Samsung patent applications published on 23 March 2006

111 US patent applications published on 23 March 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060064724 Method and apparatus for storing digital broadcasting data
2 20060064714 Disk cartridge having identification element and disk drive apparatus which recognizes the identification element
3 20060064705 Door-safety apparatus and disc player having the same
4 20060064694 Method and system for the orchestration of tasks on consumer electronics
5 20060064693 Method and system for presenting user tasks for the control of electronic devices
6 20060064629 Device and method of updating service information in the same
7 20060064420 Policy-based management method and system for printing of extensible markup language (XML) documents
8 20060064204 System and method for managing indoor air through cooperation between air conditioner and mobile assistant device
9 20060063858 Ink composition and color filter including the same
10 20060063560 Dual-mode phone using GPS power-saving assist for operating in cellular and WiFi networks
11 20060063541 Apparatus and method for canceling SMS message transmission and retaining received SMS message
12 20060063536 Method for determining location of UE by using AGPS information
13 20060063531 System and method for providing a BCMCS service in a wireless communication system
14 20060063524 Apparatus and method for receiving digital multimedia broadcasting services in wireless communication system
15 20060063514 Apparatus and method for updating registered image in phonebook of portable wireless terminal priority
16 20060063487 Wireless repeater using cross-polarized signals to reduce feedback in an FDD wireless network
17 20060063482 Apparatus and method for receiving a broadcasting service in a digital multimedia broadcasting system
18 20060063464 Fabrication method of field emitter electrode
19 20060063463 Method of manufacturing flat lamp
20 20060063290 Method of fabricating metal-insulator-metal capacitor
21 20060063088 Preparation method of polyester resin
22 20060063085 Electrophotographic developing agent
23 20060063083 Toner composition
24 20060063077 Mask patterns including gel layers for semiconductor device fabrication and methods of forming the same
25 20060063069 Rechargeable battery having impact buffer function
26 20060063029 Method for preparing multilayer of nanocrystals, and organic-inorganic hybrid electroluminescence device comprising multilayer of nanocrystals prepared by the method
27 20060063012 Method for preparing low dielectric constant film by using dual organic siloxane precursor
28 20060062976 Printed circuit board material for embedded passive devices
29 20060062916 Atomic layer deposition apparatus and method
30 20060062720 Method of preparing cadmium sulfide nanocrystals emitting light at multiple wavelengths, and cadmium sulfide nanocrystals prepared by the method
31 20060062703 Automatic VOC concentration control apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
32 20060062614 Developer collecting apparatus and an image forming apparatus having the same
33 20060062601 Developer cartridge and liquid-type image forming apparatus
34 20060062600 Developer cartridge, liquid-type image forming apparatus having the same and method for disposing of the same
35 20060062579 Optical network for bi-directional wireless communication
36 20060062553 Method and apparatus for recording manufacturer information on a recording medium and for determining whether the manufacturer information is effective
37 20060062545 Combination recording apparatus to automatically set relay recording and method thereof
38 20060062543 Recording apparatus for automatically limiting settable recording time and method thereof
39 20060062490 Apparatus and method of transforming multidimensional video format
40 20060062408 Mobile phone having perfume spraying apparatus
41 20060062396 Optical reproducing apparatus and method to transform external audio into multi-channel surround sound
42 20060062391 Method and apparatus for managing communication security in wireless network
43 20060062380 Method and apparatus for canceling acoustic echo in a mobile terminal
44 20060062335 Sync extraction apparatus in communication system and method thereof
45 20060062317 Apparatus and method for frequency synchronization in OFDM system
46 20060062306 Method for motion estimation based on hybrid block matching and apparatus for converting frame rate using the method
47 20060062229 Terminal adapter device capable of performing IEEE1394-to-Ethernet conversion
48 20060062168 Method of providing menu effect layer on mobile communication terminal and method of providing menu effect using menu effect layer
49 20060062164 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving packet in a mobile communication system
50 20060062160 IP address management method for IPC
