Samsung patent applications published on 30 March 2006

74 US patent applications published on 30 March 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 20060070049 Java bytecode translation method and Java interpreter performing the same
2 20060070044 Method and apparatus for executing different Java methods
3 20060069931 Method and apparatus for managing power in portable information device
4 20060069836 Communication system and method for upgrade of user terminal software and user terminal upgraded by the same
5 20060069602 Method and system for describing consumer electronics using separate task and device descriptions
6 20060069458 Method and apparatus for providing user interface for multistreaming audio control
7 20060068859 Automatic/manual slide type communication terminal
8 20060068838 Apparatus and method for improving GPS receive sensitivity in mobile terminal
9 20060068823 Method of compressing control information in a wireless communication system
10 20060068793 Signalling method of radio bearer information and therefor network
11 20060068747 Wireless device minimizing use of external bandpass filter between low-noise amplifier and first mixer
12 20060068720 Apparatus and method for generating frequencies
13 20060068699 Apparatus and method for receiving satellite DMB
14 20060068676 Method of forming phosphor film by using aerosol impact
15 20060068599 Methods of forming a thin layer for a semiconductor device and apparatus for performing the same
16 20060068585 Method for forming a metal silicide layer in a semiconductor device
17 20060068535 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
18 20060068311 Toner composition
19 20060068276 Collector plate for rechargeable battery, electrode assembly, and rechargeable battery comprising the same
20 20060068275 Pouch-type lithium secondary battery and fabrication method thereof
21 20060068273 Cap assembly having a vent plate and rechargeable battery with same
22 20060067870 P-type semiconductor carbon nanotube and method of manufacturing the same
23 20060067749 Image fixing device of an image forming apparatus
24 20060067744 Belt transfer device and image forming apparatus having the same
25 20060067739 Apparatus for uniformly supplying developer and image forming apparatus having the same
26 20060067736 Driving apparatus with power disconnecting part, image forming apparatus having the same, and method of driving the image forming apparatus
27 20060067692 Passive optical network of bus structure
28 20060067612 Bidirectional optical add/drop multiplexer and wavelength division multiplexed ring network using the same
29 20060067441 Apparatus and method for estimating delay spread of multi-path fading channel in wireless communication system
30 20060067417 Transmission method for OFDM-MIMO communication system
31 20060067400 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding in inter mode based on multiple scanning
32 20060067399 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding data in intra mode based on multiple scanning
33 20060067371 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
34 20060067367 Method for selecting timing master in synchronous ethernet system
35 20060067324 Method and apparatus for supporting voice service through radio channel in mobile telecommunication system
36 20060067292 Apparatus and method for detecting pilot signal in mobile communication system
37 20060067288 Apparatus and method for dynamically managing sub-channels
38 20060067281 Partial combining method and apparatus for multimedia broadcast/multicast service
39 20060067268 Method for controlling power and a transmission rate of a shared forward link data channel in a mobile communication system
40 20060067246 Method and apparatus assigning network addresses for network devices
41 20060067232 Mobile network system for dynamically controlling communication path and method thereof
42 20060067205 Base station identification method for an FH-OFDMA MIMO communication system
43 20060067182 Apparatus for assigning spare areas for defect management and apparatus for handling fragmented ECC blocks
44 20060067181 Recording medium for storing linking type information and method of processing defective area using the same
45 20060067180 Write once disc allowing management of data area, method of managing the data area, and apparatus and method for reproducing data from write once disc
46 20060067177 Tilt compensation method for optical recording/reproducing apparatus
47 20060067176 Optical recording apparatus and method for searching data recording locations by controlling tracking level
48 20060067158 Integrated circuit memory device supporting an N bit prefetch scheme and a 2N burst length
49 20060067143 Array substrate and method of manufacturing the same
50 20060067090 Illumination unit using LED and image projecting apparatus employing the same
51 20060066990 Hard disk drive having a damper for reducing vibrations
52 20060066926 Color transforming device using brightness information of image and display device and the method thereof
53 20060066881 Image input and output device
54 20060066878 System and method for measuring dimension of patterns formed on photomask
55 20060066797 Liquid crystal display having subpixels per color pixel
56 20060066781 Color filter panel, and liquid crystal display including color filter panel
57 20060066716 Integrated remote control device and method for controlling multiple devices
58 20060066670 Inkjet printing head and inkjet printer using the same
59 20060066633 Method and apparatus for processing on-screen display data
60 20060066604 Display device with improved seal and a method of manufacturing the same
61 20060066516 Driving method of plasma display panel
62 20060066490 Built-in antenna module for portable wireless terminal
63 20060066411 Power amplifier for a transmitter
64 20060066213 Flat-type fluorescent lamp and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
65 20060066201 Carbon-fiber web structure type field emitter electrode and fabrication method of the same
66 20060066164 Multi-mode vibration generator for communication terminal
67 20060065929 Nitride based semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
68 20060065893 Method of forming gate by using layer-growing process and gate structure manufactured thereby
69 20060065892 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method therefor
70 20060065535 Method of fabricating oxide film
71 20060065008 Refrigerator
72 20060065007 Refrigerator
73 20060065006 Refrigerator
74 20060064994 Method of controlling a refrigerator