Samsung patent applications published on 18 May 2006

146 US patent applications published on 18 May 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060107331 Objective management apparatus, medium, and method with group organization
2 20060107276 Shaft support mechanism of optical disk drive and skew adjustment mechanism of optical disk drive
3 20060107193 Method and apparatus for efficiently decoding low density parity check code
4 20060107185 Recording medium having spare area for defect management and information on defect management, and method of allocating spare area and method of managing defects
5 20060107180 Apparatus and method for constructing low-density parity check matrix
6 20060107168 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving virtual block information for multiple segment recovery in data network using transmission control protocol
7 20060107167 Multiple antenna communication system using automatic repeat request error correction scheme
8 20060107051 Method of receiving session key in home network and method of reproducing content using the same
9 20060107043 Method for managing user key for broadcast encryption
10 20060106939 Method and system for transmitting and receiving data using multicasting
11 20060106925 Network management apparatus and method based on simple network management protocol
12 20060106779 Apparatus and method for deleting/retransmitting media data in a mobile communication terminal
13 20060106753 Method for discovery reply packet transmission in communication network
14 20060106744 Apparatus and method for establishing knowledge database used in expert system and recording medium therefor
15 20060106601 Noise elimination method, apparatus and medium thereof
16 20060106571 Biometric apparatus and method using bio signals
17 20060106536 Method and apparatus for updating map data, and computer-readable medium storing program for executing the method
18 20060106468 Apparatus and method for determining compatibility of a component unit with an electronic machine connected thereto
19 20060105824 Sliding-folding type portable communication apparatus
20 20060105816 System and method for offering wireless internet services
21 20060105812 Apparatus and method for switching operation mode in a dual-mode terminal
22 20060105807 Method for reliably managing database in GSM/GPRS hybrid terminal and hybrid terminal
23 20060105802 Communication system with reconfigurable hardware structure and reconfiguration method therefor
24 20060105801 Apparatus and method for automatically changing communication mode in mobile communication terminal
25 20060105790 Method for automatically originating international call and mobile communication terminal using the same
26 20060105787 Apparatus and method for providing location-based information
27 20060105752 Apparatus and method for processing short messages in a terminal
28 20060105749 Apparatus, system, and method for transmitting content in home network
29 20060105741 Method and apparatus for security of IP security tunnel using public key infrastructure in mobile communication network
30 20060105717 Method and apparatus for determining a data rate
31 20060105709 Apparatus and method for high-speed data communication in a mobile communication system with a plurality of transmitting and receiving antennas
32 20060105539 Method of detecting etching end-point
33 20060105525 Method for forming non-volatile memory device
34 20060105524 Non-volatile device manufactured using ion-implantation and method of manufacture the same
35 20060105521 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
36 20060105251 Black matrix, method for preparing the same, and flat panel display and electromagnetic interference filter using the same
37 20060105226 Metal catalyst and fuel cell with electrode including the same
38 20060105223 Bipolar plate and direct liquid feed fuel cell stack
39 20060105217 Solid polymer electrolyte membrane, method for manufacturing the same, and fuel cell using the solid polymer electrolyte membrane
40 20060105153 Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
41 20060104845 Variable capacity rotary compressor
42 20060104680 Image forming apparatus
43 20060104666 Developing unit driving device and image forming apparatus having the same
44 20060104643 Optical network for bi-directional wireless communication
45 20060104636 Optical network for bi-directional wireless communication
46 20060104627 Apparatus and method for excluding vignetting in a digital camera
47 20060104618 DVD recording/reproducing device capable of indicating CD’S auxiliary information
48 20060104605 Method and apparatus for recording image data
49 20060104585 Planar lightwave circuit and fabrication method thereof
50 20060104580 Optical fiber cable
51 20060104571 Planar lightwave circuit having optical filter
52 20060104504 Face recognition method and apparatus
53 20060104453 Method and apparatus for automatically setting speaker mode in audio/video system
54 20060104448 Data transmission method and apparatus and data receiving method and apparatus for multiple access in chaotic communication system
55 20060104442 Method and apparatus for receiving broadcast content
56 20060104428 Method for providing time information of called party in mobile communication terminal
57 20060104382 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving signals in multiple input multiple output wireless communication system employing beam forming scheme
58 20060104354 Multi-layered intra-prediction method and video coding method and apparatus using the same
59 20060104338 Communication apparatus
60 20060104326 Funnel structure vecsel
61 20060104325 Laser diode and method of fabricating the same
62 20060104302 Method of configuring system layers for synchronous Ethernet
63 20060104278 Apparatus and method for compressing headers in a broadband wireless communication system
64 20060104272 Method for reporting transmission state by internet protocol and network using the same
65 20060104271 Method and system for switching packets in a communication network
66 20060104254 Apparatus and method for acquiring synchronization in mobile communication system using OFDM scheme
