Samsung patent applications published on 19 October 2006

123 US patent applications published on 19 October 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060236399 Apparatus and method for restoring master boot record infected with virus
2 20060236355 Video device and control method thereof
3 20060236349 User interface in which plurality of related pieces of menu information belonging to distinct categories are displayed in parallel, and apparatus and method for displaying the user interface
4 20060236339 Television control method
5 20060236191 Method and apparatus for generating block-based low-density parity check matrix and recording medium having recorded thereon code for implementing the method
6 20060236099 Tag generation method in broadcast encryption system
7 20060236087 Apparatus and method for testing computer system
8 20060236041 System having memory device accessible to multiple processors
9 20060235986 Web service processing apparatus and method
10 20060235910 Apparatus and method for a managing file system
11 20060235797 Method of packaging broadcast contents
12 20060235678 Apparatus and method of encoding audio data and apparatus and method of decoding encoded audio data
13 20060234785 Portable terminal having replaceable modules
14 20060234759 Apparatus and method for processing a function execution recommendation alarm event in wireless terminal
15 20060234757 Method of efficiently reselecting cell in mobile station using GPS
16 20060234751 Power loading method and apparatus for throughput enhancement in MIMO systems
17 20060234750 Method and apparatus for quantization and detection of power loadings in MIMO beamforming systems
18 20060234748 Method for performing TRS communication in a mobile communication terminal
19 20060234745 Method and system for collecting opinions of push-to-talk over cellular participants in push-to-talk over cellular network
20 20060234744 Method and system for splitting terminals in push-to-talk over cellular network
21 20060234739 Method and system for synchronizing a clock for an adjacent network to a clock for an overlay network
22 20060234734 System and method for exchanging SMS message
23 20060234728 Apparatus and method for processing call and message-related events in a wireless terminal
24 20060234715 Apparatus and method for controlling transmission power in communication systems using orthogonal frequency division multiple access scheme
25 20060234710 Method for performing roaming in dual mode mobile terminal capable of preventing ping-pong phenomenon
26 20060234704 System and method for transmitting/receiving data in a multicarrier communication system
27 20060234650 Low voltage differential signaling transceiver
29 20060234487 Method of forming semiconductor device having stacked transistors
30 20060234466 Analog capacitor having at least three high-k dielectric layers, and method of fabricating the same
31 20060234447 Methods of fabricating nonvolatile memory devices and related devices
32 20060234435 Semiconductor device having one-time programmable ROM and method of fabricating the same
33 20060234411 Method of manufacturing nitride semiconductor light emitting diode
34 20060234408 Method for manufacturing vertical group III-nitride light emitting device
35 20060234407 Method of fabricating vertical structure nitride semiconductor light emitting device
36 20060234198 Method for transmitting message in wireless terminal
37 20060234137 Photomask structures providing improved photolithographic process windows and methods of manufacturing same
38 20060234136 Systems and methods for detecting focus variation in photolithograph process using test features printed from photomask test pattern images
39 20060233950 Method of fabricating organic electronic device
40 20060233584 Image forming apparatus including a paper feeding cassette
41 20060233576 Multi-function printer having compact structure
42 20060233567 Developing unit with reflection mirror and printing apparatus employing the same
43 20060233558 Jam removing device and image forming apparatus including the same, and jam removing method
44 20060233557 Device and method for detecting position of unit mounted in image forming apparatus
45 20060233550 Wavelength division multiplexed light source and passive optical network using the same
46 20060233530 Storage medium storing interactive graphics stream activated in response to user’s command, and reproducing apparatus for reproducing from the same
47 20060233456 Apparatus for removing false contour and method thereof
48 20060233443 Method of edge direction detection based on the correlation between pixels of a vector and an edge direction detection system
49 20060233439 Method and apparatus for processing a Bayer-pattern color digital image signal
50 20060233438 Methods and systems for video processing using super dithering
51 20060233373 DMB terminal for enabling simultaneous DMB viewing and phone call and method therefor
52 20060233370 System and method for encryption processing in a mobile communication system
53 20060233359 Apparatus, method and system for providing a broadcasting service in a digital broadcasting system with a single frequency network
54 20060233254 Method and apparatus for adaptively selecting context model for entropy coding
55 20060233251 Moving picture coding/decoding method and apparatus
56 20060233250 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding video signals in intra-base-layer prediction mode by selectively applying intra-coding
57 20060233240 Context-based adaptive arithmetic coding and decoding methods and apparatuses with improved coding efficiency and video coding and decoding methods and apparatuses using the same
