Samsung patent applications published on 11 January 2007

150 US patent applications published on 11 January 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 20070011726 Multi-function peripheral with function of adding user identification information and method thereof
2 20070011701 Terrestrial DMB receiver using imaginary channel to receive broadcasting services
3 20070011674 Computer system and method for selectively installing one operating system among a plurality of operating systems
4 20070011622 Apparatus and method for displaying icon
5 20070011611 Digital TV and software download method therefor
6 20070011593 Apparatus and method for receiving signal in a communication system
7 20070011583 Information storage medium on which drive data is recorded, and method of recording information on the information storage medium
8 20070011570 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving data in a communication system using structured low density parity check code
9 20070011567 Method for padding and puncturing low density parity check code
10 20070011565 Method and apparatus for low-density parity check encoding
11 20070011555 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving broadcast data in a mobile communication system
12 20070011504 Method for reporting reception result of packets in mobile communication system
13 20070011462 Computer system and control method thereof
14 20070011439 Data processing systems and methods of operating the same in which memory blocks are selectively activated in fetching program instructions
15 20070011435 Mesh node association method in a mesh network, and mesh network supporting the same
16 20070011395 Non-volatile memory card apparatus and method for updating memory capacity information
17 20070011293 System and method of managing printing data using an FTP and a user terminal device and an image forming device using the same
18 20070011269 Method and apparatus for outputting data using RFID tag information
19 20070011257 Apparatus and method for improved electronic mail
20 20070011217 Low-power random bit generator using thermal noise and method thereof
21 20070011096 Method and apparatus for managing DRM rights object in low-performance storage device
22 20070011001 Apparatus for predicting the spectral information of voice signals and a method therefor
23 20070010997 Sound processing apparatus and method
24 20070010301 Portable terminal with slide keypad for convenient data input
25 20070010267 System and method for state synchronization between a base station and a mobile station in a mobile communication system
26 20070010262 System and method for notifying completion of network re-entry procedure in a communication system
27 20070010251 System and method for performing handover between frequency assignments in a communication system
28 20070010218 Apparatus and method for high efficiency RF power amplification using drain bias adaptation
29 20070010068 Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device
30 20070010041 Method of manufacturing optical device having transparent cover and method of manufacturing optical device module using the same
31 20070009838 Method of manufacturing a pattern structure and method of forming a trench using the same
32 20070009833 Photoresist composition, method for forming film pattern using the same, and method for manufacturing thin film transistor array panel using the same
33 20070009817 Semiconductive belt, method of manufacturing and electrophotographic imaging apparatus including the belt
35 20070009806 Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and a lithium secondary battery including the same
36 20070009309 Guide apparatus for mounting and dismounting inner part and image forming device having the same
37 20070009292 Fusing unit and fusing apparatus of image forming apparatus using the fusing unit
38 20070009288 Image forming apparatus
39 20070009274 Fusing device for instantly controlling power
40 20070009272 Image forming apparatus to control voltage of development unit
41 20070009258 Front frame of an image photographing apparatus and a method of manufacturing the same
42 20070009254 Locking unit for a display unit in an image photographing apparatus
43 20070009250 Camera lens assembly for portable terminal
45 20070009226 Image recording apparatus for displaying state of operation by LED and method for displaying the state of operation thereof
46 20070009222 Volumetric three-dimensional (3D) display system using transparent flexible display panels
47 20070009192 Printing bead spacers on LCD substates
48 20070009183 Electronic apparatus and control method thereof
49 20070009178 Image-clustering method and apparatus
50 20070009168 Method for enhancing a digital image while suppressing undershoots and overshoots
51 20070009058 Method for transmitting data in a MIMO communication system
52 20070009056 Method and apparatus for transmitting a signal in a communication system
53 20070009047 Method and apparatus for hybrid entropy encoding and decoding
54 20070009039 Video encoding and decoding methods and apparatuses
55 20070009038 Motion estimator and motion estimating method thereof
56 20070009030 Method and apparatus for video encoding and decoding, and recording medium having recorded thereon a program for implementing the method
57 20070009003 Optically pumped semiconductor laser
58 20070008993 Method for time synchronization in residential Ethernet system
59 20070008948 Apparatus and method for providing subscriber information during wait time in a mobile communication system
60 20070008945 Apparatus and method for IIP3 control for a wireless transceiver
61 20070008930 Fast handover method for IPv6 over 802.16 network
62 20070008929 Apparatus and method for deciding on vertical handoff
63 20070008921 Wire/wireles communication system and method for providing multimedia service therein
64 20070008915 Power saving method of portable communication device
65 20070008906 Apparatus for fast reactive handover in IPV6-based mobile system
66 20070008842 Optical disk device
67 20070008827 Method for setting alarm in mobile communication terminal
