Samsung patent applications published on 24 August 2006

127 US patent applications published on 24 August 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060191021 Authentication method in data storing apparatus and recording medium storing the same
2 20060191011 Method for curing a virus on a mobile communication network
3 20060191002 Packet security method and apparatus
4 20060190996 Apparatus and system for remotely verifying integrity of memory for mobile platform, and method therefor
5 20060190994 Method and system for authenticating pay-per-use service using EAP
6 20060190974 Home network system and method for transmitting contents thereof
7 20060190940 Service framework for a home network
8 20060190928 Device and method for managing communication equipment
9 20060190841 Display apparatus and control method thereof
10 20060190801 Apparatus and method for generating low density parity check code using zigzag code in a communication system
11 20060190798 Verifier for remotely verifying integrity of memory and method thereof
12 20060190756 Clock recovery systems and methods for adjusting phase offset according to data frequency
13 20060190755 System-on-chip having adjustable voltage level and method for the same
14 20060190748 Apparatus and method for controlling a suspending mode in a USB control system
15 20060190699 Method, medium, and apparatus transforming addresses of discs in a disc drive
16 20060190629 Method of automatically selecting channel to receive stream transmitted in IEEE 1394 network
17 20060190617 Apparatus and method for reproducing digital multimedia broadcast and card for receiving digital multimedia broadcast
18 20060190601 Localized authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) method and apparatus for optimizing service authentication and authorization in a network system
19 20060190595 Device and method for processing data resource changing events in a mobile terminal
20 20060190590 Home network system and method for providing information therein
21 20060190571 Service framework for home network
22 20060190559 Multimedia contents moving method and system
23 20060190538 Method and apparatus for recognizing location of a home device using RFID
24 20060190259 Method and apparatus for recognizing speech by measuring confidence levels of respective frames
25 20060190135 Robot cleaner and method of control thereof
26 20060189354 Base transceiver station having mobile and fixed wireless service distribution functions
27 20060189351 Radio frequency switch device
28 20060189343 Method for forming power-efficient network
29 20060189340 Method and system for guaranteeing seamless session when replacing PoC terminal in PoC system
30 20060189339 Method and system for deleting floor in PoC system
31 20060189325 Mobile communication terminal for outputting schedule information based on the location of user and method
32 20060189321 System and method for allocating frequency resource in a multicell communication system
33 20060189318 System and method for controlling an operational mode of a MAC layer in broadband wireless access communication system
34 20060189313 Apparatus and method for function setting event in mobile terminal according to user position information
35 20060189300 Method and apparatus for sending notification about broadcast service in a mobile broadcast system
36 20060189297 System and method for providing public transport information
38 20060189148 Transistor having a metal nitride layer pattern, etchant and methods of forming the same
40 20060189085 Method of forming dual polysilicon gate of semiconductor device
41 20060189064 Method of manufacturing capacitor of semiconductor device
42 20060189058 Fin type field effect transistors and methods of manufacturing the same
43 20060189055 Method of forming a composite layer, method of manufacturing a gate structure by using the method of forming the composite layer and method of manufacturing a capacitor by using the method of forming the composite layer
44 20060189054 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
45 20060189051 Semiconductor memory device with high operating current and method of manufacturing the same
46 20060189027 Method of fabricating avalanche photodiode
47 20060189020 Method for manufacturing nitride based single crystal substrate and method for manufacturing nitride based light emitting diode using the same
48 20060189009 Apparatus for controlling semiconductor manufacturing process
49 20060188822 Off-axis projection optics and extreme ultraviolet lithography apparatus employing the same
50 20060188806 Norbornene polymer for photoresist and photoresist composition comprising the same
51 20060188753 Perpendicular magnetic recording media
52 20060188707 Nanoparticle electroluminescence and method of manufacturing the same
53 20060188269 Apparatus and method for detecting beam power in optical drive
54 20060188257 Method for transmitting data in synchronous Ethernet passive optical network
55 20060188244 Illuminating system for camera
56 20060188230 Method, system and portable device for real-time provision of gallery guide and exhibit information
57 20060188207 Planar lightwave circuit with an optical protection layer and integrated optical circuit using the same
58 20060188164 Apparatus and method for predicting coefficients of video block
59 20060188156 Color conversion apparatus and method for selectively adjusting input image colors
60 20060188154 Digital video signal processing apparatus and method for compensating a chrominance signal
61 20060188130 Apparatus and method for normalizing face image used for detecting drowsy driving
62 20060188095 Combination encoding method for simultaneously encrypting and channel encoding, transmitting apparatus thereof, combination decoding method for simultaneously channel decoding and decrypting, and receiving apparatus thereof
