Samsung patents granted on 02 August 2011

136 US patents granted on 02 August 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE42,592 Battery pack for portable electronic equipment
2 D642,520 Cradle for charging tablet computer
3 D642,519 Cradle for charging tablet computer
4 D642,385 Electronic frame
5 7,992,207 Method for curing a virus on a mobile communication network
6 7,992,170 Apparatus for providing electronic program guide information in a digital multimedia broadcast receiving terminal and a method therefor
7 7,992,138 Method and apparatus for executing different java methods
8 7,992,099 Apparatus and method for providing graphic user interface composed of plural columns
9 7,992,009 Device and method capable of verifying program operation of non-volatile memory and method card including the same
10 7,991,984 System and method for executing loops in a processor
11 7,991,946 Apparatus using flash memory as storage and method of operating the same
12 7,991,944 System and method for searching mapping table of flash memory
13 7,991,938 Bus width configuration circuit, display device, and method configuring bus width
14 7,991,848 Method and apparatus for sending instant message disposition notification request and response in a converged-IP messaging service and system thereof
15 7,991,842 System and method for sharing data in LAN
16 7,991,810 Media file management system and method for home media center
17 7,991,604 Method and apparatus for indirectly simulating a semiconductor integrated circuit
18 7,991,441 Swing hinge device of a portable terminal and dual hinge device having the same
19 7,991,435 Method and apparatus for setting screen in mobile terminal
20 7,991,420 Dynamic RS coverage in multi-hop cellular networks
21 7,991,401 Apparatus, a method, and a system for animating a virtual scene
22 7,991,395 Apparatus and method for scanning frequency in mobile terminal
23 7,991,390 Program updating method of wireless communication terminal and wireless communication terminal using the same
24 7,991,387 Method for mobile telecommunication security in a mobile communication network and device therefor
25 7,991,376 Mixer used for direct conversion receiver
26 7,991,358 Method for reducing an amount of feedback used in a mobile communication system
27 7,991,352 Method and apparatus for automatic repeat request in a multi-hop broadband wireless communication system
28 7,991,350 Apparatus and method for audio output in portable terminal
29 7,991,308 Waste toner amount detecting apparatus and method, and image forming apparatus employing the same
30 7,991,250 Printed circuit board
31 7,991,063 Transmission symbols mapping for antenna diversity
32 7,991,062 Apparatus and method for transmitting a sub-channel signal in a communication system using an orthogonal frequency division multiple access scheme
33 7,991,057 Apparatus and method for generating ranging pseudo noise code
34 7,991,037 Multi-beam laser apparatus
35 7,991,002 Apparatus and method for implementing handoff between heterogeneous networks in a wireless communication system
36 7,990,936 Method and apparatus for acquiring IP address in DHCP environment
37 7,990,930 HRPD network access authentication method based on cave algorithm
38 7,990,928 Frequency hopping method and apparatus in a wireless communication system
39 7,990,922 Method and apparatus for transmitting information of device in wireless personal area network
40 7,990,920 Transmit diversity for acknowledgement and category 0 bits in a wireless communication system
41 7,990,833 Optical pickup device with diffraction patterns on object lens
42 7,990,815 Optical disc apparatus and method of driving the same
43 7,990,799 Semiconductor memory device that includes an address coding method for a multi-word line test
44 7,990,794 Semiconductor apparatuses and methods of operating the same
45 7,990,779 Method of operating semiconductor devices
46 7,990,777 Method, apparatus and system for transmitting data in semiconductor device
47 7,990,769 Method of programming and sensing memory cells using transverse channels and devices employing same
48 7,990,765 Least significant bit page recovery method used in multi-level cell flash memory device
49 7,990,734 Semiconductor memory module with reverse mounted chip resistor
50 7,990,677 Multilayer chip capacitor
51 7,990,671 Overvoltage protection control circuits and overvoltage protection control methods
52 7,990,645 Magnetic recording apparatus
53 7,990,636 Lens actuating module
54 7,990,568 Apparatus and method for setting printing options using preview image
55 7,990,513 Display and method thereof
56 7,990,511 Display apparatus including signal lines arranged for curing a seal line
57 7,990,507 Liquid crystal display having a modified electrode array
58 7,990,504 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
59 7,990,496 Pixel structure for flat panel display apparatus
60 7,990,490 Optical sheet and display device having the same
61 7,990,487 Liquid crystal display and a method of assembling the liquid crystal display
62 7,990,484 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
63 7,990,481 Display device having particular touch sensor protrusion facing sensing electrode
64 7,990,476 System and method for detecting visual occlusion based on motion vector density
65 7,990,441 Image sensor having temperature sensor and driving method thereof
66 7,990,437 Color correction in CMOS image sensor
67 7,990,399 Mobile communication terminal having wide display unit and method of controlling wide display unit
68 7,990,395 Method for setting basic display screen in mobile terminal
69 7,990,393 Systems and methods for implementing low cost gamut mapping algorithms
70 7,990,372 Power supply apparatus and liquid crystal display including the same
71 7,990,370 Display apparatus having a plurality of input terminals and method thereof