68 20070008810 Clock-independent mode register setting methods and apparatuses
69 20070008809 Semiconductor memory device having different synchronzing timings depending on the value of CAS latency
70 20070008806 Word line decoder suitable for low operating voltage of flash memory device
71 20070008805 Circuit and method of driving a word line of a memory device
72 20070008787 Output circuit and method thereof
73 20070008780 Circuit and method of driving a word line
74 20070008774 Phase change memory device and method of fabricating the same
75 20070008769 Phase-changeable memory device and method of programming the same
78 20070008740 Surface light source and backlight unit having the same
79 20070008739 Light source-guide structure of backlight apparatus with LED light source inserted into light guide plate and backlight apparatus having the same
80 20070008738 Two-Directions Light Transmission Reflective-Transmissive Prism Sheet, Two-Directions Backlight Assembly, and Liquid Crystal Display Having the Two-Directions Backlight Assembly
81 20070008703 Heat spreader, semiconductor package module and memory module having the heat spreader
82 20070008697 Cover assembly of a hard disk drive
83 20070008691 Portable computer
84 20070008681 Semiconductor memory device
85 20070008646 Seek control method of hard disk drive, recording medium storing method and hard disk drive adopting method
86 20070008625 Optical imaging system
87 20070008620 Switchable autostereoscopic display
88 20070008619 2D/3D switchable stereoscopic display providing image with complete parallax
89 20070008617 2D-3D switchable autostereoscopic display apparatus
90 20070008601 Optical scanner package
91 20070008590 Image forming system, image forming apparatus and electronic mail transferring method thereof
92 20070008581 Method of notifying print job information and printer and printing system using the same
93 20070008575 Transport stream structure including image data and apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving image data
94 20070008567 Driver of server managing image forming device drivers, and data printing method using the same
95 20070008553 Method and apparatus for controlling output timing of video data
96 20070008502 Light quantity adjustment apparatus
97 20070008480 Liquid crystal display
98 20070008479 Manufacturing apparatus for a liquid crystal display
99 20070008475 Liquid crystal display
100 20070008462 Color filter substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
101 20070008459 Polarizing Film, Method of Manufacturing the Same and Liquid Crystal Display Device Having the Same
102 20070008447 Thin film transistor substrate for a liquid crystal display wherein a black matrix formed on the substrate comprises an inner aperture formed completely within the black matrix
103 20070008446 Array substrate, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display panel having the same
104 20070008445 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
105 20070008443 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
106 20070008438 Tuner, broadcast signal processing apparatus comprising the same, and broadcast signal processing method
107 20070008436 Apparatus and method for receiving digital broadcasting
108 20070008435 Broadcast receiving apparatus offering a multi-stream and method of offering a multi-stream
109 20070008430 Display apparatus and control method thereof
110 20070008429 Frequency synthesizer
111 20070008428 Display apparatus and control method thereof
112 20070008427 Display apparatus and signal processing method thereof
113 20070008420 Image sensor and method thereof
114 20070008406 High resolution 2D-3D switchable autostereoscopic display apparatus
115 20070008402 Apparatus and method for backing up broadcast files
116 20070008400 Image forming apparatus and light scanning apparatus
117 20070008391 Solid inkjet printing device
118 20070008365 Ink cartridge including a unit to sense a remaining amount of ink
119 20070008347 Voltage generator for flat panel display
120 20070008300 Method and medium for variably arranging content menu and display device using the same
121 20070008271 Liquid crystal display device, apparatus for driving the same, and method of driving the same
122 20070008231 Antenna device using support for portable terminal
123 20070008050 Bulk acoustic resonator including a resonance part with dimple and fabrication method therefor
124 20070008039 Apparatus and method for reducing drain modulation of high power transistor
125 20070008009 Source driver for controlling a slew rate and a method for controlling the slew rate
126 20070007891 PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL
127 20070007890 PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL
128 20070007706 Paper feeding device for image forming apparatus
129 20070007656 Semiconductor device and methods thereof
131 20070007636 Parallel chip embedded printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
132 20070007600 MOS transistor and method of manufacturing the same
133 20070007584 Nitride semiconductor light emitting diode and method of manufacturing the same
134 20070007576 Multi-bit storageable non-volatile memory device
135 20070007541 White light emitting device
136 20070007525 Liquid crystal display with wide viewing angle
137 20070007524 Thin film transistor plate and method of fabricating the same
138 20070007520 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
139 20070007511 Nanoparticle thin film, method for dispersing nanoparticles and method for producing nanoparticle thin film using the same
140 20070007283 Microwave oven
141 20070007279 Cooking apparatus, cooking system, and cooking control method utilizing bar code
142 20070007118 Keypad assembly
143 20070006983 Method for producing fine circuit lines and conductive board
144 20070006864 Overheat steam cooker
145 20070006717 Apparatus and method for providing music file search function
147 20070006618 Drum type washing machine
148 20070006485 Clothes drying machine
149 20070006456 Method for manufacturing circuit board with built-in electronic components
150 20070006451 Method of forming a metal wiring in a semiconductor device