Samsung patent applications published on 16 March 2006

84 US patent applications published on 16 March 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060059521 Method and system for integrating schedule management and broadcast program reservation in a terminal having functions of personal schedule management and broadcast program reservation
2 20060059449 Line layout structure of semiconductor memory devices
3 20060059438 Optical reproducing apparatus and method capable of adjusting size of OSD menu
4 20060059391 Apparatus and method for diagnosing cablecard-related status and performing proper processing according to diagnosis result in opencable system, opencable host, and opencable reception apparatus
5 20060059351 Method and apparatus for searching for rights objects stored in portable storage device using object identifier
6 20060059194 Method and apparatus for retrieving rights object from portable storage device using object identifier
7 20060059192 Information storage medium for storing metadata supporting multiple languages, and systems and methods of processing metadata
8 20060059177 Information storage medium having recorded thereon AV data including meta data with representative title information, apparatus for reproducing AV data from the information storage medium, and method of searching for the meta data
9 20060059131 Method and apparatus for using additional service data interactively, and receiver using the method and apparatus
10 20060059094 Method and apparatus for digital rights management
11 20060058059 Wireless terminal apparatus for automatically changing WLAN standard and method thereof
12 20060058047 Hard handover method and apparatus for user equipment (UE) using frequency layer convergence (FLC) in a multimedia broadcast/multicast system (MBMS) system
13 20060058029 Wireless network device and method for reassociation between wireless networks using the wireless network device
14 20060058014 Device and method for downloading character image from website in wireless terminal
15 20060057998 Frequency mixing apparatus
16 20060057963 Wireless network device and communication method using the wireless network device
17 20060057958 Method of creating active multipaths for mimo wireless systems
18 20060057957 Digital broadcast receiving apparatus and method thereof
19 20060057927 Fabrication method of field emitter electrode
20 20060057815 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
21 20060057807 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a silicon oxide layer, a method of fabricating a semiconductor device having dual spacers, a method of forming a silicon oxide layer on a substrate, and a method of forming dual spacers on a conductive material layer
22 20060057760 Image sensor and method for forming the same
23 20060057757 Method of manufacturing semiconductor probe having resistive tip
24 20060057478 Panel for display device and manufacturing method thereof
25 20060056990 Compressor having discharge mufflers
26 20060056988 Multi-cylinder rotary type compressor
27 20060056987 Multi-cylinder compressor
28 20060056986 Multi-cylinder compressor
29 20060056882 Color registration control method and image forming apparatus using the same
30 20060056881 Developing roller
31 20060056879 Development roller of electro-photographic machine
32 20060056874 Liquid-type image forming apparatus and a method for controlling the same
33 20060056799 Multimedia system for transferring and receiving program number and methods therefor
34 20060056774 Pluggable optical transceiver module assembly
35 20060056634 Apparatus, system and method for setting security information on wireless network
36 20060056539 Differential space-time block coding apparatus with high transmission rate and method thereof
37 20060056538 Apparatus and method for transmitting data using full-diversity, full-rate STBC
38 20060056528 Method of transmitting and receiving preamble sequences in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication system using multiple input multiple output scheme
39 20060056527 Adaptive bit/power loading technique for a multicarrier communication system
40 20060056467 Multi-wavelength laser diode
41 20060056446 Communication adapter switching method and apparatus
42 20060056408 Method and device for universal plug and play communications
43 20060056381 Mobile communication system and packet processing method thereof
44 20060056362 Data communication method based on multi-receiver aggregation
45 20060056347 Method and apparatus for indicating cell selection when a session is stopped in a multimedia broadcast/multicast service system
46 20060056339 Method and system for controlling reduced slot cycle mode for paging in a mobile communication system
47 20060056337 Method and apparatus for displaying local time of recipient area in communication terminal
48 20060056318 Home network system using IEEE 1394 and node configuration method thereof
49 20060056311 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
50 20060056286 Method for protecting and restoring link using optical label merging and dynamic resource sharing with network load
51 20060056281 Method and system for time-domain transmission diversity in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
52 20060056267 Driving unit and display apparatus having the same
53 20060056202 Backlight assembly with improved strength and display device having the same
54 20060056161 Flexible device, flexible pressure sensor, and fabrication method thereof
55 20060056081 Optical pickup actuator
56 20060056070 Lens system and portable device employing the same
57 20060056042 Auto-focusing optical system for camera module
58 20060055958 Method and system for power saving in asynchronous communication system
59 20060055890 Projection system using spatial filter
60 20060055889 Projection system using spatial filter
61 20060055843 LCD Backlight unit and LCD having the same
62 20060055816 Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus, and digital photographing apparatus using the method
63 20060055808 Method for increasing storage space in a digital camera apparatus
64 20060055781 Method of processing video data from video presenter
65 20060055686 Stylus pen combined with antenna in protable wireless terminal
66 20060055656 Time division driving method and source driver for flat panel display
67 20060055655 Driving unit and display apparatus having the same
69 20060055567 Method and device for key input in mobile terminal
70 20060055496 Toroidal line filter and method of winding coil of toroidal line filter
71 20060055476 Microstrip stablized quantum well resonance-tunneling generator for millimeter and submillimeter wavelength range
72 20060055424 Level shifting circuit and method reducing leakage current
73 20060055376 Input and output circuit and method of operation thereof
74 20060055037 Microelectronic device chip including hybrid Au bump, package of the same, LCD apparatus including microelectronic device chip and method of fabricating microelectronic device chip
75 20060054917 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
76 20060054909 Light emitting diode improved in luminous efficiency
77 20060054708 Method and apparatus for controlling power of RFID module of handheld terminal
78 20060054681 Electronic appliance having readable/writable radio frequency identification tag and method of assembling the same
79 20060054352 Printed circuit board including embedded passive component and method of fabricating same
80 20060054312 Evaporator using micro-channel tubes
81 20060054310 Evaporator using micro-channel tubes
82 20060054227 Fluid rotating apparatus using EHD technology
84 20060053757 Cyclone dust-collecting apparatus and a vacuum cleaner having the same