72 7,990,360 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
73 7,990,310 Ultra-wideband ranging method and system using narrowband interference supression waveform
74 7,990,304 Double data rate (DDR) counter, analog-to-digital converter (ADC) using the same, CMOS image sensor using the same and methods in DDR counter, ADC and CMOS image sensor
75 7,990,205 Semiconductor integrated circuit with switching variable resistance device
76 7,990,204 Voltage generator that prevents latch-up
77 7,990,195 Duty cycle correction circuits having short locking times that are relatively insensitive to temperature changes
78 7,990,175 Output buffer circuit and integrated circuit including same
79 7,990,171 Stacked semiconductor apparatus with configurable vertical I/O
80 7,990,168 Probe card including a sub-plate with a main supporter and a sub-supporter with the sub-supporter having probe needles
81 7,990,129 Reference voltage generating circuit
82 7,990,061 Organic light emitting diode display device
83 7,990,053 Cyclopentaphenanthrene-based compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same
84 7,990,050 Organic light emitting display having auxiliary electrode
85 7,990,047 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
86 7,990,044 Electrical processing apparatus and method for electrically processing display panel having organic light-emitting layer
87 7,989,939 Semiconductor package which includes an insulating layer located between package substrates which may prevent an electrical short caused by a bonding wire
88 7,989,929 Direct-connect signaling system
89 7,989,899 Transistor, inverter including the same and methods of manufacturing transistor and inverter
90 7,989,892 Gate structure, and semiconductor device having a gate structure
91 7,989,877 Semiconductor devices including a dielectric layer
92 7,989,869 Non-volatile memory devices having improved operational characteristics
93 7,989,863 Method of forming a semiconductor device having an etch stop layer and related device
94 7,989,861 Image sensor and method of stabilizing a black level in an image sensor
95 7,989,854 Semiconductor devices having a support structure for an active layer pattern
96 7,989,828 Highly efficient III-nitride-based top emission type light emitting device having large area and high capacity
97 7,989,814 Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
98 7,989,813 Display apparatus with storage electrodes having concavo-convex features
99 7,989,809 Thin film transistor array panel including assistant lines
100 7,989,807 Thin-film transistor substrate, method of manufacturing same and display apparatus having same
101 7,989,801 Organic light emitting display device and method of driving the same
102 7,989,791 Diode structure and memory device including the same
103 7,989,750 Image sensors with enhanced charge transmission characteristics
104 7,989,737 Steam generator and heating cooking apparatus having the same
105 7,989,691 Dye for dye-sensitized solar cell and dye-sensitized solar cell including the same
106 7,989,569 Polyvinyl pyrrole host material, luminescent layer comprising the same, and organic electroluminescent device comprising the luminescent layer
107 7,989,361 Composition for dielectric thin film, metal oxide dielectric thin film using the same and preparation method thereof
108 7,989,335 Methods of forming insulation layer patterns and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices including insulation layer patterns
109 7,989,333 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having anisotropically-oxidized nitride layers
110 7,989,326 Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
111 7,989,301 Semiconductor device with bipolar transistor and method of fabricating the same
112 7,989,296 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
113 7,989,279 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
114 7,989,259 Methods of manufacturing phase-changeable memory devices including upper and lower electrodes
115 7,989,244 Method of manufacturing nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device
116 7,989,240 Methods of manufacturing active matrix substrate and organic light-emitting display device
117 7,989,239 Light emitting diode and method of manufacturing the same
118 7,989,197 Microfluidic device including a microchannel with a hydrophobic porous polymer bonded to walls thereof and to a magnetic bead, and methods of making and using the device
119 7,989,136 Photoresist composition and method of forming a photoresist pattern using the same
120 7,989,123 Photomask including ion trapping layer and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the photomask
121 7,989,119 Fuel diffusion unit, fuel supply unit, and fuel cell system including the same
122 7,989,109 Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
123 7,989,104 Battery module
124 7,988,941 Graphene sheet and method of preparing the same
125 7,988,915 Microfluidic device using microfluidic chip and microfluidic device using biomolecule microarray chip
126 7,988,874 Method of fabricating semiconductor device and synchronous pulse plasma etching equipment for the same
127 7,988,873 Method of forming a mask pattern for fabricating a semiconductor device
128 7,988,812 Substrate treatment apparatus
129 7,988,761 Method for manufacturing metal nanoparticles comprising rod-shaped nanoparticles
130 7,988,514 Method of varying transmittance of transparent conductive layer, flat panel display device and manufacturing method thereof
131 7,988,509 Flow control mechanism for ship having cooling system
132 7,988,372 Camera having detachable lens module
133 7,988,257 Ink cartridge, image forming apparatus, and method to manufacture ink cartridge
134 7,988,122 Vibration control pedestal and installation method thereof
135 7,987,812 Mask frame assembly
136 7,987,684 Refrigerator with air guide duct