Samsung patents granted on 02 April 2013

147 US patents granted on 02 April 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D679,309 Internet protocol camera
2 D679,308 Monitoring camera
3 D679,283 Digital television with graphical user interface
4 D679,268 Stand for a TV receiver
5 D679,250 HDMI connector
6 D679,249 HDMI connector
7 D679,248 HDMI connector
8 8,413,255 Digital rights management method and digital rights management-enabled mobile device
9 8,413,132 Techniques for resolving read-after-write (RAW) conflicts using backup area
10 8,413,078 Mobile terminal for displaying human contact data and method thereof
11 8,413,071 Image processing apparatus and method
12 8,413,056 Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
13 8,413,041 Apparatus and method for parsing XML document by using external XML validator
14 8,413,011 Device and method providing 1-bit error correction
15 8,412,948 Method and apparatus for digital signature generation and validation
16 8,412,939 System and method for mutual authentication between node and sink in sensor network
17 8,412,909 Defining and changing spare space and user space in a storage apparatus
18 8,412,861 Apparatus and method for controlling USB switching circuit in portable terminal
19 8,412,692 Method and apparatus to insert a scanned document
20 8,412,554 Method and system for describing consumer electronics using separate task and device descriptions
21 8,412,533 Context-based arithmetic encoding apparatus and method and context-based arithmetic decoding apparatus and method
22 8,412,457 Method and apparatus for setting destination in navigation terminal
23 8,412,355 System for transferring controlling authority of a device
24 8,412,285 Speaker module of portable terminal and method of execution of speakerphone mode using the same
25 8,412,282 Haptic generation method and system for mobile phone
26 8,412,278 List search method and mobile terminal supporting the same
27 8,412,256 Inter-cell interference coordination method and apparatus for wireless communication system
28 8,412,252 System and method using rate split scheme based on cooperation between receivers
29 8,412,242 Method and apparatus for sending and receiving channel state information in multiple-input multiple-output network wireless communication systems
30 8,412,228 Mobile terminal and photographing method for the same
31 8,412,206 Communication system having network access structure
32 8,412,200 Handover method in a wireless mobile communication system and a system therefor
33 8,412,199 Method and apparatus decreasing handover latency in heterogeneous networks
34 8,412,198 Method and system for configuring IP address in a wireless communication system
35 8,412,177 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving system information in broadband wireless communication system
36 8,412,135 Apparatus and method for controlling power of transmitter in a mesh network
37 8,412,122 Apparatus and method for antenna matching in portable terminal
38 8,412,104 Method and apparatus of controlling inter cell interference based on cooperation of intra cell terminals
39 8,412,090 Image forming apparatus
40 8,412,074 Charging roller for image forming apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
41 8,412,037 Image photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same
42 8,412,003 Image processing methods, apparatus and computer program products using interdependent pixel interpolation operations
43 8,411,987 Method and apparatus for contrast enhancement
44 8,411,981 Method of removing blur without ringing-artifact
45 8,411,975 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key value data of coordinate interpolator
46 8,411,965 Image processing method and apparatus for detecting an edge of an object within an image
47 8,411,959 Extraction method of an interest region for multimedia mobile users
48 8,411,936 Apparatus and method for color reproduction
49 8,411,865 Key management method for broadcast encryption in tree topology network
50 8,411,761 Sub-channel acquisition in a digital television receiver designed to receive mobile/handheld signals
51 8,411,753 Color space scalable video coding and decoding method and apparatus for the same
52 8,411,738 System and method for identification of vertical scrolling regions in digital video
53 8,411,660 Apparatus and method for performing resource allocation and communication in a wireless communication system, and system using same
54 8,411,611 Method for setting packet transmission path in ad hoc network, and network apparatus using the same
55 8,411,605 Method and apparatus for discontinuously receiving packet in a mobile communication system
56 8,411,563 Apparatus and method for multicast and broadcast service in broadband wireless access system
57 8,411,552 Cell search method in OFDM cellular system, frame transmission method thereof, and forward link frame structure thereof
58 8,411,546 Information storage medium, record reproducing device, and record reproducing method
59 8,411,541 Optical recording medium having read-only storage area and writable storage area and recording/reproducing apparatus and method therefor
60 8,411,540 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and control method thereof
61 8,411,528 Semiconductor device capable of adjusting memory page size based on a row address and a bank address
62 8,411,520 Semiconductor memory device and method of reducing consumption of standby current therein
63 8,411,517 Delay locked loop circuit including delay line with reduced sensitivity to variation in PVT
64 8,411,510 Flash memory device, memory system and method of operating the same
65 8,411,502 Flash memory device using adaptive program verification scheme and related method of operation
66 8,411,501 Programming method for non-volatile memory device
67 8,411,498 Magnetic tunnel junction devices, electronic devices including a magnetic tunneling junction device and methods of fabricating the same
68 8,411,496 Systems and methods for scheduling a memory command for execution based on a history of previously executed memory commands
69 8,411,481 Information storage devices using magnetic domain wall movement and methods of manufacturing the same
70 8,411,462 Noise reduction apparatus of mobile terminal
71 8,411,458 Apparatus capable of selectively using different types of connectors
