Samsung patent applications published on 25 May 2006

124 US patent applications published on 25 May 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060112417 System and method for establishing secured connection between home network devices
2 20060112412 Method for automatically setting time and digital broadcast receiving apparatus using the same
3 20060112401 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
4 20060112386 Method and apparatus for installing software in mobile communication terminal
5 20060112354 User interface for and method of managing icons on group-by-group basis using skin image
6 20060112337 Method and apparatus for summarizing sports moving picture
7 20060112274 Method for accessing wireless Internet content in a mobile communication terminal
8 20060112256 Method and apparatus for address mapping
9 20060112224 Removable storage device and method of data recovery using the same
10 20060112215 Apparatus and method for processing data of flash memory
11 20060112156 Device for determining the rank of a sample, an apparatus for determining the rank of a plurality of samples, and the ith rank ordered filter
12 20060112074 Apparatus, system, and method for providing content list in home network
13 20060112004 Method for providing an auction service using a tightly coupled multimedia conference in terminals and apparatus thereof
14 20060111898 Formant tracking apparatus and formant tracking method
15 20060111843 Apparatus for measuring number of footsteps and method thereof
16 20060111461 Photopolymerizing composition and photopolymerizing recording medium manufactured using the same and used to manufacture 3D optical memory having ultra-high information storage capacity
17 20060111163 FM transmission antenna device in a portable terminal
18 20060111162 Portable wireless terminal having conductor for improving antenna property
19 20060111161 Portable communication apparatus having keys moved up/down by rotation
20 20060111156 Apparatus and method for controlling battery power in a digital multimedia broadcasting terminal
21 20060111152 Apparatus and method for inputting characters in a mobile communication terminal
22 20060111146 Portable communication terminal for multimedia
23 20060111142 Apparatus and method for providing an improved character input display in a mobile communication terminal
24 20060111132 Method and apparatus for removing cross modulation noise in a wireless transceiver
25 20060111130 Method and apparatus for transmitting SMS message between mobile communication network and WLAN and system using the same
26 20060111093 Apparatus and method for controlling portable terminal
27 20060111091 Apparatus and method for forming image by authenticating caller based on caller identification
28 20060111085 Ringtone service server, mobile communication terminal, and method for setting incoming call notification in a mobile communication
29 20060111075 Built-in antenna apparatus of portable wireless terminal
30 20060111050 Multi-antenna communication system employing improved signal calibration
31 20060110988 Sliding module for sliding-type portable terminal
32 20060110940 Method of preparing mesoporous thin film having low dielectric constant
33 20060110915 Semiconductor device having low-k dielectric film in pad region and method for manufacture thereof
34 20060110900 Method of forming a gate of a semiconductor device
35 20060110864 Method of fabricating a thin film transistor using dual or multiple gates
36 20060110858 Ultra-thin semiconductor package device and method for manufacturing the same
37 20060110686 Method for forming metal pattern by using metal nanocrystals
38 20060110673 Electrophotographic developing agent
39 20060110632 Method for preparing metal catalyst and electrode
40 20060110534 Methods and apparatus for forming a titanium nitride layer
41 20060110533 Methods and apparatus for forming a titanium nitride layer
42 20060110263 Compressor
43 20060110204 Image forming apparatus
44 20060110198 Paper detecting device and image forming apparatus including the same
45 20060110192 Transfer power supply apparatus of an image forming machine
46 20060110190 Image transfer member, image transfer device and image forming system
47 20060110187 Wet electrophotographic image forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
48 20060110183 Image forming apparatus
49 20060110182 Image forming apparatus including photosensitive body fixing apparatus
50 20060110168 Return-to-zero alternative-mark-inversion optical transmitter and method for generating return-to-zero alternative-mark-inversion optical signal using the same
51 20060110148 Apparatus and method for trimming picture in digital camera
52 20060110130 Display device and method with optimal external input setting capability
53 20060110030 Method, medium, and apparatus for eye detection
54 20060110013 Apparatus and method for inputting characters using fingerprint identification in portable wireless terminal
55 20060109924 Apparatus and method for signal transmission/reception according to pilot modulation in a multi-carrier communication system
56 20060109884 Distributed feedback semiconductor laser and method for manufacturing the same
57 20060109881 Semiconductor laser diode and method of fabricating the same
58 20060109871 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
