Samsung patents granted on 01 June 2010

109 US patents granted on 01 June 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE41,363 Thin film transistor substrate
2 D616,884 Monitor
3 D616,879 Mobile phone cover
4 D616,857 Mobile phone
5 D616,856 Mobile phone
6 D616,855 Mobile phone
7 D616,854 Mobile phone
8 D616,853 Mobile phone
9 D616,852 Mobile phone
10 D616,848 Mobile phone
11 D616,842 TV receiver
12 D616,642 Cellular phone accessary
13 7,730,380 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving voice over internet protocol packets with a user datagram protocol checksum in a mobile communication system
14 7,730,314 Method and apparatus for electronic commerce using digital ticket to provide anonymity
15 7,730,234 Command decoding system and method of decoding a command including a device controller configured to sequentially fetch the micro-commands in an instruction block
16 7,730,115 System, microcontroller and methods thereof
17 7,729,803 System and method for returning robot cleaner to charger
18 7,729,729 Method for displaying information in a mobile communication terminal
19 7,729,723 Call control method for dual-mode mobile terminals and a dual-mode mobile terminal using the same
20 7,729,720 Embedded camera apparatus and mobile phone including the same
21 7,729,706 Location service-providing system and deferred location request service-providing method using previously computed location in location service-providing system
22 7,729,705 Method of providing location service over IMS network
23 7,729,665 Down-link data transmission and receiving system and method of ARQ in wireless communication system
24 7,729,632 High voltage power supply and a high voltage power control method thereof
25 7,729,623 Image forming apparatus and image forming method thereof
26 7,729,554 Display apparatus and control method thereof
27 7,729,552 Apparatus and method for improving qualities of motion and still images to be output in a mobile communication terminal
28 7,729,447 Interleaver design with multiple encoders for more than two transmit antennas in high throughput WLAN communication systems
29 7,729,442 Method and system for transmitting data in a communication system
30 7,729,438 Interleaver design for IEEE 802.11n standard
31 7,729,437 Method and apparatus for space-time coding using lifting low density parity check codes in a wireless communication system
32 7,729,432 System and method for enhancing the performance of wireless communication systems
33 7,729,333 User selection method in a zero-forcing beamforming algorithm
34 7,729,313 Handover method for OFDM wireless communication system
35 7,729,310 Method for allocating sub-channel in a mobile communication system using orthogonal frequency division multiple access scheme
36 7,729,305 System and method for providing services using the same frequency in a wireless communication system
37 7,729,247 Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) downlink packet scheduling apparatus and method in a mobile communication base station (BS) system
38 7,729,234 Apparatus and method for transmitting uplink control information in OFDMA communication systems
39 7,729,195 Semiconductor memory device having split word line driver circuit with layout patterns that provide increased integration density
40 7,729,175 Method of writing/reading data into/from memory cell and page buffer using different codes for writing and reading operations
41 7,729,173 Method for testing internal high voltage in nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and related voltage output circuit
42 7,729,164 Non-volatile memory device, method of operating the same, and method of fabricating the same
43 7,729,160 Phase-change random access memory
44 7,729,152 Pin configuration changing circuit, base chip and system in package including the same
45 7,729,081 On-line bias estimator in hard disk drives
46 7,729,056 Light-condensing member, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
47 7,728,966 Optical inspection tool having lens unit with multiple beam paths for detecting surface defects of a substrate and methods of using same
48 7,728,926 Liquid crystal display and method for controlling brightness of an image
49 7,728,923 Backlight unit and display device having the same
50 7,728,898 Semiconductor device having temporary signal storage unit
51 7,728,854 Gamma correction device, display apparatus including the same, and method of gamma correction therein
52 7,728,846 Method and apparatus for converting from source color space to RGBW target color space
53 7,728,827 Display device using demultiplexer and driving method thereof
54 7,728,808 Field sequential liquid crystal display