72 8,411,417 Solid electrolytic condenser with enhanced volumetric efficiency
73 8,411,414 Metal oxide electrode material, and electrochemical capacitor using the same and manufacturing process for producing the same
74 8,411,366 Optical probe and optical system therefor
75 8,411,342 Light scanning unit and image forming apparatus
76 8,411,316 Method and apparatus for printing images comprising individual information corresponding to face recognition information on second side of sheet of printing paper
77 8,411,277 Method and apparatus for controlling quality of a microfluidic device
78 8,411,227 Liquid crystal display device having air conditioner
79 8,411,171 Apparatus and method for generating image including multiple people
80 8,411,153 Camera unit and multimedia information appliance including camera unit
81 8,411,133 Mobile terminal and panoramic photographing method for the same
82 8,411,130 Apparatus and method of video conference to distinguish speaker from participants
83 8,411,128 Apparatus and method for controlling camera of portable terminal
84 8,411,127 Method and apparatus for connecting video call in dual standby mobile communication terminal
85 8,411,078 Method of modulating/demodulating a signal, apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus including the apparatus
86 8,411,077 DC-DC converter and organic light emitting display device using the same
87 8,411,056 Apparatus and method for touch input in portable terminal
88 8,411,041 Touch event-driven display control system and method for touchscreen mobile phone
89 8,411,033 Information input device and method and medium for inputting information in 3D space
90 8,411,022 Multiprimary color display with dynamic gamut mapping
91 8,411,019 Display apparatus and control method thereof
92 8,411,005 Liquid crystal display apparatus and driving method therefor
93 8,411,002 Printed circuit board and display system including the printed circuit board
94 8,411,001 Display device with floating bar
95 8,411,000 Display device and driving method thereof
96 8,410,999 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
97 8,410,997 Driving circuit, driving method and plasma display panel having scan line groups receiving reset signals at different times
98 8,410,917 Haptic feedback device for a portable terminal
99 8,410,905 RFID reader cancelling leakage signal
100 8,410,871 Tunable resonator and tunable filter
101 8,410,855 Method and apparatus for controlling power supply of audio amplifier
102 8,410,852 Drive amplifier
103 8,410,845 Switching power amplifier and method of controlling the same
104 8,410,715 Method of driving light sources, device for driving light sources, and display device having the same
105 8,410,687 Organic electroluminescent device including covered lower electrode
106 8,410,683 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
107 8,410,682 Organic light emitting display and method of fabricating the same
108 8,410,650 Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and motor including the same
109 8,410,648 Motor
110 8,410,634 Grid-connected power storage system and method for controlling grid-connected power storage system
111 8,410,611 Semiconductor chips having redistributed power/ground lines directly connected to power/ground lines of internal circuits and methods of fabricating the same
112 8,410,563 Apparatuses for generating electrical energy
113 8,410,542 Charge-trapping nonvolatile memory devices having gate structures therein with improved blocking layers
114 8,410,518 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
115 8,410,509 Light emitting diode module for line light source
116 8,410,497 Semiconductor light emitting device
117 8,410,483 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
118 8,410,479 Transistors, electronic devices including a transistor and methods of manufacturing the same
119 8,410,477 Organic light emitting device, lighting apparatus and organic light emitting display apparatus
120 8,410,465 Apparatus and method for inspecting defects of a circuit pattern formed on a substrate using a laser and a non-contact capacitor sensor
121 8,410,450 Apparatus for detecting X-rays and method of operating the same
122 8,410,373 Printed circuit substrate and method of manufacturing the same
123 8,410,347 Music recommendation method with respect to message service
124 8,409,999 Etching composition for etching a transparent electrode
125 8,409,981 Semiconductor package with a metal post and manufacturing method thereof
126 8,409,977 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory device and a method of fabricating the same
127 8,409,956 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices using self-aligned contact formation techniques
128 8,409,953 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
129 8,409,947 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having stress creating layer
130 8,409,934 Methods for forming materials using micro-heaters and electronic devices including such materials
131 8,409,916 Thin film transistor substrate, display device having the same and method of manufacturing the display device
132 8,409,896 Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
133 8,409,887 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of fabricating the same
134 8,409,788 Laser induced thermal imaging method, method of patterning organic layer using the same and method of fabricating organic light emitting diode display device using the same
135 8,409,787 Method of forming a pattern in a semiconductor device and method of forming a gate using the same
136 8,409,752 Active material for battery and battery having the same
137 8,409,727 Color filter array and organic light-emitting display device using the same
138 8,409,726 Printed circuit board with multiple metallic layers and method of manufacturing the same
139 8,409,471 Green phosphor and display device including the same
140 8,409,306 Fuel reformer
141 8,409,018 Game controller and method for harvesting user energy expended while playing a game
142 8,408,928 Connector and display apparatus having the same
143 8,408,798 Spindle motor
144 8,408,757 Recessed lighting apparatus and cover therefor
145 8,408,710 Presentation recording apparatus and method
146 8,408,541 Method and apparatus for controlling transfer of paper
147 8,408,449 Method of controlling bump printing apparatus