Samsung patent applications published on 12 January 2006

91 US patent applications published on 12 January 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060010498 Apparatus and method for processing digital rights object
2 20060010477 Method and system for providing VOD services in a digital cable TV network
3 20060010393 Apparatus and method for start of mobile phone supporting start mode using hard-wired code
4 20060010362 Method of finding a last state in tail-biting for turbo encoder and apparatus using the same
5 20060010259 Display apparatus, method, and computer system
6 20060009985 Multi-channel audio system
7 20060009984 Computer apparatus and control method thereof
8 20060009691 Method, medium, and apparatus measuring biological signals using multi-electrode module, with a lead search
9 20060009267 Method for transmitting traffic indication message in wireless communication system, base station thereof, method for receiving the same, terminal thereof and message structure thereof
10 20060009264 Method for voice dialing of telephone number
11 20060009250 Apparatus and method for determining access power in a mobile communication system
12 20060009228 System and method for allocating safety channels in a broadband wireless access communication system
13 20060009224 Apparatus and method for supporting soft handover in broadband wireless access communication system
14 20060009212 Apparatus and method for signal processing in a handover in a BWA communication
15 20060009208 Wireless home LAN system using multiple antennas
16 20060009189 Mobile communication apparatus and method including base station and mobile station having multi-antenna
17 20060009181 Automatic gain control device
18 20060009065 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
19 20060008994 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
20 20060008985 Method of forming a tunneling insulating layer in nonvolatile memory device
21 20060008961 Method of forming MOS transistor having fully silicided metal gate electrode
22 20060008957 Method of fabricating poly-crystalline silicon thin film and method of fabricating transistor using the same
23 20060008303 Fusing roller device for electrophotographic image forming apparatus
24 20060008252 Apparatus and method for changing reproducing mode of audio file
25 20060008245 Image processing device and method
26 20060008202 Light source apparatus for WDM optical communication and optical communication system
27 20060008156 Method and apparatus for generating electronic document by continuously photographing document in moving picture
28 20060008150 Apparatus for and method of feature extraction for image recognition
29 20060008147 Apparatus, medium, and method for extracting character(s) from an image
30 20060008091 Apparatus and method for cross-talk cancellation in a mobile device
31 20060008037 Apparatus and method for estimating a carrier-to-interference-and-noise ratio in a communication system
32 20060008008 Method of multi-resolution based motion estimation and recording medium storing program to implement the method
33 20060008006 Video encoding and decoding methods and video encoder and decoder
34 20060008001 Pipelining decoding apparatus and method, and computer-readable recording medium for storing computer program for controlling the pipelining decoding apparatus
35 20060007963 Information storage medium containing AV stream including graphic data, and reproducing method and apparatus therefor
36 20060007958 Multiplexing method and apparatus to generate transport stream
37 20060007888 Handover method for OFDM wireless communication system
38 20060007887 Method for assigning a response channel and reporting a reception result in a mobile communication system
39 20060007866 Method and system for testing a network interface
40 20060007850 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving pilot signal in communication system using OFDM scheme
41 20060007849 Dynamic resource allocation method for an OFDMA system
42 20060007847 Information storage medium, and recording/reproducing apparatus and method
43 20060007831 Optical disc player, method, and media compensating for tilt/skew using RF envelope
44 20060007830 Method and apparatus for managing defects in recording media, a computer readable medium including computer readable code for the same, and a defect managed recording medium obtained using the same method, apparatus, and computer readable medium
45 20060007829 Method of and drive for recording medium defect management, and defect managed recording medium
46 20060007827 Write-once recording medium preserving data-recording status, method of preserving data-recording status of a write-once recording medium, medium including computer readable code for the same, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus therefor
47 20060007826 Recording/reproducing apparatus, recording/reproducing method and information storage medium using the same
48 20060007818 Optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus and method for determining optimal reproducing speed thereof
49 20060007816 Digital video recording and reproducing apparatus having data recovery function and method thereof
50 20060007793 Optical recording and reproducing apparatus for making one title automatically after relay recording and method thereof
51 20060007758 Method and apparatus for setting CAS latency and frequency of heterogenous memories
52 20060007745 Two-bit charge trap nonvolatile memory device and methods of operating and fabricating the same
53 20060007665 Desktop holder for portable terminal
54 20060007601 Base plate and hard disk drive provided therewith
55 20060007591 Method, medium, and apparatus compensating for torque variations based on temperature
56 20060007577 Tape recording/reproducing apparatus
57 20060007478 Wireless printing system and method based on wireless LAN
58 20060007462 Method and apparatus for printing borderless image
59 20060007402 Illumination lens system and projection system including the same
60 20060007365 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel
61 20060007362 Apparatus for and method of scaling a scanning angle and image projection apparatus incorporating the same
62 20060007349 Still image photographing method for reproducing color sense suitable for outdoor and indoor environments and apparatus for performing the same
63 20060007348 Digital video camera with automatic white balance and a method thereof
64 20060007347 Iris controlling method for improving definition of bright object and photographing apparatus adopting the same
65 20060007330 Image control device for printer and method of compensating for light amount drift of photosensor used in the image control device
66 20060007293 Method of printing thermal media by aligning image
67 20060007251 Display apparatus and control method thereof
68 20060007094 LCD panel including gate drivers
69 20060007091 Display device and driving apparatus and method thereof
70 20060007087 Liquid crystal display
71 20060007072 Display device and driving method thereof
72 20060006935 Amplifier
73 20060006920 Level shifting circuit
74 20060006903 Programmable impedance controller and method for operating
75 20060006841 Battery pack and electronic device using the same
76 20060006805 Flat lamp
77 20060006785 Sodalime glass substrate for a surface light source device, method of manufacturing the same, surface light source device having the same and backlight assembly having the surface light source device
78 20060006536 BGA package and manufacturing method
79 20060006511 Ultrathin module for semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
80 20060006489 Image sensor having self-aligned and overlapped photodiode and method of making same
81 20060006452 EEPROM device and manufacturing method thereof
82 20060006447 Semiconductor devices having a metal-insulator-metal capacitor and methods of forming the same
83 20060006410 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
84 20060006407 Nitride semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
85 20060006406 Light emitting diode package and light source comprising the same
86 20060006380 Composition for forming organic insulating film and method for forming pattern of organic insulating film using the same
87 20060006379 Organic semiconductor copolymers containing oligothiophene and n-type heteroaromatic units
88 20060006220 Method and apparatus for searching rights objects stored in portable storage device using object location data
89 20060006173 Bar-code reading cooking apparatus and method
90 20060005626 Micro-accelerometer
91 20060005582 Drum type washing machine