060176636 Electrical fuse circuits and methods of forming the same
75 20060176613 Magnetic head
76 20060176607 Servo control method and apparatus suitable for the same
77 20060176605 Low frequency disturbance compensation control device and disk drive using the same
78 20060176583 Lens holder assembly of optical pickup and method of producing same
79 20060176539 Optical scanner package and method of manufacturing the same
80 20060176452 Light tunnel and projection apparatus having same
81 20060176434 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
82 20060176406 Digital video signal processing apparatus and method for frame-based adaptive temporal and spatial Y/C separation
83 20060176398 Broadcast receiving apparatus having screen switching time display function and method thereof
84 20060176396 Apparatus for receiving transport stream to provide multi-screen and control method therefor
85 20060176395 Digital video signal processing apparatus and method for extracting data in a vertical blanking interval
86 20060176355 Color registration apparatus and method in electrophotographic printer and computer-readable recording medium storing computer program
87 20060176322 Driving apparatus of display device
88 20060176313 Luminance preserving color conversion from YUV to RGB
89 20060176301 Apparatus and method of creating 3D shape and computer-readable recording medium storing computer program for executing the method
90 20060176297 Apparatus and method for triangulating 3D image and computer-readable recording medium storing computer program for controlling the apparatus
91 20060176285 Touch sensing display panel
92 20060176263 Display device and method of driving the same
93 20060176251 Display device and driving method thereof
94 20060176226 Dual-band planar inverted-F antenna
95 20060176206 Comparator having small size and improved operating speed
96 20060176202 Digital-to-analog converter using plural transistors having the same operating characteristics
97 20060176188 Method for recognizing control command and control device using the same
98 20060176176 Apparatus and method for setting route in sensor network
99 20060176110 Gain control amplifier
100 20060176106 Current mode transconductor tuning device
101 20060176105 Amplifier, voltage stabilizing unit and method thereof
102 20060176104 Ultra wideband filter based on a pair of cross-coupled transistors
103 20060176093 Automatic gain control apparatus and method in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access sytem
104 20060176012 Battery pack locking apparatus for mobile terminal
105 20060176006 Stepping motor speed control method and apparatus suitable for the same
106 20060175986 LED array driving apparatus and backlight driving apparatus using the same
107 20060175707 Wafer level packaging cap and fabrication method thereof
108 20060175706 TFT array panel and fabricating method thereof
109 20060175685 Composition for forming low-dielectric constant film comprising fullerene, low-dielectric constant film formed from the composition and method for forming the low-dielectric constant film
110 20060175683 Composition for forming low dielectric thin film including siloxane monomer or siloxane polymer having only one type of stereoisomer and method of producing low dielectric thin film using same
111 20060175669 Semiconductor device including FinFET having metal gate electrode and fabricating method thereof
112 20060175668 Analytic structure for failure analysis of semiconductor device
113 20060175653 Nonvolatile nanochannel memory device using mesoporous material
114 20060175644 Ferroelectric recording medium and writing method for the same
115 20060175637 Power line layouts of a macro cell and combined layouts of a macro cell and a power mesh
116 20060175610 Signal line, thin film transistor array panel with the signal line, and method for manufacturing the same
117 20060175545 Optical scanning imaging system
118 20060175538 CMOS active pixel sensor and active pixel sensor array using fingered type source follower transistor
119 20060175536 CMOS sensor array with a shared structure
120 20060175535 Image sensor
121 20060174836 Apparatus for heating wafer
122 20060174688 Vibration actuator
123 20060174685 Method and apparatus for counting a number of steps taken by walker
124 20060174665 Drum washing machine
125 20060174511 Clothes drying machine
126 20060174473 Magnetic random access memory device and method of forming the same
127 20060174438 Vacuum cleaner