Samsung patent applications published on 11 May 2006

142 US patent applications published on 11 May 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060101480 Optical pickup apparatus for optical disc drive
2 20060101437 Data processing device and method
3 20060101319 Input buffer device for de-rate matching in high speed turbo decoding block and method thereof
4 20060101298 Wake-up system using oscillation
5 20060101295 Computer for decreasing noise and a control method and medium for decreasing noise thereof
6 20060101236 Method and apparatus for increasing processing speed using quantum coprocessor
7 20060101198 Method of varying recording density of data storage medium and disk drive using the method
8 20060101168 Apparatus and method for allocating data bursts in a broadband wireless communication system
9 20060101138 Network management apparatus and method
10 20060101061 Storage medium storing audio-visual data including metadata, reproducing apparatus, and method of searching for audio-visual data using the metadata
11 20060100871 Speech recognition method, apparatus and navigation system
12 20060100856 Method and apparatus for updating dictionary
13 20060100828 Impulse event separating apparatus and method
14 20060100827 Method and system for detecting measurement error
15 20060100778 Navigation device and method using multi-route
16 20060100726 Digital audio amplifier, an audio system including the same, and a method of amplifying an audio signal
17 20060100533 Apparatus and method for measuring bio signals
18 20060100532 Apparatus, medium, and method for measuring body fat
19 20060100491 Apparatus and method for measuring blood component using light trans-reflectance
20 20060100294 Partially fluorinated copolymer based on trifluorostyrene and substituted vinyl compound and ionic conductive polymer membrane formed therefrom
21 20060100004 Portable communication apparatus with a tri-column type cradling function
22 20060099998 System and method for measuring a power cutoff level in a mobile terminal
23 20060099995 Mobile communication terminal having detachable wireless display window, and operation method thereof
24 20060099992 Method for controlling a sub-device of mobile equipment using a SIM application toolkit
25 20060099949 Handover system and method in heterogeneous network
26 20060099943 Apparatus and method for receiving improved roaming service in a mobile terminal
27 20060099907 Digital multimedia broadcast receiver and user interface method thereof
28 20060099906 Satellite broadcast receiver for dividing power of satellite broadcast signal using wilkinson power divider
29 20060099820 Deposition method and apparatus
30 20060099806 Method of forming electrode for compound semiconductor device
31 20060099778 Method of preparing semiconductor film on a substrate
32 20060099777 Method of fabricating single-crystal silicon film and method of fabricating TFT adopting the same
33 20060099766 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a gate structure with low parasitic capacitance
34 20060099760 Storage capacitors for semiconductor devices and methods of forming the same
35 20060099556 Method and apparatus for monitoring sports motion
36 20060099522 Mask used in manufacturing highly-integrated circuit device, method of creating layout thereof, manufacturing method thereof, and manufacturing method for highly-integrated circuit device using the same
37 20060099447 Organic light-emitting device
38 20060099430 Methods of forming nanoparticle based monolayer films with high particle density and devices including the same
39 20060099409 Method of coating the surface of an inorganic powder and a coated inorganic powder manufactured using the same
40 20060099333 Method of fabricating one-way transparent optical system
41 20060099013 Electrophotographic color image forming apparatus
42 20060098997 Method and apparatus for measuring color tone density of multipass color printer
43 20060098995 Device and method for measuring quantity of residual toner, image forming apparatus having such a device
44 20060098993 Method and apparatus for verifying genuineness of a consumable part
45 20060098959 Recording medium for storing real time recording/reproduction information, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing in real time, and file operating method using the same
46 20060098957 Data protective apparatus and method thereof
47 20060098947 A/V data recording/reproducing apparatus and method for selecting stored file list thereof
48 20060098946 Video and audio data recording and/or reproducing apparatus having lock setting function and control method thereof
49 20060098945 Method for storing audio data of audio and video (AV) device
50 20060098939 Combination system capable of controlling each device through a single OSD menu and method thereof
51 20060098885 Luminance preserving color quantization in RGB color space
52 20060098884 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image data
53 20060098881 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image data
54 20060098879 Apparatus and method for performing dynamic capacitance compensation (DCC) in liquid crystal display (LCD)
55 20060098810 Method and apparatus for canceling acoustic echo in a mobile terminal
56 20060098769 Apparatus and method for controlling display state
57 20060098760 Method of maximizing MIMO system performance by joint optimization of diversity and spatial multiplexing
58 20060098754 Beam and power allocation method for MIMO communication system
59 20060098752 Apparatus and method for transmitting a preamble and searching a cell in an OFDMA system
60 20060098749 Apparatus and method for detecting ranging signal in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access mobile communication system
61 20060098734 Apparatus, medium, and method for processing neighbor information in video decoding
62 20060098731 Digital video data transmission system and method
63 20060098707 Method for fabricating laser diode with oxidation barrier layers
64 20060098690 Method for providing time information in asynchronous mobile communication system
65 20060098641 Method and apparatus for detecting format of closed caption data automatically and displaying the caption data
