Samsung patents granted on 01 September 2015

204 US patents granted on 01 September 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D738,054 Cleaner
2 D738,053 Cleaner
3 D738,052 Cleaner
4 D737,943 Sink with refrigerator
5 D737,854 TV receiver display with animated graphical user interface
6 D737,850 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
7 D737,838 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
8 D737,837 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
9 D737,836 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
10 D737,835 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D737,832 Digital camera with a graphical user interface
12 D737,831 Digital camera with an animated graphical user interface
13 D737,821 Electronic device
14 D737,812 Display for a portable computer
15 D737,811 Notebook computer
16 D737,810 Notebook computer
17 D737,802 Speaker
18 D737,801 Speaker
19 D737,793 Mobile terminal
20 D737,792 Television receiver
21 D737,791 Television receiver
22 D737,762 Charger for an electronic device
23 9,125,295 Substrate separation apparatus and method
24 9,125,292 Panorama display device, method of manufacturing the panorama display device, and display device
25 9,125,276 Backlight unit including first and second driving currents and display apparatus using the same
26 9,125,258 Light source driving apparatus, light source device including the same and light source driving method of the light source driving apparatus
27 9,125,206 Apparatus and method for performing resource allocation and communication in a wireless communication system, and system using same
28 9,125,191 Transmitting uplink control information over a data channel or over a control channel
29 9,125,189 Feedback method and apparatus for cooperative communication system
30 9,125,160 Wireless power receiver and method for setting sleep mode in wireless power receiver
31 9,125,157 Paging method and apparatus for communication of M2M/MTC device operating in high power saving reception mode in a mobile communication system, and system thereof
32 9,125,140 Background scanning method for WLAN client devices
33 9,125,070 Method and apparatus for generating reference signal in analog/digital mixed BF system
34 9,125,044 Method for generating and registering identification in wireless sensor network
35 9,125,002 Apparatus and method for connecting with bluetooth device in portable terminal
36 9,124,998 Smart alarm
37 9,124,997 Apparatus and method for remotely controlling in mobile communication terminal
38 9,124,931 Managing a TV application for over-the-top TV
39 9,124,924 Multi-transport stream (TS) generating apparatus and method, and digital broadcasting transmission and reception apparatuses and methods
40 9,124,917 Remote controller apparatus, broadcast receiving apparatus and method for controlling the same
41 9,124,903 Method and apparatus for encoding video by using deblocking filtering, and method and apparatus for decoding video by using deblocking filtering
42 9,124,902 Method and device for interpolating images by using a smoothing interpolation filter
43 9,124,894 Method and apparatus for encoding video by compensating for pixel value according to pixel groups, and method and apparatus for decoding video by the same
44 9,124,893 Method and apparatus for encoding video by compensating for pixel value according to pixel groups, and method and apparatus for decoding video by the same
45 9,124,892 Method and apparatus for encoding video by compensating for pixel value according to pixel groups, and method and apparatus for decoding video by the same
46 9,124,887 Area-based encoding/decoding device and method
47 9,124,882 3D glasses, display apparatus and control method thereof
48 9,124,880 Method and apparatus for stereoscopic image display
49 9,124,878 3-dimensional image display apparatus and control method of the same
50 9,124,870 Three-dimensional video apparatus and method providing on screen display applied thereto
51 9,124,858 Content processing apparatus for processing high resolution content and content processing method thereof
52 9,124,854 Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus and digital photographing apparatus using the same
53 9,124,849 Program-based electronic program guide system and method thereof
54 9,124,811 Apparatus and method for processing image by wide dynamic range process
55 9,124,806 Apparatus and method for correcting image
56 9,124,794 Method and apparatus for capturing image in portable terminal
57 9,124,756 Method and apparatus for data communication using digital image processing
58 9,124,711 Apparatus and method for controlling built-in microphone of portable terminal
59 9,124,710 Apparatus and method for controlling built-in microphone of portable terminal
60 9,124,709 Circuit apparatus for recognizing earphone in mobile terminal
61 9,124,681 Portable terminal with stylus pen
62 9,124,675 Method and system for providing an enhanced event notification in a universal plug and play home network environment
63 9,124,596 Network device and method available for use under non-security mode
64 9,124,464 Methods and apparatus for channel estimation in MIMO-OFDM communication system
65 9,124,453 Receiver and reception method for estimating channel in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access system
66 9,124,440 Method and apparatus for sharing content in home network environment
67 9,124,435 Scheme for setting up session in a mobile communication system
68 9,124,400 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving uplink signaling information in a single carrier FDMA system
