Samsung patent applications published on 26 January 2006

103 US patent applications published on 26 January 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060021024 User certification apparatus and user certification method
2 20060020981 Wireless TV system and control method thereof
3 20060020957 Vibration preventing device and an optical disc drive having the same
4 20060020956 Data recording/reproducing apparatus
5 20060020955 Door interlock unit and disk recording/reproducing apparatus with the same
6 20060020898 Three-dimensional motion graphic user interface and method and apparatus for providing the same
7 20060020896 Method of displaying web document on consumer electronics device
8 20060020888 Three-dimensional motion graphic user interface and method and apparatus for providing the same
9 20060020849 Method of restoring source data of hard disk drive and method of reading system information thereof
10 20060020827 Password-protected data writing and reproducing device and method
11 20060020794 System and method for displaying a warning message
12 20060020661 Apparatus and method for displaying content
13 20060020633 Apparatus and method for providing context-aware service
14 20060020453 Speech signal compression and/or decompression method, medium, and apparatus
15 20060020435 Method of predicting noise of air conditioner, and method of manufacturing air conditioner using the same
16 20060020193 Non-invasive blood glucose sensors using a magneto-resonance absorption method and measurement methods thereof
17 20060020177 Apparatus and method for measuring quantity of physical exercise using acceleration sensor
18 20060019726 Locking apparatus of swing hinge module for mobile communication terminals
19 20060019722 Apparatus and method for saving power of a mobile communication terminal
20 20060019717 Method for using multi-function key in a portable phone
21 20060019715 Apparatus and method for call using hot-key
22 20060019714 Apparatus and method for controlling a function of a wireless terminal
23 20060019669 Cellular mobile communication system and method using heterogeneous wireless network
24 20060019607 Apparatus and method for storing and reading out data in a mobile terminal
25 20060019573 Organic electroluminescent display and method of manufacturing the same
26 20060019530 Battery pack locking apparatus for portable terminal
27 20060019501 Methods of forming a thin layer including hafnium silicon oxide using atomic layer deposition and methods of forming a gate structure and a capacitor including the same
28 20060019473 Method of crystallizing amorphous Si film
29 20060019471 Method for forming silicide nanowire
30 20060019299 Bio-molecules detecting apparatus using electromagnetic induction and detecting method using the same
31 20060019184 Multi-exposure lithography method and system providing increased overlay accuracy
32 20060019182 Novel black matrix, method for the preparation thereof, flat display device and electromagnetic interference filter employing the same
33 20060019156 Pouch-type lithium secondary battery
34 20060019076 Method for forming highly conductive metal pattern on flexible substrate and EMI filter using metal pattern formed by the method
35 20060019075 Rigid-flexible PCB having coverlay made of liquid crystalline polymer and fabrication method thereof
36 20060019026 Manufacturing method of OLED display and apparatus for manufacturing the OLED display
37 20060018801 Sample processing apparatus and method using vacuum chamber
38 20060018778 Hermetic compressor
39 20060018691 Waste toner collecting apparatus and electrophotographic image forming device including the same
40 20060018685 Fitting protecting apparatus of developer cartridge and image forming apparatus having the same
41 20060018681 Power coupling device and image forming apparatus having the same
42 20060018677 Detector for detecting abnormality in developer passage, image forming device having the same, and detection method thereof
43 20060018675 Method of preventing overheating of fuser assembly and apparatus using the same
44 20060018673 Image forming apparatus and a method thereof for supplying toner
45 20060018670 Laser shutting device and laser scanning unit employing the same
46 20060018667 Optical transmission apparatus using duobinary modulation
47 20060018631 Data reproducing device for controlling subtitle signal display state and method thereof
48 20060018575 Hydrodynamic fluid film bearing and bearing housing with cooling capacity
49 20060018559 Method and apparatus to transform/inverse transform and quantize/dequantize color image, and method and apparatus to encode/decode color image using it
50 20060018557 Apparatus and method for filtering blocking effect in an image
51 20060018553 Controlling apparatus and method for bit rate
