Samsung patents granted on 01 March 2011

105 US patents granted on 01 March 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D633,556 Laser complex
2 D633,490 Net book
3 D633,489 Net book
4 D633,488 Net book
5 D633,487 Net book
6 D633,475 Audio set
7 D633,467 Mobile phone
8 D633,465 Mobile phone
9 D633,464 Mobile phone
10 D633,461 Mobile phone
11 D633,456 Mobile phone
12 D633,330 Microwave oven
13 D633,329 Microwave oven
14 D633,328 Microwave oven
15 D633,327 Microwave oven
16 D633,326 Microwave oven
17 7,900,176 Transistor layout structures for controlling sizes of transistors without changing active regions, and methods of controlling the same
18 7,900,170 System and method correcting optical proximity effect using pattern configuration dependent OPC models
19 7,900,101 Semiconductor memory device parallel bit test circuits
20 7,899,980 Flash memory system and data writing method thereof
21 7,899,974 Nonvolatile memory, mapping control apparatus and method of the same
22 7,899,964 Method and system for providing universal plug and play resource surrogates
23 7,899,905 Partial subscription/eventing and event filtering in a home network
24 7,899,813 Situation-aware pattern extraction and recommendation
25 7,899,790 Backing up of heterogeneous terminal user information in (internet protocol) IP terminal
26 7,899,490 Call control method for dual-mode mobile terminals and a dual-mode mobile terminal using the same
27 7,899,486 Uplink (UL) power control apparatus and method in broadband wireless communication system
28 7,899,460 Method of determining channel to be used in wireless network, wireless communication method, and apparatus for the same
29 7,899,433 Method and apparatus for saving power by controlling listening periods in wireless telecommunication device having a plurality for power-saving modes
30 7,899,406 Apparatus for suppressing cross modulation noise in diversity system of mobile terminal receiver
31 7,899,405 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving data in a mobile communication system using multiple antennas
32 7,899,392 Relay system and method in a communication system
33 7,899,378 Image forming apparatus having movable belt
34 7,899,369 Powder conveying device and image forming apparatus having the same
35 7,899,361 Photosensitive medium supporting apparatus, developing cartridge and image forming apparatus having the same and method to assemble and disassemble a developing cartridge
36 7,899,270 Method and apparatus for providing panoramic view with geometric correction
37 7,899,260 Method and apparatus for generating thumbnail of digital image
38 7,899,247 Apparatus and method of segmenting an image according to a cost function and/or feature vector and/or receiving a signal representing the segmented image in an image coding and/or decoding system
39 7,899,148 Shift register, scan driving circuit and display device having the same
40 7,899,138 Method of detecting space-time code in mobile communication system with 4 Tx antenna
41 7,899,120 Method for selecting output motion vector based on motion vector refinement and transcoder using the same
42 7,899,103 Side light emitting type semiconductor laser diode having dielectric layer formed on active layer
43 7,899,088 Apparatus and method for receiving multiple streams in a mobile broadcast system
44 7,899,081 Method and apparatus for transceiving data
45 7,899,055 Method for route optimization with dual mobile IPv4 node in IPv6-only network
46 7,899,053 Optimal path routing method in wireless network
47 7,899,028 Method and system for synchronizing data transmissions in IP-based networks
48 7,899,009 Method and apparatus for scheduling uplink rates adaptively to fast rate ramping in a packet communication system
49 7,898,997 Apparatus and method for measuring neighbor cell signal in portable terminal
50 7,898,980 Method and apparatus for supporting voice service through radio channel in mobile telecommunication system
51 7,898,961 Method and apparatus for dynamically managing a packet segment threshold according to a wireless channel state
52 7,898,946 Communication system and method capable of improving data transmission efficiency of TCP in asymmetric network environments
53 7,898,922 Optical pickup apparatus
54 7,898,917 Optical disc having tracking polarity information, and apparatuses and methods for recording and reproducing user data on the same
55 7,898,893 Multi-layered memory devices
56 7,898,886 Sense amplifiers and semiconductor devices including the same
57 7,898,881 Semiconductor memory device and data sensing method thereof
58 7,898,871 Flash memory device operating at multiple speeds
59 7,898,853 Multi-bit data memory system and read operation
60 7,898,814 Protection circuit board for secondary battery and secondary battery using the same
61 7,898,757 Hard disk drive with divided data sectors and hard disk drive controller for controlling the same
62 7,898,635 Display panel with a conductive spacer that connects a common voltage line and a common electrode
63 7,898,631 Display device with circuit unit, insulation film and reflective films in the seal region
64 7,898,621 Liquid crystal display
65 7,898,618 Array substrate and reflective-transmissive type liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
66 7,898,606 Thin film transistor substrate capable of enhancing image clarity and reducing residual images
67 7,898,600 Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
68 7,898,584 Image sensors for reducing flicker and methods of manufacturing the same
69 7,898,563 User input method and device of mobile communication terminal
70 7,898,539 Display drive integrated circuit and method for generating system clock signal
71 7,898,536 Display apparatus and method of driving the same
72 7,898,478 Method and system for analog beamforming in wireless communication systems
73 7,898,298 Inverter driver integrated circuit
74 7,898,235 Method and apparatus to control voltage conversion mode
75 7,898,175 Organic light emitting display apparatus with an enhanced viewing angle
76 7,898,167 Electroluminescence display device with improved external light coupling efficiency and brightness
77 7,898,075 Semiconductor package having resin substrate with recess and method of fabricating the same
78 7,898,047 Integrated nitride and silicon carbide-based devices and methods of fabricating integrated nitride-based devices
79 7,898,039 Non-volatile memory devices including double diffused junction regions
80 7,898,034 Semiconductor chips having improved electrostatic discharge protection circuit arrangement
81 7,898,007 Semiconductor devices including line patterns separated by cutting regions
82 7,897,970 Lower substrate, display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing the same
83 7,897,965 Display substrate, display panel having the same, and method of testing a display substrate
84 7,897,519 Composition and organic insulator prepared using the same
85 7,897,512 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices including a multi-layer structure with a contact extending therethrough
86 7,897,511 Wafer-level stack package and method of fabricating the same
87 7,897,500 Methods for forming silicide conductors using substrate masking
88 7,897,463 Methods of fabricating vertical twin-channel transistors
89 7,897,424 Method of manufacturing an electrical-mechanical memory device
90 7,897,415 Ferroelectric recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
91 7,897,412 Method of manufacturing magnetic random access memory including middle oxide layer
92 7,897,299 Phase-shift mask and method of forming the same
93 7,897,288 Sealing member for fuel cell, fuel cell, and method of manufacturing the fuel cell
94 7,897,279 Jelly-roll type electrode assembly and secondary battery including the same
95 7,897,270 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
96 7,897,076 Method to produce conductive transfer roller, transfer roller, and image forming apparatus having the same
97 7,896,811 Portable device having biosignal-measuring instrument
98 7,896,673 Lamp socket, backlight assembly including the lamp socket, and liquid crystal display including the backlight assembly
99 7,896,621 Micro pump
100 7,896,563 Photo spinner apparatus and wafer carrier loading/unloading method using the same
101 7,896,534 Back light unit and manufacturing method thereof
102 7,896,503 Image projecting apparatus
103 7,895,750 Method of manufacturing inkjet print head
104 7,895,742 Method for manufacturing tape wiring board
105 7,895,707 Height adjusting apparatus of suction body for use in vacuum cleaner