Samsung patent applications published on 17 August 2006

167 US patent applications published on 17 August 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060185004 Method and system for single sign-on in a network
2 20060185000 System and method for creating access authority and remote controller using the same
3 20060184976 Optical network for bi-directional wireless communication
4 20060184965 Method for providing electronic program guide for digital broadcasting
5 20060184964 Image reproducing apparatus for channel map updating and method thereof
6 20060184910 Reconfigurable interconnect for use in software-defined radio systems
7 20060184855 Turbo decoder architecture for use in software-defined radio systems
8 20060184850 Apparatus for preventing bus reset when removing a device from an IEEE 1394 network
9 20060184847 Semiconductor device tested using minimum pins and methods of testing the same
10 20060184815 System including an operating speed detection apparatus, an operating speed detection apparatus and method thereof
11 20060184799 Security circuit and method to secure information in a device
12 20060184779 Pipeline controller for context-based operation reconfigurable instruction set processor
13 20060184774 Context-based operation reconfigurable instruction set processor and method of operation
14 20060184755 Semiconductor memory device and memory system using same
15 20060184664 Method for preventing unnecessary retransmission due to delayed transmission in wireless network and communication device using the same
16 20060184616 Method and system of managing conflicts between applications using semantics of abstract services for group context management
17 20060184615 Service framework for home network
18 20060184599 Correlation architecture for use in software-defined radio systems
19 20060184530 System and method for user access control to content in a network
20 20060184380 XML-based resource data structures and networks managed by XML-based resource data structures
21 20060184370 Spoken dialogue interface apparatus and method
22 20060184356 Multiple language support system and method for application
23 20060184331 Controller for generating video signal, simulation system comprising the same, and method of generating video signal
24 20060184324 Method for determining an initial position in a navigation system
25 20060184323 Method for providing route guidance to a destination to which a vehicle is driven
26 20060184320 Stride-based route guiding apparatus and method
27 20060183872 Resin composition for embedded capacitors having excellent adhesive strength, heat resistance and flame retardancy
28 20060183502 Method and apparatus for informing a radio access network of a selected core network from user equipment in a network sharing system
29 20060183479 Mobile node for discovering neighbor networks in heterogeneous network environment and network discovery method
30 20060183455 Frequency synthesizer for mixing reference frequencies
31 20060183444 Capacitance compensation type directional coupler and IPD for multi-band having the same
32 20060183369 Sliding/folding-type portable terminal
33 20060183338 Etchant composition and manufacturing method for thin film transistor array panel
34 20060183333 Methods of fabricating semiconductor device using sacrificial layer
35 20060183332 Method of manufacturing floating structure
36 20060183320 Methods of filling trenches using high-density plasma deposition (HDP)
37 20060183286 Transistor having enlarged contact surface area and manufacturing method therefor
38 20060183280 Metal-insulator-metal capacitors and methods of forming the same
40 20060183265 Image sensor having improved sensitivity and method for making same
41 20060183250 Methods of fabricating ferroelectric capacitors utilizing a partial chemical mechanical polishing process
42 20060183061 Method for forming positive metal pattern and EMI filter using the same
43 20060183044 Electrophotographic photoreceptor containing asymmetric naphthalenetetracarboxylic acid diimide derivatives and electrophotographic imaging apparatus employing the same
44 20060183043 Electrophotographic photoreceptor containing pyridine-substituted asymmetric naphthalenetetracarboxylic acid diimide derivatives and electrophotographic imaging apparatus
45 20060182973 Resin composition and ceramic/polymer composite for embedded capacitors having excellent TCC property
46 20060182966 Silicon nano wire having a silicon-nitride shell and method of manufacturing the same
47 20060182585 Method and apparatus for mounting components
48 20060182459 Color image forming apparatus
49 20060182446 Integrated wired and wireless WDM PON apparatus using mode-locked light source
50 20060182445 Wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network system using light source wavelength-locked by injected incoherent light
51 20060182444 Controlling proportional allocation transmission in an EPON through an OLT scheduling algorithm
52 20060182414 Video recorder/player and automatic recording method