52 20060018415 Method for feeding back antenna shuffling information in a multiple-input multiple-output system using a multiple space-time block coding technique
53 20060018412 Method for estimating maximum likelihood frequency offset in mobile communication system in fast rayleigh fading channel environment
54 20060018387 Apparatus, method, and medium for video synchronization
55 20060018385 Method and apparatus for intra prediction of video data
56 20060018384 Pipelined coefficient variable length coding
57 20060018365 Method for transmitting a signal using a precise adaptive modulation and coding scheme in a frequency hopping-orthogonal frequency division multiple access communication system
58 20060018364 Digital temperature sensor, and system and method for measuring temperature
59 20060018334 Communication/broadcast multiplexer and demultiplexer used in communication/broadcast-integrated system
60 20060018304 Apparatus and method for scalable call-processing system
61 20060018298 System for dynamically shifting beacons in distributed wireless network and method thereof
62 20060018295 Location tracking method in coordinator-based wireless network
63 20060018282 Method and apparatus for scheduling user equipment in a soft handover region for uplink packet transmission
64 20060018276 Resource allocation method for downlink transmission in a multicarrier-based CDMA communication system
65 20060018275 Apparatus and method for managing session information in a mobile communication service system
66 20060018251 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving pilot signals in a communication system using an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing scheme
67 20060018224 Optical recording/reproducing apparatus for CLV error recovery and method thereof
68 20060018220 Optical information storage medium and method of recording information thereon
69 20060018219 Optical information storage medium and method of recording information thereon
70 20060018180 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory with x8/x16 operation mode using address control
71 20060018168 Semiconductor memory device and method of precharging global input/output lines thereof
72 20060018145 Semiconductor device that initializes memory cells of an activated wordline group
73 20060018081 Laminated ceramic capacitor
74 20060017985 Method of compressing/decompressing image and apparatus using the same
75 20060017984 Video clock generation apparatus and method
76 20060017970 Image forming system, apparatus and method
77 20060017869 Liquid crystal display device
78 20060017863 Liquid crystal display apparatus
79 20060017842 Camera enclosure and method
80 20060017833 Method for controlling a camera mode in a portable terminal
81 20060017820 Digital image device and image management method thereof
82 20060017802 Method and apparatus for compensating for scanning skew
83 20060017798 Electro-photographic image forming device capable of controlling print speed and control method thereof
84 20060017796 Image-forming apparatus and print media recognition method therefor
85 20060017764 Method and apparatus for controlling print head of image forming device using encoder
86 20060017745 Apparatus and method for rendering image, and computer-readable recording media for storing computer program controlling the apparatus
87 20060017592 Method of context adaptive binary arithmetic coding and apparatus using the same
88 20060017587 Geographical information sypply system and method using RFID, and traffic information supply system using RFID
89 20060017539 Low-loss inductor device and fabrication method thereof
90 20060017514 Ring oscillator setting apparatus and method depending on environmental changes of an image formation apparatus
91 20060017435 Printed circuit board having weak magnetic field sensor and method of manufacturing the same
92 20060017342 Rotor and compressor having the same
93 20060017212 Paper feeding unit for image forming apparatus
94 20060017153 Interconnections of semiconductor device and method of forming the same
95 20060017151 BGA package board and method for manufacturing the same
96 20060017142 Bonding configurations for lead-frame-based and substrate-based semiconductor packages and method of fabrication thereof
97 20060017125 Vibration type MEMS switch and fabricating method thereof
99 20060016671 Switching device of an image recording and replaying apparatus
100 20060016619 Printed circuit board having structure for relieving stress concentration, and semiconductor chip package equipped with the same
101 20060016553 Method of fabricating high density printed circuit board
102 20060016093 Washing machine
103 20060016092 Washing machine or drying machine having drying duct with heater