69 9,124,398 Method and apparatus for generating feedback in a communication system
70 9,124,397 Wireless communication system with interference mitigation mechanism and method of operation thereof
71 9,124,353 Switching circuit and RF switch including the same
72 9,124,330 Channel state information transmission/reception method and apparatus of downlink coordinated multi-point communication system
73 9,124,261 Flip-flop circuit
74 9,124,226 Method of outputting audio signal and audio signal output apparatus using the method
75 9,124,224 Power generating circuit and switching circuit
76 9,124,205 Apparatus for generating motor driving control signal
77 9,124,172 Digital buck-boost conversion circuit and method of operating the same
78 9,124,122 Wireless power transmission and charging system, and impedance control method thereof
79 9,124,115 High efficiency rectifier, wireless power receiver including the rectifier
80 9,123,994 Antenna structure
81 9,123,991 Ear-microphone having ESD enhancing function
82 9,123,976 Catalyst including active particles, method of preparing the catalyst, fuel cell including the catalyst, electrode including the active particles for lithium air battery, and lithium air battery including the electrode
83 9,123,973 Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising the same
84 9,123,957 Rechargeable lithium battery
85 9,123,956 Cell barrier for secondary battery module and secondary battery module
86 9,123,955 Negative active material, lithium battery including the material, and method for manufacturing the material
87 9,123,952 Negative electrode active material, method of preparing the same, negative electrode and lithium secondary battery employing the electrode including the negative electrode active material
88 9,123,948 Secondary battery
89 9,123,947 Secondary battery
90 9,123,933 Rechargeable battery pack
91 9,123,929 Secondary battery
92 9,123,927 Secondary battery
93 9,123,926 Secondary battery with terminal plate
94 9,123,919 Rechargeable battery and heat treatment device
95 9,123,916 Rechargeable battery
96 9,123,915 Tray for donor film
97 9,123,911 Display apparatus
98 9,123,909 Organic light emitting diode display
99 9,123,905 Solar cells and methods of manufacturing the same
100 9,123,904 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the light emitting device
101 9,123,902 Semiconductor compound
102 9,123,899 Semiconductor compound
103 9,123,882 Apparatus for generating vibrations
104 9,123,873 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
105 9,123,871 Method of manufacturing light emitting diode package
106 9,123,852 Method and apparatus for sensing bending of flexible display device using mutual inductance
107 9,123,817 Transistors and electronic devices including the same
108 9,123,816 Thin film transistor array substrate, organic light-emitting display device including the same, and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting display device
109 9,123,811 Semiconductor device having a triple gate transistor and method for manufacturing the same
110 9,123,777 Method for fabricating micro electro device, method for fabricating organic light emitting display device, micro electro device and organic light emitting display device fabricated thereby
111 9,123,774 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
112 9,123,761 Substrate transferring device
113 9,123,750 Transistors including a channel where first and second regions have less oxygen concentration than a remaining region of the channel, methods of manufacturing the transistors, and electronic devices including the transistors
114 9,123,740 High electron mobility transistors and methods of manufacturing the same
115 9,123,725 Semiconductor device having fuse pattern
116 9,123,723 Line structure for repair and flat panel display device having the same
117 9,123,688 Semiconductor module package
118 9,123,683 Unit power module and power module package comprising the same
119 9,123,680 Organic light emitting display panel and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display panel
120 9,123,678 Organic light emitting diode display
121 9,123,676 Organic light-emitting display apparatus having shock absorption and sealing members
122 9,123,670 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
123 9,123,657 Method of fabricating semiconductor devices
124 9,123,655 Methods of forming layer patterns of a semiconductor device
125 9,123,630 Stacked die package, system including the same, and method of manufacturing the same
126 9,123,623 Semiconductor light emitting device having multi-cell array and method of manufacturing the same
127 9,123,597 Thin film transistor array substrate and method of manufacturing the same
128 9,123,594 Organic light-emitting display apparatus having high aperture ratio
129 9,123,589 Display substrate including an auxiliary electrode
130 9,123,550 Semiconductor devices using air spaces to separate conductive structures and methods of manufacturing the same
131 9,123,503 Methods of fabricating microelectronic substrate inspection equipment
132 9,123,474 Multilayered ceramic capacitor and mounting board therefor
133 9,123,472 High capacity multilayer ceramic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
134 9,123,460 Ferrite composition for high frequency bead and chip bead comprising the same
135 9,123,407 Devices and methods for deciding data read start
136 9,123,389 Memory device, method of refreshing the same, and system including the same
137 9,123,388 Disk drive including a noise reduction unit and method of reducing noise by using the disk drive
138 9,123,309 Display device using boosting-on and boosting-off gate driving voltages