63 20060188049 Method of and system for controlling frame synchronization for European Digital Audio Broadcasting
64 20060188041 Apparatus and method for estimating transmitted signal
65 20060188032 Dual carrier modulator for modulating OFDM multi-carrier, OFDM transmitter therewith, and a method thereof
66 20060188028 Analog correlator for very high speed data communication
67 20060188027 Apparatus and method for reduced sample rate class S RF power amplifier
68 20060188026 Apparatus and method for synchronizing transport packet in ground wave digital multimedia broadcasting
69 20060188022 Motion estimation apparatus and method
70 20060187990 Semiconductor laser device and method for manufacturing the same
71 20060187953 Switching device of networks-on-chip system and scheduling method thereof
72 20060187943 Handoff system and method between different kinds of devices, SIP server and operational method of SIP server
73 20060187933 Method for terminating attach procedure in mobile terminal
74 20060187896 Method of registering mobile node in mobile IP environment and mobile IP network system using the same
75 20060187880 Method and apparatus for handoff between mobile communication network and wireless local area network
76 20060187875 Method and system for managing multimedia messages in a mobile communication system
77 20060187852 Method of determining transmission rate of control response frame for acknowledging data receipt in wireless LAN
78 20060187835 Apparatus and method for adjusting adaptive service bandwidth in quality of service guaranteed network
79 20060187830 Adaptive queue mechanism for efficient realtime packet transfer and adaptive queue establishment system thereof
80 20060187816 Method for compensating sampling frequency offset and OFDM signal receiving apparatus thereof
81 20060187814 Optical recording medium with different wobble characteristics between the user data area and the lead-out area
82 20060187782 Information recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and recording/reproducing method
83 20060187772 Optical pickup for optical disk drive and driving method thereof
84 20060187651 Direct-illumination backlight apparatus having transparent plate acting as light guide plate
85 20060187625 Monitor apparatus
86 20060187611 Method of fabricating MEMS tunable capacitor with wide tuning range
87 20060187582 Electrical read head having high sensitivity and resolution power and method of operating the same
88 20060187571 Servo controller method and apparatus for high tracks per inch hard disk drives using a delay accomodating state estimator
89 20060187386 Four-color liquid crystal display
90 20060187377 Optical sheet having anisotropic light diffusing characteristic and surface illuminant device including the same
91 20060187375 Liquid crystal display apparatus
92 20060187350 Image display apparatus having automatic adjusting function and method thereof
93 20060187328 Solid state image sensing device for analog-averaging and sub-sampling of image signals at a variable sub-sampling rate and method of driving the same
94 20060187237 Surveillance system for masking privacy zone and method of setting mask zone
95 20060187212 User interface apparatus and method
96 20060187204 Apparatus and method for controlling menu navigation in a terminal
97 20060187144 Mounting structure of cover plate and plasma display module including the same
98 20060187143 Dual type LCD module for mobile phone
99 20060187093 Code generation and allocation method
100 20060187083 Method of controlling different home devices using a single controller and system thereof
101 20060187062 Rectifier for supplying double voltage and RFID tag thereof
102 20060186989 RFID tag for protecting information and method for protecting personal information
103 20060186961 Variable gain differential amplifier, and variable degeneration impedance control device and method for use in the same
104 20060186953 Circuit and method for compensating for offset voltage
105 20060186943 Ultra-low-power voltage transform circuit
106 20060186935 Circuit and method for generating boost element drive signals for semiconductor memory devices with mode register set signals
107 20060186822 Time-divisional driving organic electroluminescence display
108 20060186820 LED driver device
109 20060186779 Structure for stabilizing drive pulses and plasma display device using the same
110 20060186753 Stator and electric motor having the same
111 20060186561 Mobile robot having a humidifier therein
112 20060186555 Semiconductor device with chip-on-board structure
113 20060186483 Phase change memory devices employing cell diodes and methods of fabricating the same
114 20060186462 Nonvolatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
115 20060186460 Split gate flash memory device having self-aligned control gate and method of manufacturing the same
116 20060186453 Semiconductor device having a capacitor and a fabrication method thereof
117 20060186442 Image sensor and method for fabricating the same
118 20060186430 Light emitting diode package and fabrication method thereof
119 20060186421 Schottky diode with low leakage current and fabrication method thereof
120 20060185714 Flexible solar cell and method of producing the same
121 20060185690 Automatic cleaning apparatus
122 20060185399 Apparatus for fabricating optical fiber preform through external vapor deposition process
123 20060185398 Method for fabricating a multimode optical fiber preform having longitudinal uniformity
124 20060185119 Brush assembly for a vacuum cleaner
125 20060185117 Dust receptacle having ultraviolet (UV) transmission window and a vacuum cleaner having the same
126 20060185116 Suction brush having UV sterilizing lamp for vacuum cleaner and a method for manufacturing the same
127 20060185115 Air path conversion valve assembly for vacuum cleaner