Samsung patents granted on 02 December 2014

166 US patents granted on 02 December 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE45,271 Digital versatile disc recording apparatus and cell-by-cell edition method using the same
2 D718,785 Portable audio device
3 D718,779 Portable electronic device displaying graphic user interface
4 D718,775 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
5 D718,763 Body of portable computer
6 D718,751 Stand for television receiver
7 D718,732 Mobile phone
8 D718,731 Television receiver
9 D718,729 TV receiver
10 D718,728 TV receiver
11 D718,712 Charger for electronic device
12 D718,605 Handle
13 D718,604 Handle for home appliance
14 8,904,552 System and method for protecting data information stored in storage
15 8,904,546 Digital rights management method and digital rights management-enabled portable device
16 8,904,505 Method for establishing a protected setup and wireless registration requesting device implementing the same
17 8,904,461 Broadcast signal receiving device and method for executing data broadcasting application of the same
18 8,904,436 Method and apparatus for providing preferred broadcast information
19 8,904,433 Method for controlling video system including a plurality of display apparatuses
20 8,904,401 Method and apparatus for managing an application being executed in a portable terminal
21 8,904,378 Method and apparatus for performing service related to a predetermined device to another device based on widget migration
22 8,904,251 Semiconductor device and test system for testing the same
23 8,904,219 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption caused by communication between processors in portable terminal
24 8,904,215 Electronic device and power consumption measuring method thereof
25 8,904,207 Communication method of a terminal and an access point for power saving
26 8,904,161 Memory system and reset method thereof to prevent nonvolatile memory corruption due to premature power loss
27 8,904,157 Computer, remote control system, control method of computer and remote control method
28 8,904,090 Non-volatile memory device, devices having the same, and method of operating the same
29 8,904,088 Method of managing a solid state drive, associated systems and implementations
30 8,904,084 Solid state drive device
31 8,904,072 Storage device to extend functions dynamically and operating method thereof
32 8,904,060 First-in first-out memory device and electronic apparatus having the same
33 8,903,972 Method and apparatus for sharing contents using information of group change in content oriented network environment
34 8,903,873 File information system management system and method
35 8,903,564 Electric device and power management apparatus for changing demand response (DR) control level
36 8,903,563 Control device and method thereof
37 8,903,527 Apparatus and method for reproducing multi-sound channel contents using DLNA in mobile terminal
38 8,903,463 Method for reproducing music file of mobile communication terminal and mobile terminal implementing the same
39 8,903,439 Apparatus and method for communicating in a network in which interference exists between wireless communication systems
40 8,903,405 Communication method of macro base station and micro base station for interference control
41 8,903,391 Adaptive data communication control method and portable device for supporting the same
42 8,903,366 Dynamic switching between software and hardware graphics rendering for power consumption
43 8,903,316 Apparatus and method for connecting with bluetooth devices in portable terminal
44 8,903,299 Image forming apparatus and a waste toner recovery device thereof
45 8,903,286 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof to control a cleaning member and to transfer images according to position marks on a transfer member
46 8,903,274 Image forming apparatus
47 8,903,260 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
48 8,903,231 Image stabilizing apparatus
49 8,903,223 Video driver over a network
50 8,903,190 Median filtering method and apparatus
51 8,903,161 Apparatus for estimating robot position and method thereof
52 8,903,160 Apparatus and method with traveling path planning
53 8,903,159 Method and apparatus for tracking image patch considering scale
54 8,903,148 X-ray imaging apparatus and method of updating a pixel map
55 8,903,093 Mobile device, method of processing an input in a mobile device and electronic payment method using a mobile device
56 8,903,070 Apparatus and method for providing incoming and outgoing call information in a mobile communication terminal
57 8,903,015 Apparatus and method for digital predistortion of non-linear amplifiers
58 8,902,982 Depth map coding and decoding apparatus and method
59 8,902,979 Image decoding device which obtains predicted value of coding unit using weighted average
60 8,902,975 Method and apparatus for encoding and/or decoding moving pictures
61 8,902,825 Wireless network system and method of configuring the same
62 8,902,813 Method and apparatus for controlling discontinuous reception in mobile communication system
63 8,902,786 System and method for an uplink control signal in wireless communication systems
64 8,902,778 Communication device for detecting collision in operating frequency band and another frequency band, and communication method thereof
65 8,902,686 Memory device, operation method thereof, and memory system having the same
66 8,902,673 Method of testing a semiconductor memory device
67 8,902,666 Programming method for nonvolatile memory device
68 8,902,660 Semiconductor devices having wiring with contact pads and dummy lines
69 8,902,655 Nonvolatile memory device providing negative voltage
70 8,902,651 Nonvolatile memory device, programming method of nonvolatile memory device and memory system including nonvolatile memory device
71 8,902,649 Nonvolatile memory device and related method of operation
72 8,902,633 Resistive memory device comprising selectively disabled write driver
73 8,902,632 Hybrid resistive memory devices and methods of operating and manufacturing the same
74 8,902,628 Resistive memory device and sensing margin trimming method thereof
75 8,902,596 Data storage device
76 8,902,563 Multilayer ceramic electronic component
77 8,902,542 Disk drive device having a projecting portion and a mounted laminated core
78 8,902,509 Varifocal lens structure, method of manufacturing the varifocal lens structure, optical lens module including the varifocal lens structure, and method of manufacturing the optical lens module
79 8,902,453 System for requiring authentication for generation of new printing job profiles from a client device
80 8,902,414 Method of measuring uniformity of exposing light and exposure system for performing the same
81 8,902,412 Defect inspection apparatus and defect inspection method using the same
82 8,902,411 3-dimensional image acquisition apparatus and method of extracting depth information in the 3D image acquisition apparatus
83 8,902,392 Thin film transistor array substrate and liquid crystal display panel having the same