67 20060104252 Communication method and apparatus using IP address of VPN gateway for mobile node in a VPN
68 20060104251 Beacon scheduling method in wireless sensor network system
69 20060104250 Beacon scheduling method and system in a network system
70 20060104243 Method and apparatus for securing media access control (MAC) addresses
71 20060104242 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving downlink control information in a mobile communication system supporting uplink packet data
72 20060104241 Beacon scheduling method in wireless sensor network system
73 20060104200 Terminal for automatically changing operating mode and wireless network system having the same, and method thereof
74 20060104184 Chromatic aberration-correcting element and optical pickup device using the same
75 20060104176 Method of determining type of optical disc, and data recording and/or reproducing apparatus therefor
76 20060104163 Optical disk apparatus and method for tracking thereof
77 20060104135 Data receiving apparatus and control method thereof
78 20060104104 Methods for accelerated erase operations in non-volatile memory devices and related devices
79 20060104016 Display apparatus, control method thereof, and display system
80 20060103986 Head drum assembly of magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
81 20060103985 Head drum assembly and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus having the same
82 20060103984 Flexible printed circuit and hard disk drive with the same
83 20060103977 Magnetic recording head
84 20060103975 Disk driving apparatus and magnetic disk apparatus having the same
85 20060103974 Base plate and cover plate for hard disk drive
86 20060103972 Flexible data TPI in hard disk drives
87 20060103969 System and apparatus for position error signal linearization
88 20060103967 Method for writing spiral reference servo signal in hard disk drive and method for compensating for temperature
89 20060103964 Variable control of write parameters for hard disk drive
90 20060103884 Printing method and apparatus
91 20060103792 Transflective type display panel and display apparatus having the same
92 20060103780 Polarizer, panel for a liquid crystal display, and liquid crystal display, including a scattering layer
93 20060103765 Methods to estimate noise variance from a video sequence
94 20060103761 Television apparatus and control method thereof
95 20060103758 Camera module and method of manufacturing the same
96 20060103753 Method and apparatus for displaying images using duplex thumbnail mode
97 20060103751 Digital photographing apparatus that adaptively displays icons and method of controlling the digital photographing apparatus
98 20060103744 Image device having color filter
99 20060103734 Apparatus and method for rotating image in digital camera
100 20060103720 Scanning apparatus using light source performing on/off operation
101 20060103713 Thermal transfer image forming apparatus and method using low voltage differential signaling method
102 20060103687 Apparatus for jetting an alignment agent
103 20060103681 Display apparatus and control method thereof
104 20060103679 Apparatus and method for transposing data
105 20060103662 Method and system for displaying a menu which has an icon
106 20060103644 Display apparatus and method for eliminating incidental image thereof
107 20060103635 Device and method of avoiding noise in touch screen panel
108 20060103634 Apparatus and method of providing fingertip haptics of visual information using electro-active polymer for image display device
109 20060103620 Driver chip for a display device and display device having the same
110 20060103605 Plasma display panel driving apparatus
111 20060103603 Plasma display panel
112 20060103602 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
113 20060103601 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
114 20060103598 Plasma display panel and method of driving the plasma display panel
115 20060103595 Plasma display apparatus
116 20060103577 Ultra wideband internal antenna
117 20060103536 UHF RFID tag and method of manufacturing the same
118 20060103455 Resistorless bias current generation circuit
119 20060103410 Panel and test method for display device
120 20060103353 Charge system and charger for an electric apparatus and a control method thereof
121 20060103340 Single-phase induction motor and method for reducing noise in the same
122 20060103312 Plasma display panel
123 20060103311 Plasma display panel
124 20060103308 Plasma display panel
125 20060102959 Semiconductor integrated circuit devices having single crystalline thin film transistors and methods of fabricating the same
126 20060102954 Organic thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
127 20060102944 Ferroelectric capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
128 20060102940 Semiconductor device having a photodetector and method for fabricating the same
129 20060102920 Thin film electrode for forming ohmic contact in light emitting diodes and laser diodes using nickel-based solid solution for manufacturing high performance gallium nitride-based optical devices, and method for fabricating the same
130 20060102907 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
131 20060102888 Semiconductor substrate and method of fabricating the same
132 20060102681 Tape feeder for component mounter and method of automatically setting tape initial position by the same
133 20060102624 Microwave oven having an illuminated guide line
135 20060102383 Method of fabricating high density printed circuit board
136 20060102067 Organic light emitting display with single crystalline silicon TFT and method of fabricating the same
137 20060102005 Cyclone dust-collecting apparatus
138 20060101870 Washing machine having a condensing duct
139 20060101864 Washing machine
140 20060101666 Washing machine having a condensing duct
141 20060101640 Method of fabricating rigid-flexible printed circuit board
142 20060101633 Jig and method of manufacturing a display device using the same
143 20060101610 Vacuum cleaner having a cyclone dust collecting apparatus
144 20060101609 Vacuum cleaner
145 20060101588 Washing machine with steam generating device and method for controlling the same
146 20060101586 Washing machine and method for controlling the same