Samsung patent applications published on 19 January 2006

93 US patent applications published on 19 January 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060015914 Recording method and apparatus capable of time shifting in a plurality of channels
2 20060015889 Method of notifying a user of payment information for a pay program and a broadcast receiver for performing the same
3 20060015885 Device for holding a disk cartridge in a disk recording/reproducing apparatus
4 20060015877 Collaborative state machine framework for use in a communication network
5 20060015789 Apparatus and method for encoding/decoding using Concatenated Zigzag code in mobile communication system
6 20060015758 Method and apparatus for managing power of portable computer system
7 20060015698 Method and apparatus for data backup
8 20060015681 Apparatus and method for writing and reading data
9 20060015647 System and method for communication between heterogeneous networks
10 20060015461 Multimedia data transacting system and method
11 20060014557 Method and system for determining a power level for communication in a wireless network
12 20060014556 Method and apparatus for processing call in PTT over cellular (PoC) system
13 20060014551 Apparatus and method for processing call in mobile communication system
14 20060014539 Method, medium, and apparatus controlling handover between different networks
15 20060014491 Apparatus and method for echo cancellation in a wireless repeater using cross-polarized antenna elements
16 20060014409 Printed circuit board having an integrated slot mounted thereon
17 20060014398 Method of forming dielectric layer using plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition technique
18 20060014329 Nanodots formed on silicon oxide and method of manufacturing the same
19 20060014327 Method of fabricating PCB including embedded passive chip
20 20060013627 Automatic document feeder and an image forming apparatus having the same
21 20060013622 Developing unit for an image forming apparatus
22 20060013608 Method for controlling temperature of heat roller and image forming apparatus based on the same
23 20060013600 Image forming apparatus
24 20060013594 Apparatus and method for synchronizing optic repeater in communication system using time division OFDM scheme
25 20060013560 Picture search method and apparatus for digital reproduction
26 20060013559 Data transfer apparatus and method using USB module
27 20060013509 Method of estimating disparity for 3D object recognition
28 20060013506 Inverse transform method, apparatus, and medium
29 20060013503 Methods of preventing noise boost in image contrast enhancement
30 20060013498 Method and apparatus for predicting discrete cosine transform coefficients
31 20060013419 Sound reproducing apparatus and method for providing virtual sound source
32 20060013405 Multichannel audio data encoding/decoding method and apparatus
33 20060013381 Method for executing an additional service in a wireless terminal
34 20060013342 Method and apparatus for managing buffer for block deinterleaver in a mobile communication system
35 20060013329 Signal transmitting device and method of multiple-antenna system
36 20060013315 Filtering method, apparatus, and medium used in audio-video codec
37 20060013313 Scalable video coding method and apparatus using base-layer
38 20060013312 Method and apparatus for scalable video coding and decoding
39 20060013311 Video decoding method using smoothing filter and video decoder therefor
40 20060013310 Temporal decomposition and inverse temporal decomposition methods for video encoding and decoding and video encoder and decoder
41 20060013309 Video encoding and decoding methods and video encoder and decoder
42 20060013308 Method and apparatus for scalably encoding and decoding color video
43 20060013306 Motion information encoding/decoding apparatus and method and scalable video encoding/decoding apparatus and method employing them
44 20060013300 Method and apparatus for predecoding and decoding bitstream including base layer
45 20060013256 Wireless communication device and method for aggregating MAC service data units
46 20060013216 Apparatus and method for supporting real-time services in a wireless network
47 20060013193 Prefix delegation system and method of ad-hoc network
48 20060013185 System and method for trasmitting uplink control information in an OFDMA communication system
49 20060013175 Computer, access point, network and control methods thereof
50 20060013163 Apparatus and method for detecting traffic channel signal transmission in a rake receiver
51 20060013151 TSTD apparatus and method for a TDD CDMA mobile communication system
52 20060013150 Method and apparatus for identifying network device corresponding to internet protocol address, and method and apparatus for allocating internet protocol address
53 20060013123 Method and apparatus for processing transmission error in DMB system
54 20060013058 Phase change memory device for use in a burst read operation and a data reading method thereof
55 20060013046 Integrated circuit apparatus having improved test circuit and method of testing the integrated circuit apparatus
56 20060012940 MEMS RF-switch using semiconductor
57 20060012930 Semiconductor device having a plurality of temperature sensors and semiconductor device control method using the plurality of temperature sensors
58 20060012919 Suspension assembly having reinforced end-tab and actuator for disk drive adopting the same
59 20060012912 Method of protecting hard disk drive from shocks and hard disk drive therefor
60 20060012886 Zoom lens optical system
61 20060012771 System and method for manufacturing a flat panel display
62 20060012713 Combination system for recording and reproducing
63 20060012701 Auto-stabilization method in control of driving image pickup device and reading memory and photographing apparatus having the same
64 20060012688 Apparatus and method for generating control signals to regulate gain levels of color signals
65 20060012666 Method of printing thermal media by aligning image
66 20060012665 Print media and photo printer
67 20060012664 Printing method and apparatus using shuttle thermal print head
68 20060012663 Thermal printer and printing method
69 20060012661 Halftone processing method in laser printer and apparatus using the same
70 20060012618 Method and apparatus for adjusting the alignment of printing
71 20060012616 Apparatus for adjusting display size and method thereof
72 20060012515 High sensitivity GPS receiver and method for compensating for doppler variation
74 20060012494 Method and apparatus for inputting an alphabet character in a terminal with a keypad
75 20060012433 Amplifier with a voltage-controlled quiescent current and output current
76 20060012431 Class AB amplifier having adjustable quiescent current and output current
77 20060012429 Self biased differential amplifier
78 20060012339 Method and system for charging battery
79 20060012104 Automatic document feeder with anti-skew function
80 20060012019 Semiconductor package
81 20060011981 High frequency MOS transistor, method of forming the same, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including the same
82 20060011918 Flat panel display device and method of manufacturing the same
83 20060011912 Method of forming a metal pattern and a method of fabricating tft array panel by using the same
84 20060011902 Phase change memory device and method for forming the same
86 20060011813 Image sensor having a passivation layer exposing at least a main pixel array region and methods of fabricating the same
87 20060011607 Heating apparatus for cooking
88 20060011605 Bake system
89 20060011222 Apparatus for treating substrates
90 20060011138 Apparatus for fabricating semiconductor device using plasma
91 20060011071 Heating apparatus for cooking and method for controlling the same
92 20060010978 MEMS gyroscope having coupling springs
93 20060010934 Domestic appliance having stackable structure