139 9,123,306 Gamma voltage generating device, LCD device, and method of driving the LCD device
140 9,123,298 LED driving apparatus, method for driving LED, and display apparatus thereof
141 9,123,286 Power generator having a power selector and organic light emitting display device using the same
142 9,123,277 Apparatus and method for displaying screen according to intensity of brightness of ambient light
143 9,123,276 Display substrate and method of measuring pattern dimensions of display substrate
144 9,123,271 Apparatus and method for establishing a network connection in a portable terminal
145 9,123,164 3D image acquisition apparatus and method of extracting depth information in 3D image acquisition apparatus
146 9,123,050 Apparatus for providing content according to user’s interest in content and method for providing content according to user’s interest in content
147 9,123,026 Document distribution system and method using webdav protocol
148 9,122,879 Method and apparatus for protecting digital content using device authentication
149 9,122,842 Apparatus and method for enhancing security in heterogeneous computing environment
150 9,122,802 Interconnect, bus system with interconnect and bus system operating method
151 9,122,753 Method and apparatus for retrieving a song by hummed query
152 9,122,592 Flash memory device with multi-level cells and method of writing data therein
153 9,122,585 Method for managing data in storage device and memory system employing such a method
154 9,122,565 Memory controller and memory control method
155 9,122,506 Virtualization apparatus and method for controlling access to hardware device by I/O request
156 9,122,474 Apparatus and method for reducing overhead caused by communication between clusters
157 9,122,468 Host apparatus connected to image forming apparatus and power save mode control method thereof
158 9,122,388 Method and apparatus for controlling touch screen using timeline bar, recording medium with program for the same recorded therein, and user terminal having the same
159 9,122,386 Adaptive video processing apparatus and method of scaling video based on screen size of display device
160 9,122,382 Method for selecting target at touch point on touch screen of mobile device
161 9,122,369 Mobile device and method for updating display screen with online widget
162 9,122,365 Method and system for operating application of a touch device with touch-based input interface
163 9,122,362 Touch panels and display devices having touch panels
164 9,122,324 Thin film transistor display panel and manufacturing method thereof
165 9,122,319 Flexible display apparatus and controlling method thereof
166 9,122,310 Input device and method for protecting input information from exposure
167 9,122,308 Tactile feedback apparatus, system, and method of operating tactile feedback apparatus
168 9,122,304 Method and apparatus for providing function of portable terminal using color sensor
169 9,122,275 Robot and control method thereof
170 9,122,244 Holography devices, three-dimensional image display apparatuses including the same, and methods of processing holography images
171 9,122,226 Image forming apparatus having a window open-closing shutter
172 9,122,216 Image forming apparatus, host apparatus, server, and method of performing image forming job thereof
173 9,122,177 Apparatus for cleaning photomask
174 9,122,165 Method of manufacturing graphene, carbon nanotubes, fullerene, graphite or a combination thereof having a position specifically regulated resistance
175 9,122,129 Image pickup apparatus, driving control method thereof, and computer-readable recording medium
176 9,122,126 Focusing lens assembly and camera having the same
177 9,122,117 Liquid crystal display
178 9,122,106 Display apparatus
179 9,122,104 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
180 9,122,100 Display module and display apparatus having the same
181 9,122,095 Display device and LED bar connection method thereof
182 9,122,089 Display device
183 9,122,062 Polygon mirror, light scanning unit employing the same, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
184 9,122,041 Zoom lens and photographing apparatus including the same
185 9,122,012 Optical unit and organic light emitting diode display including the same
186 9,122,011 Display device
187 9,121,977 Liquid crystal display module including a wavelength conversion member and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
188 9,121,921 Location information collection method and system for dual SIM mobile terminals
189 9,121,864 Inertial sensor
190 9,121,761 Infrared detectors
191 9,121,129 Washing machine
192 9,121,126 Washing machine and control method thereof
193 9,121,095 Thin film deposition apparatus
194 9,121,042 Enzyme used in biosynthesis of 1, 4-BDO and screening method of the same
195 9,120,973 Fluorescent substance and a production method therefor
196 9,120,668 Microphone package and mounting structure thereof
197 9,120,225 Robot and control method for the same
198 9,120,127 Ultrasonic transducer structure, ultrasonic transducer, and method of manufacturing ultrasonic transducer
199 9,120,126 Electro-acoustic transducer and method of manufacturing the same
200 9,120,087 Catalyst for fuel cell, method for preparing the same, and membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell system comprising same
201 9,120,070 Stamping apparatus for biochips and method for operation thereof
202 9,120,009 Method and apparatus for generating vibrations in portable terminals
203 9,119,591 3D ultrasound system and method for operating 3D ultrasound system
204 9,119,493 Dishwasher Basket Unit