Samsung patents granted on 01 December 2015

201 US patents granted on 01 December 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 9,204,583 Cylindrical electromagnetic bandgap and coaxial cable having the same
2 9,204,533 Asymmetrical multilayer substrate, RF module, and method for manufacturing asymmetrical multilayer substrate
3 9,204,506 Light emitting diode driving apparatus
4 9,204,499 Induction heating cooker and control method thereof
5 9,204,492 Method and system supporting handover from macro Node B to home Node B
6 9,204,462 Method and system for identifying subscriber stations in machine to machine communication
7 9,204,425 Transmission frame and resource allocation method for communication system including base stations
8 9,204,423 Apparatus and method for displaying an event in a wireless terminal
9 9,204,414 Apparatus and method for updating location of idle-mode mobile station in a broadband wireless access communication system
10 9,204,409 Method and apparatus for device synchronization and power conservation in a wireless communication system
11 9,204,395 Apparatus and method for discontinuous receive in communication systems with large number of antennas
12 9,204,367 Method of wirelessly connecting at least two devices and wirelessly connectable device using the method
13 9,204,352 Apparatus and method for handover between a heterogeneous communication system and a broadband wireless communication system
14 9,204,307 Method and apparatus for switching operational modes in a cognitive radio system
15 9,204,289 Method and apparatus of handling user equipment category in wireless communication system
16 9,204,176 Digital broadcast transmitter, digital broadcast receiver, and method for constructing and processing streams for same
17 9,204,163 Method and apparatus for motion vector determination in video encoding or decoding
18 9,204,162 Method and apparatus for encoding motion information, and method and apparatus for decoding same
19 9,204,160 Method and apparatus for encoding motion information, and method and apparatus for decoding same
20 9,204,143 Image sensor, operation method thereof, and system including the same
21 9,204,137 Timing control unit and apparatus and method for displaying using the same
22 9,204,120 Method and apparatus for providing user input-based manipulable overlapping area displayed on a moving image reproducing screen and related computer-readable storage medium
23 9,204,091 Apparatus and method for configuring high-definition video telephony between computer devices
24 9,204,090 System and method for providing image
25 9,204,084 Content recording control method for peers, and a device therefor
26 9,204,079 Method for providing appreciation object automatically according to user’s interest and video apparatus using the same
27 9,204,071 Digital double sampling method, a related CMOS image sensor, and a digital camera comprising the CMOS image sensor
28 9,204,037 Method and apparatus for photographing in portable terminal
29 9,204,006 Scanner module and image scanning apparatus employing the same
30 9,204,004 User terminal device for performing scan job, and server device scan system including the same and methods thereof
31 9,203,980 Unit using operating system and image forming apparatus using the same
32 9,203,950 Mobile terminal and event processing method
33 9,203,947 Message service support method and portable device using the same
34 9,203,941 Display device and mobile terminal having the same
35 9,203,834 Computing system with identification mechanism and method of operation thereof
36 9,203,688 VoIP service system using NAT and method of processing packet therein
37 9,203,681 Method and apparatus for performing soft demapping in rotated quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) based communication system
38 9,203,669 Apparatus and method using multiple modulation schemes in an OFDM/OFDMA wireless network
39 9,203,659 Computing system with interference classification mechanism and method of operation thereof
40 9,203,608 System for encrypting data with an error correction code
41 9,203,554 Apparatus and method for supporting distributed spatial multiplexing and distributed spatial diversity in multi-hop relay system
42 9,203,534 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving signaling information for reception of broadcast services in a digital broadcasting system
43 9,203,497 Apparatus and method for selecting transmit and receive beam in a wireless communication system
44 9,203,464 Communication apparatus and communication method in wireless power transmission system
45 9,203,395 Gate driver and a display device including the same
46 9,203,382 Integrated clock gater (ICG) using clock cascode complimentary switch logic
47 9,203,355 Digital predistortion apparatus and method using the sum of absolute input signals for a non-identical number of delays
48 9,203,344 Pixel clock generator, method of operating the same, and apparatuses including the pixel clock generator
49 9,203,117 Rechargeable secondary battery
50 9,203,108 Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery, and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
51 9,203,105 Rechargeable battery
52 9,203,089 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and recharge lithium battery including the same
53 9,203,076 Electrode for lithium secondary battery, method of manufacturing the same, and lithium secondary battery including the same