66 20060098614 Apparatus and method for providing indoor and outdoor wireless access in broadband wireless access communication system
67 20060098575 Route selecting method and apparatus using return routability procedure
68 20060098569 Method and apparatus for arranging pilot tones in a mobile communication system
69 20060098568 Method for supporting various multi-antenna schemes in BWA system using multiple antennas
70 20060098560 Information storage medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, recording/reproducing method, and host using the same
71 20060098554 Chromatic aberration-correcting optical system and optical pickup device using the same
72 20060098509 Sequential tracking temperature sensors and methods
73 20060098503 Apparatus and method for repairing semiconductor memory device
74 20060098501 Voltage generating circuit and semiconductor memory device having the same
75 20060098469 Circuit wiring layout in semiconductor memory device and layout method
76 20060098398 Plasma display panel assembly
77 20060098386 Embedded capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
78 20060098345 Head drum assembly and a magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus having the same
79 20060098332 Damper for information storage device
80 20060098287 Diffractive optical element and optical pickup device using the same
81 20060098262 Micromirror array and method of manufacturing the same
82 20060098261 Optical scanner capable of flip-chip hermetic packaging
83 20060098245 Method and apparatus for acquiring print medium information and for controlling image printing scheme using color barcode
84 20060098244 Image sensor assembly and method for fabricating the same
85 20060098135 Method for joining plates, plate joining structure, and display module having the same
86 20060098126 Plasma display panel assembly and method of fabricating the same
87 20060098111 Digital photographing apparatus that performs integrated display mode and method of controlling the same
88 20060098107 Method and apparatus for removing noise from a digital image
89 20060098102 Surveillance system for controlling camera, monitor and extra device using remote controller
90 20060098092 Surveillance camera capable of adjusting position and a controlling method thereof
91 20060098091 Surveillance system for remotely controlling camera through monitor and method thereof
92 20060098081 Thermal printer
93 20060098078 Apparatus and method for forming image by detecting thermal print head type
94 20060098041 Inkjet image forming apparatus having a nozzle unit and method of using the same
95 20060098040 Inkjet image forming apparatus comprising a nozzle cleaning unit and method of using the same
96 20060098038 Method and apparatus for compensating for energy difference of thermal print head
97 20060098025 Color management method and apparatus thereof
98 20060098021 Graphics system and memory device for three-dimensional graphics acceleration and method for three dimensional graphics processing
99 20060097988 Method of searching images stored in digital storage device
100 20060097985 Portable terminal and data input method therefor
101 20060097979 Back light driving device
102 20060097976 Display device and driving device thereof
103 20060097975 Display device including sensing elements
104 20060097931 Antenna device for portable terminal
105 20060097929 Antenna device for portable terminal
107 20060097903 Remote controller and method of operation of same
108 20060097884 Rising-alarm generating apparatus, medium, and method
109 20060097792 Variable gain amplifier
110 20060097788 Transconductance amplifier having common mode feedback circuit and method of operating the transconductance amplifier
111 20060097762 Delay locked loop and semiconductor memory device having the same
112 20060097679 Method of controlling startup current of motor and disk drive using the method
113 20060097640 Plasma display panel
114 20060097635 Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing the same
115 20060097633 Organic electroluminescent device and method for manufacturing the same
116 20060097631 Double-sided light emitting organic electroluminescence display device and fabrication method thereof
117 20060097622 Method of forming metal pattern having low resistivity
118 20060097621 White light emitting diode package and method of manufacturing the same
119 20060097612 Side-by-side refrigerator
120 20060097410 Semiconductor capacitor structure and method for manufacturing the same
121 20060097333 Magnetic memory devices and methods of forming the same
122 20060097319 Method of forming single crystal semiconductor thin film on insulator and semiconductor device fabricated thereby
123 20060097310 Non-volatile memory devices including divided charge storage structures and methods of fabricating the same
124 20060097308 Multi-bit non-volatile memory device, method of operating the same, and method of manufacturing the multi-bit non-volatile memory device
125 20060097306 Multi bits flash memory device and method of operating the same
126 20060097299 Semiconductor device including capacitor and method of fabricating same
127 20060097296 CMOS image sensor and method of operating the same
128 20060097288 Cross-point nonvolatile memory devices using binary metal oxide layer as data storage material layer and methods of fabricating the same
129 20060097265 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
130 20060097264 Light-emitting device having optical resonance layer
131 20060097247 Photodetector using nanoparticles
132 20060097220 Etching solution and method for removing low-k dielectric layer
133 20060097172 Imaging apparatus, medium, and method using infrared rays with image discrimination
134 20060096969 Electric oven
135 20060096622 Dry cleaning apparatus used to manufacture semiconductor devices
136 20060096621 Dishwasher having a drying apparatus
137 20060096542 Heating crucible and deposition apparatus including the same
138 20060096333 Steam generating device and washing machine having the same
139 20060096328 Drum-type washing machine having damper and method
140 20060096312 Refrigerator
141 20060096117 Clothing drying machine and method for sensing dryness level using the same
142 20060096058 Exhausting apparatus of motor assembly and vacuum cleaner having the same