55 7,728,806 Demultiplexing device and display device using the same
56 7,728,802 Arrangements of color pixels for full color imaging devices with simplified addressing
57 7,728,798 LED driver
58 7,728,790 Plasma display device
59 7,728,789 2D and 3D image display apparatus
60 7,728,731 Apparatus and method for modifying RFID tag data in portable terminal
61 7,728,714 Method and apparatus for detecting end of response signal on radio frequency identification tag
62 7,728,703 RF MEMS switch and method for fabricating the same
63 7,728,616 Apparatus and method for testing picture quality of liquid crystal display
64 7,728,599 Battery management system and driving method thereof
65 7,728,555 Method for compensating state of charge of battery and battery management system using the same
66 7,728,554 Impulse generator for outputting negative and positive impulses
67 7,728,547 Hybrid battery pack and methods of charging and discharging the same
68 7,728,531 Lamp driving circuit, inverter board and display apparatus having the same
69 7,728,526 Organic light emitting display device and driving method for the same
70 7,728,524 Plasma display panel having transverse barrier ribs
71 7,728,522 Plasma display panel
72 7,728,521 Green phosphor for plasma display panel and plasma display panel including a phosphor layer formed of the same
73 7,728,511 Organic thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and flat display apparatus comprising the same
74 7,728,510 Organic light emitting display with auxiliary electrode line and method of fabricating the same
75 7,728,497 Carbon nanotube, electron emission source including the carbon nanotube, electron emission device including the electron emission source, and method of manufacturing the electron emission device
76 7,728,496 Electron emission device having curved surface electron emission region
77 7,728,494 Light emission device and display device
78 7,728,428 Multilayer printed circuit board
79 7,728,422 Semiconductor package, integrated circuit cards incorporating the semiconductor package, and method of manufacturing the same
80 7,728,393 Semiconductor device
81 7,728,381 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
82 7,728,375 Semiconductor memory device and method of forming the same
83 7,728,373 DRAM device with cell epitaxial layers partially overlap buried cell gate electrode
84 7,728,331 Thin film transistor panel and manufacturing method thereof
85 7,728,329 Thin film transistor array panel for X-ray detector
86 7,728,325 Display device
87 7,728,236 Keypad and keypad assembly
88 7,728,172 Precursor, thin layer prepared including the precursor, method of preparing the thin layer and phase-change memory device
89 7,727,893 Method of forming a dielectric layer pattern and method of manufacturing a non-volatile memory device using the same
90 7,727,884 Methods of forming a semiconductor device including a phase change material layer
91 7,727,877 Method of manufacturing a wafer level package that uses the same seed layer for selectively electroplating a rewiring pattern and a conductive pillar
92 7,727,841 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with dual gates
93 7,727,823 Flat panel display and method for driving the same
94 7,727,797 Method for manufacturing organic thin film transistor substrate
95 7,727,788 Method of manufacturing display device using LED chips formed in a porous template
96 7,727,787 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
97 7,727,675 Polymer electrolyte, method of preparing the same, and fuel cell using the polymer electrolyte
98 7,727,668 Integrated cap assembly of a secondary battery and fabricating method thereof
99 7,727,653 Polymer electrolyte membrane and fuel cell using the same
100 7,727,648 Non-reactive fuel dissolution apparatus and fuel cell system having the same
101 7,727,622 Apparatus for calibrating optical scanner, method of manufacturing the same, and method of calibrating optical scanner using the same
102 7,727,458 Method of forming a chalcogenide compound target
103 7,727,354 Structure for preventing gap formation and plasma processing equipment having the same
104 7,727,303 Non-magnetic nickel powders and method for preparing the same
105 7,727,294 Thin micro reforming apparatus having reduced back pressure in evaporator thereof
106 7,727,159 Apparatus and method for detecting blood flow signal free from motion artifact and stress test apparatus using the same
107 7,727,136 Apparatus and method for separating material by size using a rotating drum having multiplex axes of rotation
108 7,727,039 Method of aging field emission devices
109 7,726,777 Inkjet print head and method of fabricating the same