84 8,902,388 Display device having a domain-forming layer with a depression pattern and method of manufacturing the same
85 8,902,386 Liquid crystal display
86 8,902,362 Broadcast receiving device and method
87 8,902,356 Image sensor module having image sensor package
88 8,902,345 Method and apparatus for synthesizing two or more images together with one another via divided display screen
89 8,902,309 Apparatus of acquiring 3D information, method for driving light source thereof, and system for acquiring 3D information
90 8,902,273 Display apparatus having video call function, method thereof, and video call system
91 8,902,264 Display apparatus and method of driving the same
92 8,902,263 Display device and driving method thereof
93 8,902,247 Method and apparatus for brightness-controlling image conversion
94 8,902,229 Method and system for rendering three dimensional views of a scene
95 8,902,215 Method and mobile terminal for adjusting focus of a projected image
96 8,902,214 Boosting circuit providing a plurality of voltages for latch-up free boosting and associated methods thereof
97 8,902,208 Organic light emitting display device
98 8,902,207 Organic light emitting display with brightness control and method of driving the same
99 8,902,189 Method of detecting touch positions and touch position detection apparatus for performing the method
100 8,902,188 Digitizer
101 8,902,187 Touch input method and apparatus of portable terminal
102 8,902,177 Touch screen panel and fabricating method thereof
103 8,902,148 Backlight driver receiving serially provided optical data via a serial bus and liquid crystal display including the same
104 8,902,146 Array substrate and display panel having the same
105 8,902,142 Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
106 8,902,124 Digital image signal processing apparatus for displaying different images respectively on display units and method of controlling the same
107 8,902,088 Minimum energy coding method and apparatus for performing direct current (DC) balancing in body area network or low power network
108 8,902,047 RFID system and method of transmitting large data of passive RFID
109 8,902,021 Radio frequency filter and radio frequency duplexer including bulk acoustic wave resonators in a ladder and a bridge
110 8,901,963 Level shifting device and display device including the same
111 8,901,936 Array test device, method for testing an organic light emitting display device, and method for manufacturing the organic light emitting display device
112 8,901,782 Display apparatus, power supply apparatus and power supply method thereof
113 8,901,750 Semiconductor package including multiple chips and separate groups of leads
114 8,901,749 Semiconductor packages and electronic systems including the same
115 8,901,746 Methods of manufacturing NAND flash memory devices
116 8,901,745 Three-dimensional semiconductor devices
117 8,901,727 Semiconductor packages, methods of manufacturing semiconductor packages, and systems including semiconductor packages
118 8,901,718 Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof
119 8,901,694 Optical input/output device and method of fabricating the same
120 8,901,691 Touch sensing substrate and method of manufacturing the same
121 8,901,663 Semiconductor devices having passive element in recessed portion of device isolation pattern and methods of fabricating the same
122 8,901,646 Semiconductor device
123 8,901,645 Semiconductor devices including bit line contact plug and peripheral transitor
124 8,901,643 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
125 8,901,636 Three-dimensional semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
126 8,901,630 Transistor, semiconductor device, and semiconductor module including the same
127 8,901,598 Light emitting device
128 8,901,586 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
129 8,901,581 Semiconductor light emitting device having multi-cell array and manufacturing method thereof, light emitting module, and illumination apparatus
130 8,901,577 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
131 8,901,564 Array substrate and method of manufacturing the same
132 8,901,563 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
133 8,901,550 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
134 8,901,538 Nano resonator and manufacturing method thereof
135 8,901,533 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
136 8,901,526 Variable resistive memory device
137 8,901,498 Unit pixels, depth sensors and three-dimensional image sensors including the same
138 8,901,009 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
139 8,901,008 Substrate plasma-processing apparatus
140 8,900,976 Organic layer deposition apparatus, organic light-emitting display apparatus, and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting display apparatus
141 8,900,944 Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device
142 8,900,942 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
143 8,900,898 Organic light-emitting display having light blocking layer formed over pixel defining layer
144 8,900,799 Thin film patterning method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the thin film patterning method
145 8,900,762 Fuel cell with recovering unit and method for driving the same
146 8,900,748 Negative active material and lithium battery including the negative active material
147 8,900,742 Secondary battery and method of manufacturing the secondary battery
148 8,900,741 Protective circuit board and battery pack using the same
149 8,900,737 Energy storage system
150 8,900,732 Apparatus and method for controlling temperature of battery
151 8,900,725 Dendrimer and organic light-emitting device using the same
152 8,900,723 Organic light emitting diode display
153 8,900,697 Surface modified silica by alkyl sulfonated tetrazole compound, preparing method thereof, and resin composition containing the same
154 8,900,662 Thin film depositing apparatus and thin film depositing method used by the same
155 8,900,582 Deimmunized anti c-Met humanized antibodies and uses thereof
156 8,900,468 Methods of forming a pattern
157 8,900,366 Apparatus for depositing a multilayer coating on discrete sheets
158 8,900,345 Separation membrane, hydrogen separation membrane including the separation membrane, and device including the hydrogen separation membrane
159 8,900,147 Performing image process and size measurement upon a three-dimensional ultrasound image in an ultrasound system
160 8,900,144 Diagnosis apparatus and method of operating the same
161 8,900,025 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
162 8,899,714 Inkjet apparatus for depositing liquid crystal
163 8,899,558 Water level sensor and heat exchanger sterilizing and humidifying apparatus having the same
164 8,899,392 Damper for decreasing a pipe vibration
165 8,899,174 Device and method for fabricating display device
166 8,898,902 Printing system, printing apparatuses, and methods of forming nozzles of printing apparatuses