53 20060182385 Method of fabricating multi-layered printed circuit board for optical waveguides
54 20060182365 Method and apparatus for processing line pattern using convolution kernel
55 20060182360 Method and apparatus for darker region details using image global information
56 20060182359 Method and apparatus for image processing based on a mapping function
57 20060182347 Image retrieval method and apparatus independent of illumination change
58 20060182336 Color data conversion apparatus and method using gamut boundary descriptors
59 20060182316 Apparatus and method for recognizing spatial writing and recording medium storing the method
60 20060182315 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding and referencing virtual area image
61 20060182229 SATA device having self-test function for OOB-signaling
62 20060182200 GMSK modulation using a dual-port memory
63 20060182199 Apparatus and method for retransmitting data in a communication system
64 20060182189 Apparatus and method for optimally compensating for imbalance between in-phase and quadrature-phase in a zero-IF OFDM receiver
65 20060182181 Apparatus and method for controlling data write/read in image processing system
66 20060182179 Video coding and decoding methods with hierarchical temporal filtering structure, and apparatus for the same
67 20060182145 Apparatus and method for transmitting or receiving data through a plurality of wireless links in a wireless network interface
68 20060182135 System and method for executing loops in a processor
69 20060182132 Local switching method using logical link ID in Ethernet passive optical network system
70 20060182116 Home-network and method for allocating channel thereof
71 20060182104 Method and apparatus for registering mobile node in a wireless local area network (LAN) environment
72 20060182091 Apparatus and method for forwarding voice packet in a digital communication system
73 20060182080 Wireless LAN communication method and apparatus
74 20060182079 Wireless LAN communication method and apparatus
75 20060182062 Method for inter-frequency handover
76 20060182056 Device and method for adaptively controlling turn-on time of transceiver
77 20060182052 System for providing internet protocol broadcast services and a method thereof
78 20060182015 OFDM signal receiving apparatus and method for estimating common phase error of OFDM signals using data subcarriers
79 20060182003 Optical disc driving apparatus and land pre-pit detection method using the same
80 20060182002 Asymmetric error correction device and method thereof, and optical disc reproducing device therewith
81 20060181991 Disk having unique code for identifying its type for optical disk player and method for discriminating types thereof
82 20060181984 Method and apparatus for automatically controlling output of laser diode
83 20060181977 Optical pickup which is compatible with multiple types of media
84 20060181976 Device and method of compensating tilt
85 20060181943 Memory device having open bit line architecture for improving repairability and method of repairing the same
86 20060181940 Memory address generating circuit and memory controller using the same
87 20060181938 Charge pump circuit for semiconductor memory device
88 20060181932 Device and method for pulse width control in a phase change memory device
89 20060181913 Semiconductor memory device with strengthened power and method of strengthening power of the same
90 20060181904 Driving apparatus of display device and DC-DC converter
91 20060181867 Light-diffusing member, backlight assembly having the light-diffusing member and display apparatus having the backlight assembly
92 20060181866 Multi-chip light emitting diode unit, and backlight unit and liquid crystal display device employing the same
93 20060181825 Device and method for preventing an integrated circuit from malfunctioning due to a surge voltage
94 20060181824 Schottky diode-based noise-removing semiconductor device and fabrication method therefor
95 20060181804 Tape recording and reproducing apparatus
96 20060181801 Tape-end sensor and a magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus having the same
97 20060181762 Method of manufacturing micromirror array and method of manufacturing optical device having micromirror
98 20060181654 Projection television
99 20060181648 Digital video signal processing apparatus and method for field-based adaptive spatio-temporal Y/C separation
100 20060181645 TV and method of setting wallpaper or screen saver mode thereof
101 20060181641 Apparatus and method for outputting on-screen display of display apparatus
102 20060181633 Camera module
103 20060181611 Video signal scanning method and apparatus
104 20060181601 Image forming apparatus
105 20060181580 Piezoelectric inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
107 20060181553 Image-displaying device and pixel control method therefor
108 20060181538 Displaying apparatus and data writing device
109 20060181529 Apparatus and method of browsing image data based on color temperature, and computer readable medium therefor
