Samsung patents granted on 01 April 2014

145 US patents granted on 01 April 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D701,892 Digital camera
2 D701,884 Blu-ray disk player
3 D701,883 Blu-ray disk player
4 D701,871 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
5 D701,858 Notebook computer
6 D701,856 Portable electronic device
7 D701,849 Portable electronic device
8 D701,848 Mobile phone
9 D701,847 Mobile phone
10 D701,846 Mobile terminal
11 D701,844 Television receiver
12 8,689,360 Probe head scanning probe microscope including the same
13 8,689,288 Apparatus and method for protecting system in virtualized environment
14 8,689,163 Semiconductor apparatus capable of error revision using pin extension technique and design method therefor
15 8,689,150 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
16 8,689,093 Method and apparatus for channel encoding and decoding in a communication system using a low-density parity check code
17 8,689,090 Apparatus and method for channel encoding and decoding based on low-density parity check code in multiple antenna communication system
18 8,689,082 Method of operating memory controller, and memory system, memory card and portable electronic device including the memory controller
19 8,689,075 Apparatus and method for mapping and demapping signals in a communication system using a low density parity check code
20 8,688,981 Method and apparatus for logging in a health information tele-monitoring device by using a personal portable device
21 8,688,942 Method and system controlling page open time for memory device
22 8,688,895 Memory system and data management method of flash translation layer thereof
23 8,688,891 Memory controller, method of controlling unaligned memory access, and computing apparatus incorporating memory controller
24 8,688,885 Hardware acceleration apparatus, method and computer-readable medium efficiently processing multi-core synchronization
25 8,688,882 Systems on chips having interrupt proxy functions and interrupt processing methods thereof
26 8,688,869 Display apparatus, control method thereof and control method of external device
27 8,688,840 Media transmission method and apparatus in a communication system
28 8,688,810 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving rich media content
29 8,688,804 Apparatus and method for transmitting sound information in web-based control system
30 8,688,737 Method and apparatus for generating and reproducing media object-based metadata
31 8,688,653 Multiple language support system and method for application
32 8,688,273 Walking control apparatus of robot and method of controlling the same
33 8,688,272 Mobile robot system and method of controlling the same
34 8,688,169 Apparatus and method for detecting and storing data from subscriber identity module in a portable terminal
35 8,688,156 Method and apparatus for controlling link margin
36 8,688,151 Apparatus and method for transmitting multimedia messages in mobile communication system
37 8,688,136 Apparatus and method for selecting frequency allocation of femto base station
38 8,688,114 Method of selecting cards for multi-mode mobile phone
39 8,688,050 Display system, display apparatus and control method thereof
40 8,688,047 Physical broadcast channel (PBCH) transmission for reliable detection of antenna configuration
41 8,688,039 Method and apparatus for providing information using bluetooth and system therefor
42 8,687,995 Fusing device of an electrophotography image forming apparatus including a heating roller
43 8,687,954 Flash lens and flash module employing the same
44 8,687,910 Image filtering method using pseudo-random number filter and apparatus thereof
45 8,687,900 Image processing apparatus of robot system and method and computer-readable medium thereof
46 8,687,801 Method and apparatus for acquiring domain information and domain-related data
47 8,687,721 Method for selecting user
48 8,687,707 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding using extended macro-block skip mode
49 8,687,675 Method and system for transmitting/receiving data in communication system
50 8,687,592 Method for switching session of user equipment in wireless communication system and system employing the same
51 8,687,580 Method and system for minimizing latencies for content protection in audio/video networks
52 8,687,571 Digital broadcast transmitter, digital broadcast receiver, and methods for configuring and processing streams thereof
53 8,687,544 Apparatus for distributing data traffic in heterogeneous wireless networks
54 8,687,534 Method and system for managing an inactive interval of a base station
55 8,687,526 Digital broadcast transmitter, digital broadcast receiver, and methods for configuring and processing streams thereof
56 8,687,509 Method for beamforming
57 8,687,466 Cell, element of ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic transducer including the same, and method of manufacturing cell of ultrasonic transducer
58 8,687,297 Lens actuating module
59 8,687,295 Apparatus for adjusting optical element
60 8,687,229 Image scanning apparatus and method which controls time and intensity of light emitting elements
61 8,687,217 Wireless network printing system and method configured for selectively changing between an access point communication mode and a direct communication mode
62 8,687,174 Unit pixel, photo-detection device and method of measuring a distance using the same
63 8,687,146 Reflective plate and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
64 8,687,131 Control device and method for control of broadcast receiver
65 8,687,126 Digital image signal processing method, medium for recording the method, and digital image signal processing apparatus
66 8,687,090 Method of removing audio noise and image capturing apparatus including the same
67 8,687,089 Method and apparatus for managing an album
68 8,687,081 Method and apparatus for processing image based on scene mode display
69 8,687,077 Method and system for controlling camera through wireless sensor network
70 8,687,076 Moving image photographing method and moving image photographing apparatus
