Samsung patent applications published on 12 October 2006

86 US patent applications published on 12 October 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060230206 Current mode bus interface system, method of performing a mode transition and mode control signal generator for the same
2 20060230190 Method and apparatus for executing application in system having NAND flash memory
3 20060230187 Method and system for optimizing a software-defined radio system
4 20060230183 Method and apparatus for synchronizing content with a collection of home devices
5 20060230168 Method and system for establishing ad-hoc session in push-to-talk over cellular network
6 20060230161 System and method for providing service in a communication system
7 20060230147 Asynchronous frame transmission method for strictly ensuring beginning of super frame in residential ethernet
8 20060230146 Method for generating super frame by using sub-frame in residential ethernet system
9 20060229774 Method, medium, and apparatus for self-propelled mobile unit with obstacle avoidance during wall-following algorithm
11 20060229107 Method of displaying call information in mobile communication terminal and mobile communication terminal adapted to display call information
12 20060229105 Method for call origination using short key in mobile communication terminal and mobile communication terminal implementing the same
13 20060229095 Method and system for performing media storage service in push-to-talk over cellular network
14 20060229074 System and method for an inter-system VoIP handoff
15 20060229045 Tri-state RF switch
16 20060229016 Apparatus and method for displaying information in Bluetooth communication mode of wireless terminal
17 20060229015 Device and method for displaying files during bluetooth communication in a wireless terminal
18 20060228925 Power cord arranging device for a vacuum cleaner
19 20060228908 Method of manufacturing polysilicon thin film and method of manufacturing thin film transistor having the same
20 20060228878 Semiconductor package repair method
21 20060228841 Methods of forming a thin-film structure, methods of manufacturing non-volatile semiconductor devices using the same, and resulting non-volatile semiconductor devices
22 20060228642 Method for preparing polymer latex particles having core/shell structure
23 20060228444 Fermentation apparatus for customizing fermentation level and method thereof
24 20060228152 Paper detecting apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
25 20060228103 Nonadjustable focusing type camera module
26 20060228091 Method of displaying, selecting and magnifying multiple micro-images, and display device and portable terminal using the same
27 20060228023 Image processing apparatus using alpha plane and method thereof
28 20060227903 Method of soft bit metric calculation with direct matrix inversion MIMO detection
29 20060227892 Interleaver and parser for OFDM MIMO systems
30 20060227891 Method of channel estimation for MIMO-OFDM using phase rotated low overhead preamble
31 20060227888 Apparatus and method for FT pre-coding of data to reduce PAPR in a multi-carrier wireless network
32 20060227837 Quantum dot vertical cavity surface emitting laser and fabrication method of the same
33 20060227727 Versatile system for efficient version control messaging in a wireless radio access network
34 20060227693 Image forming apparatus
35 20060227692 Method and apparatus for recording data on an optical recording medium
36 20060227689 Information storage medium and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing data on/from the same
37 20060227685 Information storage medium and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing data on/from the same
38 20060227681 Information recording medium, apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data on and/or from information recording medium, method of recording and/or reproducing data on and/or from information recording medium, and computer-readable recording medium storing program for executing the method
39 20060227678 Multilayer recording medium and optical pickup for recording and/or reproducing the same
40 20060227633 Internal voltage generator
41 20060227603 Recording method using link recording information
42 20060227514 Digital micro-mirror device (DMD) assembly for an optical projection system
43 20060227452 Method to avoid contact between the head and disk protrusions
44 20060227431 Optical lens, optical module having the same, and backlight assembly having the same
45 20060227430 Zoom lens optical system
46 20060227420 Stereoscopic display switching between 2D/3D images using polarization grating screen
47 20060227419 3D image display device
48 20060227305 Multi-functional product having a releasing mechanism to activate the opening of a cover relative to a main body
49 20060227304 Optical assembly for a projection system
50 20060227274 Display panel and liquid crystal display apparatus including the same
51 20060227273 Liquid crystal display apparatus
52 20060227257 Substrate for a liquid crystal display panel, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display device having the same
53 20060227249 Display apparatus and control method thereof
54 20060227163 Roll brushing apparatus, inkjet head cleaning system including the same and method of using thereof
55 20060227132 Depth image-based representation method for 3D object, modeling method and apparatus, and rendering method and apparatus using the same
56 20060227104 Rotation display apparatus using two display buffers in mobile phone and method thereof
57 20060227103 Three-dimensional display device and method using hybrid position-tracking system
58 20060227088 Display panel, display apparatus having the same, and method of manufacturing the same
59 20060227081 Display device and driving method thereof
60 20060227023 Methods and apparatuses for generating and recovering 3D compression data
61 20060226967 Vehicle tire pressure monitor
62 20060226868 Semiconductor device capable of controlling OCD and ODT circuits and control method used by the semiconductor device
63 20060226801 Drive control device for use in an image forming apparatus
64 20060226771 Display device and fabricating method thereof
65 20060226733 Actuator and method of driving the same
66 20060226566 Imprinting apparatus, system and method
67 20060226554 Semiconductor device with contact structure and manufacturing method thereof
69 20060226505 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
70 20060226472 Cell region layout of semiconductor device and method of forming contact pad using the same
72 20060226445 Silicon optoelectronic device, manufacturing method thereof, and image input and/or output apparatus using the same
73 20060226431 Light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
74 20060226416 Nitride semiconductor device
76 20060226339 CMOS image sensor and method of fabricating the same
77 20060226307 Display apparatus
78 20060225983 Rotary force controlling apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
79 20060225867 Heat sink apparatus for electronic device
80 20060225644 Vertical group III-nitride light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
81 20060225592 Image-forming apparatus
82 20060225466 Drum washing machine
83 20060225299 Method of transferring a substrate
84 20060225249 Swing hinge device for mobile terminal
85 20060225243 Vacuum cleaner
86 20060225242 Vacuum cleaner