Samsung patents granted on 01 July 2008

94 US patents granted on 01 July 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D572,419 Drum washing machine
2 D572,418 Drum type washing machine
3 D572,384 Lamp for oven
4 D572,270 Main frame for MP3 player
5 D572,229 Portable telephone
6 D572,228 Portable phone
7 D572,226 Cellular phone
8 D572,225 Cellular phone
9 D572,224 Cellular phone
10 D572,222 Mobile phone
11 D572,221 Mobile phone
12 D572,203 Control panel for a composite device
13 D572,025 Electronic frame
14 D572,023 Electronic frame
15 7,395,543 Disc chucking apparatus and disc player having the same
16 7,395,426 Method of authenticating content provider and assuring content integrity
17 7,395,398 Memory controller that selectively changes frequency of a memory clock signal, a smart card including the same, and a method of controlling a read operation of a memory
18 7,395,176 Memory controller for controlling a refresh cycle of a memory and a method thereof
19 7,395,102 Sliding-type mobile communication terminal
20 7,395,101 Portable communication device
21 7,395,100 Portable communication apparatus having keys moved up/down by rotation
22 7,395,076 Paging apparatus and method for MBMS service in a mobile communication system
23 7,395,026 Image forming apparatus having auxiliary tray
24 7,395,016 Toner cartridge having control board mounted therein and electrophotographic image forming apparatus using the same
25 7,395,014 Image forming apparatus
26 7,395,007 Cartridge for use in an image forming apparatus having an electronic element
27 7,394,962 Optical waveguide for transmitting surface plasmon-polariton wave
28 7,394,872 Data receiver and method for receiving data using folded differential voltage sampler
29 7,394,839 Method and apparatus for controlling light power
30 7,394,827 Asynchronous data segmentation/transmission method for synchronous Ethernet and data structure used therein
31 7,394,793 Method and apparatus for generating preambles in a broadband wireless communication system using multiple antennas
32 7,394,776 Network system for establishing path using redundancy degree and method thereof
33 7,394,735 Apparatus and method of updating filter tap coefficients of an equalizer
34 7,394,720 Circuit and method for sampling valid command using extended valid address window in double pumped address scheme memory device
35 7,394,719 Flash memory device with burst read mode of operation
36 7,394,711 Multi-port semiconductor memory device and method for accessing and refreshing the same
37 7,394,701 Circuit and method of driving a word line by changing the capacitance of a clamp capacitor to compensate for a fluctuation of a power supply voltage level
38 7,394,700 Programming methods for a nonvolatile memory device using a Y-scan operation during a verify read operation
39 7,394,696 NAND type non-volatile memory device and method of forming the same
40 7,394,689 NAND flash memory device having security redundancy block and method for repairing the same
41 7,394,675 Power supplying apparatus and power supplying method
42 7,394,641 MEMS tunable capacitor with a wide tuning range
43 7,394,623 Air bearing slider for disk drive and suspension assembly including the air bearing slider
44 7,394,614 Control method to reduce settle TMR in hard disk drives
45 7,394,612 Third order curve fit for head skew in a hard disk drive
46 7,394,523 Exposure apparatus and method of controlling exposure apparatus
47 7,394,512 Liquid crystal display device
48 7,394,493 CCD camera utilizing an IRIS and method for controlling the same
49 7,394,485 Combination image-capturing apparatus and method for efficiently combining a digital still camera with a digital video camera
50 7,394,461 Displaying apparatus and method for controlling the same
51 7,394,444 LED driver
52 7,394,441 Data drive integrated circuit with reduced size and display apparatus having the same
53 7,394,373 Image forming apparatus
54 7,394,311 Apparatus and method for reduced sample rate class S RF power amplifier
55 7,394,303 Pulse generator using latch and control signal generator having the same
56 7,394,300 Adjustable delay cells and delay lines including the same
57 7,394,290 Semiconductor integrated circuit
58 7,394,279 Method of measuring a surface voltage of an insulating layer
59 7,394,261 Semi-conductor chip package capable of detecting open and short
60 7,394,249 Printed circuit board with weak magnetic field sensor
61 7,394,198 Plasma display panel provided with electrodes having thickness variation from a display area to a non-display area
62 7,394,197 Plasma display panel
63 7,394,193 Organic electroluminescence device and method for fabricating thereof
64 7,394,186 Display apparatus
65 7,394,185 Plasma display apparatus having heat dissipating structure for driver integrated circuit
66 7,394,160 Printed wires arrangement for in-line memory (IMM) module
67 7,394,139 Optical modulator module package using flip-chip mounting technology
68 7,394,127 Non-volatile memory device having a charge storage oxide layer and operation thereof
69 7,394,117 Fin field effect transistors including epitaxial fins
70 7,394,116 Semiconductor device including a multi-channel fin field effect transistor including protruding active portions and method of fabricating the same
71 7,394,099 Thin film array panel
72 7,394,087 Phase-changeable memory devices and methods of forming the same
73 7,393,769 Transistor of a semiconductor device having a punchthrough protection layer and methods of forming the same
74 7,393,746 Post-silicide spacer removal
75 7,393,742 Semiconductor device having a capacitor and a fabrication method thereof
76 7,393,726 Thin film transistor array panel and methods for manufacturing the same
77 7,393,710 Fabrication method of multi-wavelength semiconductor laser device
78 7,393,700 Low temperature methods of etching semiconductor substrates
79 7,393,644 Method for real-time detection of polymerase chain reaction
80 7,393,621 Toner composition for electrophotography image forming apparatus
81 7,393,620 Toner composition
82 7,393,615 Mask for use in measuring flare, method of manufacturing the mask, method of identifying flare-affected region on wafer, and method of designing new mask to correct for flare
83 7,393,608 Rechargeable battery and battery module using the same
84 7,393,554 Method and apparatus for manufacturing flexible-type luminescent device
85 7,393,489 Mold die for molding chip array, molding equipment including the same, and method for molding chip array
86 7,393,410 Method of manufacturing nano-wire
87 7,393,403 Process for preparing self-dispersible coloring agent using lewis acids and ink composition comprising the coloring agent
88 7,393,397 Ink composition, ink cartridge and inkjet recording apparatus including the same
89 7,393,259 Method of forming emitters and method of manufacturing field emission device (FED)
90 7,393,175 Actuator system for nanoscale movement
91 7,393,159 Inline transfer system and method
92 7,393,106 Color filter unit and projection system employing the same
93 7,393,072 Method of driving an ink-jet printhead
94 7,392,941 Security monitor apparatus and method using smart card