110 20060181528 Multiple effect expression method and apparatus in 3-dimension graphic image
111 20060181485 LED driver
112 20060181475 UWB antenna with unidirectional radiation pattern
113 20060181471 UWB antenna having 270 degree coverage and system thereof
114 20060181465 PIFA device for providing optimized frequency characteristics in a multi-frequency environment and method for controlling the same
115 20060181463 Wideband monopole antenna
116 20060181446 Frequency synthesizer having variable frequency resolution, and fractional-N frequency synthesizing method using sigma-delta modulation of frequency control pulses
117 20060181389 Thin film type resistor and printed circuit board with an embedded thin film resistor and a method for producing the same
118 20060181386 Integrated circuit having integrated inductors
119 20060181377 Switch pad and micro-switch having the same
120 20060181370 Laminated filter with improved stop band attenuation
121 20060181363 Parallel-structured switched variable inductor circuit
122 20060181359 Resistor-capacitor (RC) oscillator insensitive to process, voltage, and temperature variances
123 20060181357 Ring oscillator for calibrating phase error and phase-error calibration method therefor
124 20060181356 Quadrature voltage controlled oscillator
125 20060181349 CMOS variable gain amplifier for controlling dB linear gain
126 20060181343 Gain controlled amplifier and cascoded gain controlled amplifier based on the same
127 20060181338 Stacked CMOS current mirror using MOSFETs having different threshold voltages
128 20060181336 Bandgap reference voltage generator without start-up failure
129 20060181317 Resistive memory device having resistor part for controlling switching window
130 20060181315 Bus holders having wide input and output voltage ranges and tolerant input/output buffers using the same
131 20060181220 Apparatus and method of fabricating emitter using arc
132 20060181218 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
133 20060181210 Exhaust pipe protecting tip and plasma display module including the same
134 20060181009 Automatic skew adjusting apparatus, image forming apparatus having the same and skew adjusting method thereof
135 20060180998 Paper feeding device and image forming apparatus including the same
136 20060180994 Bypass tray and image forming apparatus with the same
137 20060180993 Print paper separating apparatus and method thereof
138 20060180985 Paper pickup device and image forming apparatus having the same
139 20060180982 Air suction feeding device and image forming apparatus having the same
140 20060180976 Manual paper feeding device for image forming apparatus
141 20060180925 LED housing and fabrication method thereof
142 20060180913 Input stage of semiconductor device with multiple pads of common function, and multi-chip package having the same
143 20060180899 Semiconductive chip device having insulating coating layer and method of manfacturing the same
144 20060180897 Silicon-based RF system and method of manufacturing the same
145 20060180881 Probe head and method of fabricating the same
146 20060180869 Primitive cell that is robust against ESD
147 20060180853 SONOS memory device having side gate stacks and method of manufacturing the same
148 20060180851 Non-volatile memory devices and methods of operating the same
149 20060180847 Two-bit non-volatile memory devices including independently-controllable gate electrodes and methods for fabricating the same
150 20060180845 Memory device with silicon rich silicon oxide layer and method of manufacturing the same
151 20060180838 Amorphous high-k thin film and manufacturing method thereof
152 20060180837 TFT substrate for display device and manufacturing method of the same
153 20060180824 High power LED housing and fabrication method thereof
154 20060180819 Reflective electrode and compound semiconductor light emitting device including the same
155 20060180813 Liquid crystal display apparatus with wide viewing angle
156 20060180811 Precursor, thin layer prepared including the precursor, method of preparing the thin layer and phase-change memory device
157 20060180809 Organic insulator composition comprising high dielectric constant insulator dispersed in hyperbranched polymer and organic thin film transistor using the same
158 20060180803 Phase change memory devices and fabrication methods thereof
159 20060180745 Image sensor
160 20060180676 Indoor environmental control system having a mobile sensor
161 20060180627 Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus and driving method thereof
162 20060180443 Washing machine
163 20060180409 Spring structure and micro-structure employing the same
164 20060180193 Photoreceptive layer comprising metal oxide of core-shell structure and solar cell using the same
165 20060180006 Apparatus and method for performing play function in a portable terminal
166 20060179915 Apparatus and method for correcting inertial sensor and recording medium recording the method
167 20060179889 Method for dehydrating and consolidating a porous optical fiber preform