59 20060109865 Method for allocating resources in a multicarrier system and transmission apparatus using the same
60 20060109858 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
61 20060109772 Optical pick-up apparatus and method for multi-optical disk type recording/reproducing
62 20060109766 Optical pickup
63 20060109759 Method for determining optimum recording power using gamma curve
64 20060109725 Apparatus and method for managing bad blocks in a flash memory
65 20060109716 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of controlling the wordline voltage of the same
66 20060109715 NAND flash memory device capable of improving read speed
67 20060109709 Semiconductor device and methods of manufacturing the same
68 20060109684 Backlight unit
69 20060109681 Prism sheet and backlight unit employing the same
70 20060109663 Lamp holder, lamp assembly having the same, backlight assembly having the same, and display device having the same
71 20060109627 Control circuit for a cooling fan
72 20060109585 Method and apparatus using micro-actuator stroke sensitivity estimates in a hard disk drive
73 20060109584 Self servo writing method, hard disk drive using the same, and recording medium storing the method
74 20060109582 Mobile communication terminal and method of reducing power consumption of a hard disk drive of a mobile communication terminal
75 20060109581 Device for operating a hard disk drive of a mobile communication terminal during impact and a method thereof
76 20060109566 Camera zoom device and method for a mobile communication terminal
77 20060109553 Illumination system eliminating laser speckle and projection TV employing the same
78 20060109513 Multi-level halftoning apparatus and method
79 20060109505 Method for upgrading firmware of image forming device using mobile terminal
80 20060109490 Method of displaying a color image and mobile terminal using the same
81 20060109488 Method of setting background picture in image printer having display unit
82 20060109386 Illumination system eliminating laser speckle and projection TV employing the same
83 20060109382 Display apparatus and control method thereof
84 20060109379 Apparatus and method for decoding SECAM chrominance signal
85 20060109363 CCD having memory, image-forming device having the same, and image-forming method
86 20060109355 Mobile communication terminal having a camera function and a method for implementing the camera function
87 20060109354 Mobile communication terminal for controlling a zoom function and a method thereof
88 20060109340 Method for performing a camera function in a mobile communication terminal
89 20060109338 Method of driving print head and image forming apparatus employing the same
90 20060109337 Method and apparatus for controlling printing in thermal printer
91 20060109306 Inkjet printer
92 20060109302 Inkjet printer
93 20060109298 Image forming apparatus capable of performing maintenance operations using usage pattern and a method for the same
94 20060109275 Method and apparatus for accumulative vector drawing using buffering
95 20060109230 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
96 20060109222 Touch sensible display device
97 20060109221 Apparatus and method for improving recognition performance for dark region of image
98 20060109206 Plasma display module
99 20060109157 Apparatus and method for detecting voltage of an A/D converter
100 20060109148 Binary image-processing device and method using symbol dictionary rearrangement
101 20060109065 Monolithic duplexer
102 20060108931 Electromagnetic accelerator having nozzle part
103 20060108925 Plasma display panel
104 20060108922 Flat-type flourescent lamp, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
105 20060108921 Flat panel display and method of manufacturing the same
106 20060108920 Flat panel display and method of manufacturing the same
107 20060108911 Surface light source device and backlight unit having the same
108 20060108905 Mold for fabricating barrier rib and method of fabricating two-layered barrier rib using same
109 20060108895 Flat type piezoelectric ultrasonic motor
110 20060108629 Multi-bit non-volatile memory device, method of operating the same, and method of fabricating the same
111 20060108627 NAND flash memory devices including multi-layer memory cell transistor structures and methods of fabricating the same
112 20060108618 CMOS image sensor having buried channel MOS transistors
113 20060108610 Method of manufacturing a thin dielectric layer using a heat treatment and a semiconductor device formed using the method
114 20060108593 GaN-based compound semiconductor light emitting device
115 20060108587 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
116 20060108584 Display device
117 20060108424 Method and apparatus for reading a barcode
118 20060108069 Plasma reaction chamber and captive silicon electrode plate for processing semiconductor wafers
119 20060107892 Apparatus and method for fabricating preform for plastic optical fiber by successive UV polymerization
120 20060107706 Washing machine
121 20060107698 Automatic pressure control device for quartz tube
122 20060107629 Multi cyclone dust-collecting apparatus
123 20060107597 Refrigerator, door opening apparatus and door opening process thereof
124 20060107488 Suction port assembly of vacuum cleaner