Samsung patents granted on 01 April 2008

86 US patents granted on 01 April 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE40,201 Video signal converting apparatus and display device having the same
2 D565,813 Vacuum cleaner
3 D565,599 MP3 player
4 D565,598 MP3 player
5 D565,597 MP3 player
6 D565,596 Multimedia player
7 D565,586 Portable telephone having indicating image design thereon
8 D565,533 Mobile phone
9 D565,531 Mobile phone
10 D565,521 PDP television receiver
11 D565,341 Microwave oven
12 7,353,519 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
13 7,353,518 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
14 7,353,403 Computer systems such as smart cards having memory architectures that can protect security information, and methods of using same
15 7,353,326 Flash memory device supporting cache read operation
16 7,353,250 Reproducing apparatus and server system providing additional information therefor
17 7,353,133 Temperature-based CPU operation frequency controller of a CPU powered by a CPU power supply to protect against multiple circuit overheating
18 7,353,112 Input system based on a three-dimensional inertial navigation system and trajectory estimation method thereof
19 7,353,078 Semiconductor wafer processing apparatus and method for processing batch of wafers having variable number of wafer lots
20 7,353,050 Portable digital communication apparatus with reversible dual-axis hinge
21 7,353,029 Handover method for next generation mobile communication system having overlapping area
22 7,353,026 Method for performing hard hand-off in cellular mobile communication system
23 7,353,024 Apparatus, method and system for matching subscriber states in network in which public land mobile network and wired/wireless private network are interworked
24 7,352,962 Lens barrel apparatus for camera
25 7,352,880 System and method for detecting and tracking a plurality of faces in real time by integrating visual ques
26 7,352,767 Multicarrier wireless data communication method and apparatus, and transmission frame format therefor
27 7,352,759 Dynamic bandwidth allocation method employing tree algorithm and ethernet passive optical network using the same
28 7,352,724 Apparatus and method for transmitting packet data in a high-speed packet transmitting mobile communication system
29 7,352,721 Beam forming apparatus and method for an array antenna system
30 7,352,663 High-sensitivity pickup actuator for disc drive
31 7,352,662 Molded coil device for actuator of disc drive
32 7,352,646 Semiconductor memory device and method of arranging a decoupling capacitor thereof
33 7,352,636 Circuit and method for generating boosted voltage in semiconductor memory device
34 7,352,630 Non-volatile memory device having improved program speed and associated programming method
35 7,352,623 NOR flash memory device with multi level cell and read method thereof
36 7,352,618 Multi-level cell memory device and associated read method
37 7,352,616 Phase change random access memory, boosting charge pump and method of generating write driving voltage
38 7,352,536 Pivot shaft fixing structure with projection integral with cover member and data storage device having the same
39 7,352,496 Image scanning device and shading compensation method thereof
40 7,352,431 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
41 7,352,418 Backlight assembly and direct lighting type liquid crystal display apparatus
42 7,352,361 Display device for a portable terminal capable of displaying an adaptive image
43 7,352,341 Plasma display panel driving method and plasma display device
44 7,352,328 Flat-plate MIMO array antenna with isolation element
45 7,352,302 Code generation and allocation method
46 7,352,241 Variable gain amplifier
47 7,352,239 Power amplification apparatus using switching structure in a wireless communication system and method for controlling the same
48 7,352,177 Three-axis fluxgate-type magnetism detecting device and method
49 7,352,123 Field emission display with double layered cathode and method of manufacturing the same
50 7,352,109 Flat type piezoelectric ultrasonic motor
51 7,352,050 Fuse region of a semiconductor region
52 7,352,037 Semiconductor device and random access memory having single gate electrode corresponding to a pair of channel regions
53 7,352,035 Flash memory devices and methods for fabricating flash memory devices
54 7,352,026 EEPROM cell and EEPROM device with high integration and low source resistance and method of manufacturing the same
55 7,352,022 Capacitor having a dielectric layer that reduces leakage current and a method of manufacturing the same
56 7,352,021 Magnetic random access memory devices having titanium-rich lower electrodes with oxide layer and oriented tunneling barrier
57 7,352,004 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
58 7,351,991 Methods for forming phase-change memory devices
59 7,351,915 Printed circuit board including embedded capacitor having high dielectric constant and method of fabricating same
60 7,351,667 Etching solution for silicon oxide method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
61 7,351,661 Semiconductor device having trench isolation layer and a method of forming the same
62 7,351,653 Method for damascene process
63 7,351,636 Methods of forming split-gate non-volatile memory cells including raised oxide layers on field oxide regions
64 7,351,635 Method of fabricating microelectronic device using super critical fluid
65 7,351,633 Method of fabricating semiconductor device using selective epitaxial growth
66 7,351,629 Method of forming non-volatile memory device
67 7,351,625 Recessed transistors and methods of forming the same
68 7,351,622 Methods of forming semiconductor device
69 7,351,618 Method of manufacturing thin film transistor substrate
70 7,351,594 Methods of forming magnetic random access memory devices having titanium-rich lower electrodes with oxide layer and oriented tunneling barrier
71 7,351,520 Micro-lens array and manufacturing method thereof
72 7,351,508 Organophotoreceptors with a charge transport material having multiple vinyl-containing hydrazone groups
73 7,351,501 Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same
74 7,351,481 Imidazole ring-containing compound and organic electroluminescence display device
75 7,351,454 Composition for forming liquid crystal alignment layer of liquid crystal display
76 7,350,990 Shutter device for camera lens assembly
77 7,350,958 Light guide plate of LED backlight unit
78 7,350,930 Illuminating unit with reflective collimator and image projection system including the same
79 7,350,898 Nozzle tape used with inkjet cartridge
80 7,350,664 Hinge device for storage container and storage container having the same
81 7,350,400 Test method to measure lubricant mobility on a hard drive disk
82 7,350,319 Clothing dryer
83 7,350,296 Method of fabricating a printed circuit board including an embedded passive component
84 7,350,295 Method of fabricating multi-layered printed circuit board for optical waveguides
85 7,350,266 Upright type vacuum cleaner
86 7,350,261 Accessory support for an upright vacuum cleaner and accessory unit