54 9,203,074 Rechargeable battery with cap plate having a protrusion and terminal plate having a longitudinal compression
55 9,203,065 Battery module
56 9,203,061 Rechargeable battery
57 9,203,060 Secondary battery
58 9,203,052 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
59 9,203,050 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
60 9,203,049 Thin film encapsulation unit having a reflection-preventing layer on an organic layer
61 9,203,038 Electronic device
62 9,203,034 Organic light-emitting diode including multi-layered hole transporting layer, and flat display device including the organic light-emitting diode
63 9,203,031 Organic light emitting display devices and methods of manufacturing organic light emitting display devices
64 9,203,017 Method and system for providing magnetic junctions including a package structure usable in spin transfer torque memories
65 9,203,014 Magnetic memory devices having junction magnetic layers and buffer layers and related methods
66 9,203,012 Ultrasound probe and manufacturing method thereof
67 9,203,005 Light-emitting diode (LED) package having flip-chip bonding structure
68 9,202,997 Semiconductor nanocrystal-polymer micronized composite, method of preparing the same, and optoelectronic device
69 9,202,990 Light emitting diode package and backlight unit including the same
70 9,202,969 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
71 9,202,949 Sensor substrate and sensing display panel having the same
72 9,202,932 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
73 9,202,904 Power device chip and method of manufacturing the power device chip
74 9,202,896 TFT, method of manufacturing the TFT, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device including the TFT
75 9,202,878 Gallium nitride based semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
76 9,202,856 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of manufacturing the same
77 9,202,853 Organic electroluminescent display device having plurality of driving transistors and plurality of anodes or cathodes per pixel
78 9,202,852 Capacitor
79 9,202,850 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
80 9,202,849 Thin film semiconductor device and organic light-emitting display device
81 9,202,848 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
82 9,202,844 Semiconductor devices having blocking layers and methods of forming the same
83 9,202,828 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
84 9,202,824 Display panel including roof layer having reduced thickness at opening thereof, and method of manufacturing the same
85 9,202,823 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
86 9,202,819 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
87 9,202,813 Electrode structure, method of fabricating the same, and semiconductor device including the electrode structure
88 9,202,798 Power module package and method for manufacturing the same
89 9,202,796 Semiconductor package including stacked chips and a redistribution layer (RDL) structure
90 9,202,794 Pad structure of a semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the pad structure and semiconductor package including the pad structure
91 9,202,773 Semiconductor module and module system having the same
92 9,202,767 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
93 9,202,716 Methods of fabricating fan-out wafer level packages and packages formed by the methods
94 9,202,630 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and mounting board therefor
95 9,202,629 Multilayer ceramic electronic component
96 9,202,625 Laminated ceramic electronic component and method of fabricating the same
97 9,202,624 Conductive paste composition for external electrode and multilayer ceramic electronic component fabricated using the same
98 9,202,587 Nonvolatile memory device, memory system comprising same, and method of programming same
99 9,202,585 Nonvolatile memory module, memory system including nonvolatile memory module, and controlling method of nonvolatile memory module
100 9,202,576 Non-volatile memory device and programming method using fewer verification voltages than programmable data states
101 9,202,571 Vertically-integrated nonvolatile memory devices having laterally-integrated ground select transistors
102 9,202,570 Three-dimensional semiconductor device
103 9,202,531 Sensor amplifier, memory device comprising same, and related method of operation
104 9,202,523 Method and apparatus for providing information related to broadcast programs
105 9,202,457 Apparatus for driving two-dimensional transducer array, medical imaging system, and method of driving two-dimensional transducer array
106 9,202,454 Method and apparatus for audio encoding for noise reduction
107 9,202,445 Display drive integrated circuit
108 9,202,429 Three-dimensional image display device and driving method thereof
109 9,202,410 Pixel circuit and organic light emitting display device including the same
110 9,202,409 Pixel, display device including the same, and driving method thereof
111 9,202,404 Display apparatus, display driving apparatus, and method of driving the display apparatus
112 9,202,402 Three-dimensional image display device and driving method thereof
113 9,202,399 Nanophosphor sheet and backlight device
114 9,202,398 Display module of display device
115 9,202,395 Curved frame and curved display device having the same
116 9,202,287 Apparatus and method for processing color image using depth image