51 20060062114 Apparatus for assigning spare areas for defect management and apparatus for handling fragmented ECC blocks
52 20060062072 Semiconductor memory device with a stacked-bank architecture and method for driving word lines of the same
53 20060062038 Content addressable memory device
54 20060061968 Plasma display apparatus
55 20060061967 Fanless high-efficiency cooling device using ion wind
56 20060061902 Method and apparatus of dual stage servo control for track following in a hard disk drive
57 20060061887 Optical pickup actuator and method with multi-conductive suspension
58 20060061849 Polygonal mirror unit, light scanning unit, and image forming apparatus employing the same
59 20060061818 Image-forming device having printout page-editing function and method thereof
60 20060061810 Apparatus and method for adding an image of a multimedia message to a phonebook of a portable wireless terminal
61 20060061786 Apparatus and methods for detecting a color gamut boundary, and for mapping color gamuts using the same
62 20060061722 Liquid crystal display and panel therefor
63 20060061711 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display device having the same
64 20060061694 Channel scanning method of digital broadcast receiver having a plurality of tuners
65 20060061693 Apparatus and method for receiving digital multimedia broadcasting without image discontinuity during channel switching
66 20060061692 Method for color saturation adjustment in an RGB color system
67 20060061663 Digital camera with touch screen display panel usable as remote controller and method of operating the digital camera
68 20060061649 Thermal image forming apparatus
69 20060061648 Thermal image forming apparatus
70 20060061588 Apparatus and method for controlling hue and luminance in image display device
71 20060061544 Apparatus and method for inputting keys using biological signals in head mounted display information terminal
72 20060061539 Light generating device, backlight assembly having the same, and display apparatus having the backlight assembly
73 20060061534 Liquid crystal display
74 20060061523 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
75 20060061521 Method and apparatus of driving plasma display panel
76 20060061435 Film bulk-acoustic resonator filter having unbalanced-balanced input/output structure
77 20060061430 Laminated balun transformer
78 20060061429 Laminated balun transformer
79 20060061292 Display device and driving method thereof
80 20060061275 Flat lamp
81 20060061252 Phosphor blends for wavelength conversion and white light emitting device using the same
82 20060061232 Piezoelectric actuator drive system
83 20060061100 Connector assembly for corrosive gas supply pipe
84 20060060991 Method and apparatus for controlled transient cavitation
85 20060060972 Semiconductor device having metal-insulator-metal capacitor and method for fabricating the same
86 20060060970 Interconnection structure of integrated circuit chip
87 20060060960 Printed circuit board having chip package mounted theron and method of fabricating same
88 20060060945 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having alignment key and semiconductor device fabricated thereby
89 20060060914 Semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
90 20060060890 Reflection-transmission type liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
91 20060060880 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device having electrostatic discharge(ESD) protection capacity
92 20060060878 Submount for use in flipchip-structured light-emitting device including transistor
93 20060060858 Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
94 20060060849 Array substrate, liquid crystal display apparatus having the same and method for driving liquid crystal display apparatus
95 20060060847 Silicon-insulator-silicon structure and method for fabricating the same
96 20060060797 Ion implanters having an arc chamber that affects ion current density
97 20060060779 Semiconductor probe with resistive tip and method of fabricating the same
98 20060060752 Information detection device and information detection display device
99 20060060737 Sliding and swing apparatus for a portable apparatus
100 20060060561 Method of fabricating inkjet print head using photocurable resin composition
101 20060060558 Method of fabricating package substrate using electroless nickel plating
102 20060060146 Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and methods
103 20060060068 Apparatus and method for controlling music play in mobile communication terminal
104 20060059957 Washing machine
105 20060059955 Washing machine
106 20060059939 Refrigerator having a shaved ice supplying device
107 20060059871 Cyclone dust collecting apparatus
108 20060059837 Liquid crystal display and a display panel therefor
109 20060059711 Latch assembly and drying machine having the same
110 20060059710 Drying machine
111 20060059659 Hinge device and portable terminal having the same