58 20060233235 Video encoding/decoding apparatus and method capable of minimizing random access delay
59 20060233169 Residential ethernet switching apparatus capable of performing time-slot switching and time-slot switching method thereof
60 20060233136 Traffic handover control device and method of multi-mode mobile communication terminal
61 20060233132 Time synchronization method in mobile station based on asynchronous scheme and system using the same
62 20060233130 Apparatus and method for quality of service management in a wireless network
63 20060233077 Method of protecting data on recording medium and recording medium storing program for executing the method
64 20060233076 Information storage medium
65 20060233073 Optical pickup apparatus and controlling method thereof
66 20060233067 Optical pickup actuator and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus having the same
67 20060232937 Heat conduction member and liquid crystal display having the same
68 20060232875 Method and apparatus for controlling disc drive using counter-electromotive force
69 20060232840 Metal line structure of optical scanner and method of fabricating the same
70 20060232732 Optical member, method of manufacturing the same and display device having the same
71 20060232729 Color filter array panel, liquid crystal display having the same, and manufacturing method thereof
72 20060232727 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
73 20060232720 Array substrate, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display panel having the same
74 20060232713 Extended method of noise-adaptive motion detection
75 20060232712 Method of motion compensated temporal noise reduction
76 20060232710 Method and apparatus of bidirectional temporal noise reduction
77 20060232610 Display device
78 20060232587 AV (Audio/Video) system and method for forming bitmap font outline of the AV system
79 20060232506 Plasma display device, power device thereof, and driving method thereof
80 20060232466 Method and apparatus for tracking location of user equipment by using integrated GPS and TDOA scheme
81 20060232454 Context-based adaptive arithmetic coding and decoding methods and apparatuses with improved coding efficiency and video coding and decoding methods and apparatuses using the same
82 20060232452 Method for entropy coding and decoding having improved coding efficiency and apparatus for providing the same
83 20060232384 Radio frequency identification reader, radio frequency identification tag, and system and method for identifying tag using bit synchronizing signal
84 20060232383 RFID tag and RFID reader for anti-collision and operating method thereof
85 20060232191 Gate-controlled electron-emitter array panel, active matrix display including the same, and method of manufacturing the panel
86 20060232184 Flat fluorescent lamp and a display device having the same
87 20060232133 Electronic device having path of power supplied to display part switched according to whether external power is supplied
88 20060231957 Transistor, display device including the same, and manufacturing method thereof
90 20060231931 Lead frame for semiconductor package
91 20060231907 Semiconductor device with FinFET and method of fabricating the same
92 20060231906 Structure for measuring gate misalignment and measuring method thereof
94 20060231898 CMOS image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
95 20060231887 Memory device having serially connected resistance nodes
96 20060231885 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
97 20060231854 Flip chip type nitride semiconductor light emitting device
98 20060231850 Semiconductor laser diode having ridge portion and method of manufacturing the same
99 20060231846 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display
100 20060231838 Liquid crystal display
101 20060231835 Semiconductor device including ROM interface pad
102 20060231822 Flash memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
103 20060231753 Computer Program Products for Measuring Critical Dimensions of Fine Patterns Using Scanning Electron Microscope Pictures and Secondary Electron Signal Profiles
104 20060231695 Display apparatus
105 20060231668 Power cord arranging device
106 20060231620 Slide module for slide type portable terminal and cover apparatus for external type card mounted thereto
107 20060231125 Apparatus and method for cleaning a semiconductor wafer
108 20060230952 System and method for pad printing
109 20060230908 Method for reproducing music file of mobile communication terminal and mobile terminal implementing the same
110 20060230726 Cyclone dust separating apparatus
111 20060230725 Multi cyclone dust separating apparatus
112 20060230724 Cyclone dust separating apparatus for vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner having the same
113 20060230723 Multi dust-collecting apparatus
114 20060230722 Multi-cyclone apparatus for vacuum cleaner
115 20060230721 Multi-cyclone apparatus and vacuum cleaner having the same
116 20060230720 Cyclone dust separator and a vacuum cleaner having the same
117 20060230719 Multi-cyclone dust separator and a vacuum cleaner using the same
118 20060230718 Dust-separating apparatus for vacuum cleaner
119 20060230717 Multi-cyclone dust collecting apparatus
120 20060230716 Multi-cyclone dust separator
121 20060230715 Cyclone dust-collecting device and vacuum cleaner having the same
122 20060230714 Multi dust-collecting apparatus
123 20060230572 Path-conversion valve assembly for vacuum cleaner