71 8,687,043 Method of generating stereoscopic image signal and method of scaling the same
72 8,687,025 Display device and driving method thereof
73 8,687,022 Method for generating digital content by combining photographs and text messages
74 8,687,006 Display device including image signal processor and image interpolation chip
75 8,687,005 Apparatus and method for synchronizing and sharing virtual character
76 8,687,002 Method, medium and system rendering 3-D graphics data having an object to which a motion blur effect is to be applied
77 8,687,001 Apparatus and method extracting light and texture, and rendering apparatus using light and texture
78 8,686,982 Current generator and organic light emitting display using the same
79 8,686,979 Display device having improved gate driver
80 8,686,977 Display apparatus having a timing controller and method of driving the timing controller
81 8,686,968 Touch screen panel
82 8,686,936 Liquid crystal display apparatus and method of driving the same
83 8,686,929 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
84 8,686,927 Organic electroluminescence emitting display
85 8,686,926 Organic light emitting display device and pixel circuit
86 8,686,883 Codebook for multiple user multiple input multiple output system and communication device using the codebook
87 8,686,834 Terminal having radio frequency function and method of processing information of the terminal
88 8,686,760 Buffer and driving method of the same
89 8,686,690 Method of charging battery pack and battery pack
90 8,686,689 Battery assembly
91 8,686,688 Portable charging apparatus for mobile communication terminal, charging method thereof, and charging system
92 8,686,650 LED backlight device
93 8,686,635 Organic light emitting diode lighting apparatus
94 8,686,626 Oxynitride-based phosphor and light emitting device including the same
95 8,686,595 TPMS transmission module having power saving function
96 8,686,563 Methods of forming fine patterns in the fabrication of semiconductor devices
97 8,686,498 Lateral double diffused MOS device and method for manufacturing the same
98 8,686,491 Memory devices capable of reducing lateral movement of charges
99 8,686,485 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
100 8,686,482 CMOS image sensor
101 8,686,454 Semiconductor light emitting device
102 8,686,450 Method of manufacturing a vertically-structured GaN-based light emitting diode
103 8,686,446 Capacitor device and display apparatus having the same
104 8,686,444 Organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
105 8,686,443 Organic light-emitting display device
106 8,686,427 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
107 8,686,426 Thin film transistor having plural semiconductive oxides, thin film transistor array panel and display device including the same, and manufacturing method of thin film transistor
108 8,686,423 Thin film transistor substrate and manufacturing method thereof
109 8,686,420 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
110 8,686,409 Method of repairing short circuit defect, and display apparatus and organic light emitting display apparatus manufactured according to the repairing method
111 8,686,406 Pyrene-based compound, organic light-emitting diode comprising the same and organic light-emitting apparatus comprising the same
112 8,686,393 Integrated circuit semiconductor devices including channel trenches and related methods of manufacturing
113 8,686,295 Heat-dissipating substrate and fabricating method thereof
114 8,685,865 Method of forming patterns of semiconductor device
115 8,685,827 Method of forming polysilicon resistor during replacement metal gate process and semiconductor device having same
116 8,685,821 Vertical channel memory devices with nonuniform gate electrodes and methods of fabricating the same
117 8,685,805 Semiconductor devices with connection patterns
118 8,685,772 Method of manufacturing light emitting diode and light emitting diode manufactured thereby
119 8,685,770 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
120 8,685,594 Catalyst for cathode of fuel cell, and membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell
121 8,685,592 Inorganic proton conductor for an electrochemical device and method of preparing the inorganic proton conductor
122 8,685,572 Organic electrolyte and lithium battery including the same
123 8,685,567 Rechargeable lithium battery
124 8,685,561 Rechargeable battery
125 8,685,559 Rechargeable battery and battery module
126 8,685,552 Secondary battery including protection circuit module
127 8,685,551 Battery pack
128 8,685,542 Organic light-emitting device
129 8,685,502 Liquid crystal display
130 8,685,494 ALD method of forming thin film comprising a metal
131 8,685,338 Open-and-close controllable odor compound release device and method of manufacture
132 8,685,308 Injection mold for washing machine diaphragms
133 8,685,272 Composition for etching silicon oxide layer, method for etching semiconductor device using the same, and composition for etching semiconductor device
134 8,685,261 Methods of manufacturing surface light source devices
135 8,684,934 Adaptively performing clutter filtering in an ultrasound system
136 8,684,780 Organic light emitting diode display, display device including the same, and associated methods
137 8,684,586 Light guide plate, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display device including the same
138 8,684,581 Light-emitting diode package, light source module having the same and backlight assembly having the same
139 8,684,550 Light source, light-emitting module having the same and backlight unit have the same
140 8,684,016 Dish washing machine
141 8,683,713 Dryer and method of detecting value of dryness
142 8,683,712 Lyophilizing tray employing reagent cartridge, lyophilizing system employing the same, and method of preparing lyophilized reagent
143 8,683,699 Production method of disk drive device for cleaning subassemblies and disk drive device produced by said production method
144 8,683,684 Method of manufacturing component embedded printed circuit board
145 8,683,643 Stocker