117 9,202,279 Apparatus and method for analyzing ultrasonic image
118 D744,710 Vacuum cleaner
119 D744,709 Robot cleaner body
120 D744,708 Cleaner brush
121 D744,706 Robot cleaner
122 D744,586 Cartridge
123 D744,585 Printer
124 D744,569 Camera
125 D744,551 Refrigerator
126 D744,550 Refrigerator
127 D744,549 Refrigerator
128 D744,547 Door bin for refrigerator
129 D744,532 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
130 D744,531 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
131 D744,530 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
132 D744,521 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
133 D744,510 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
134 D744,497 Display screen with animated graphical user interface
135 D744,496 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
136 D744,493 Cover for electronic device
137 D744,480 Mobile terminal
138 D744,478 Notebook computer
139 D744,477 Notebook computer
140 D744,476 Notebook computer
141 D744,475 Notebook computer
142 D744,467 Electronic device
143 D744,463 Television receiver
144 D744,462 Television receiver
145 D744,461 Television receiver
146 D744,448 Mobile phone
147 D744,441 Television receiver
148 D744,440 Television receiver
149 D744,439 Television receiver
150 D744,436 Television receiver
151 9,202,160 Memory card adapter
152 9,202,096 Device and method for conducting transactions
153 9,202,055 Method and apparatus for providing machine-to-machine service
154 9,202,022 Method and apparatus for providing DRM service
155 9,202,021 License verification method and apparatus, and computer readable storage medium storing program therefor
156 9,202,018 Method and system for sharing digital rights management file between portable terminals
157 9,201,983 Apparatus and method for providing search pattern of user in mobile terminal
158 9,201,799 Method for disk defrag handling in solid state drive caching environment
159 9,201,789 Storage device and operating method of the same
160 9,201,787 Storage device file system and block allocation
161 9,201,725 Memory module, memory system having the same, and methods of reading therefrom and writing thereto
162 9,201,634 Method and system for controlling user experience with an application on a client device
163 9,201,624 Display apparatus, client, image display system including the same, and image displaying method
164 9,201,508 Alternative glove-based key entry for mobile devices
165 9,201,455 Cover for portable terminal
166 9,201,362 Fixing device usable with an image forming apparatus
167 9,201,354 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
168 9,201,281 Liquid crystal display
169 9,201,272 Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display
170 9,201,266 Backlight unit and manufacturing method thereof, and liquid crystal display device having the same
171 9,201,265 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
172 9,201,264 Liquid crystal display, panel therefor, and manufacturing method thereof
173 9,201,263 Liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display panel
174 9,201,258 Display device with image display part in a cavity
175 9,201,257 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
176 9,201,248 Method and apparatus for adjusting position of optical element
177 9,201,245 Optical system and substrate sealing method
178 9,201,227 Optical system and image projecting apparatus using the same
179 9,201,212 Lens module
180 9,201,180 Color filter array and image obtaining apparatus
181 9,201,108 Method of analyzing coupling effect between signal lines in an integrated circuit
182 9,200,840 Clothes dryer and control method thereof
183 9,200,778 Light emitting diode and lens for the same
184 9,200,757 Light source module and lighting device having the same
185 9,200,749 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus with height adjusting device of control panel
186 9,200,472 Push-pull door lock capable of selecting lever work direction
187 9,200,399 Washing machine and washing water supply device
188 9,200,361 Deposition apparatus providing improved replacing apparatus for deposition rate measuring sensor, and replacing method using the same
189 9,200,315 Reagent container for amplifying nucleic acid, method of preparing the reagent container, method of storing the reagent, and microfluidic system for nucleic acid analysis
190 9,200,200 Phosphor, light emitting device, surface light source device, display device and illumination device
191 9,200,128 Resin composition for foaming containing biodegradable resin, and foam manufactured therefrom
192 9,200,117 Poly(amide-imide) block copolymer, article including same, and display device including the article
193 9,200,116 Water soluble binder composition, method of producing the same and electrode for rechargeable battery employing
194 9,199,813 Scanner device and multifunction apparatus with supply path, discharge path, and re-supply path integrally formed together
195 9,199,545 Method and apparatus for controlling wireless power transmission
196 9,199,483 Keyboard manufacturing apparatus and method
197 9,199,397 Injection molded case having antenna pattern and manufacturing method thereof
198 9,199,355 Apparatus for grinding a substrate and method of using the same
199 9,199,285 System and method for cleaning substrate
200 9,198,613 Apparatus and method of diagnosing health by using voice
201 9,198,583 Method and apparatus for correcting error in blood pressure measurement