Samsung patents granted on 02 January 2007

81 US patents granted on 02 January 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,159,202 Methods, apparatus and computer program products for generating selective netlists that include interconnection influences at pre-layout and post-layout design stages
2 7,159,165 Optical recording medium, data recording or reproducing apparatus and data recording or reproducing method used by the data recording or reproducing apparatus
3 7,159,153 Semiconductor integrated circuit with security function
4 7,159,130 Portable computer using a fuel cell
5 7,159,126 Digital content cryptograph and process
6 7,159,078 Computer system embedding sequential buffers therein for performing a digital signal processing data access operation and a method thereof
7 7,158,864 Interlock apparatus and method for supplying gas to a semiconductor manufacturing device
8 7,158,811 Circuit for supplying ear-microphone bias power for ear/microphone in mobile terminal
9 7,158,777 Authentication method for fast handover in a wireless local area network
10 7,158,768 Switching filter module for dynamic multi-channel selection
11 7,158,758 High-speed–WPAN and method for enabling communication between devices located in different piconets
12 7,158,748 Fusing device of an image forming apparatus and method thereof
13 7,158,741 Developing device for liquid electrophotographic image forming apparatus
14 7,158,645 Orthogonal circular microphone array system and method for detecting three-dimensional direction of sound source using the same
15 7,158,595 Apparatus and method for acquiring frame synchronization in a mobile communication system
16 7,158,560 RF receiver having improved signal-to-noise ratio and method of operation
17 7,158,557 Channel estimation apparatus and method
18 7,158,550 Optical element module package and method for manufacturing the same
19 7,158,495 Packet data transmitting/receiving method in mobile communication system
20 7,158,476 OFDM receiver using polar coordinate system and method thereof
21 7,158,465 Apparatus and method for detecting and correcting relative address on optical storage medium
22 7,158,461 Adaptive writing method for high-density optical recording apparatus and circuit thereof
23 7,158,423 Semiconductor memory device and array internal power voltage generating method thereof
24 7,158,419 Methods of fabricating flash memory devices including multiple dummy cell array regions
25 7,158,418 Non-volatile memory device capable of changing increment of program voltage to mode of operation
26 7,158,371 Portable swing-type digital communication device with step compensating mechanism
27 7,158,347 Grounding connection between suspension flexure and arm actuator
28 7,158,343 Disk clamp of hard disk drive to prevent slippage of disk and damage to spindle motor
29 7,158,337 Method and apparatus for providing positional information on a disk
30 7,158,336 Window timing adjustment for spiral bursts
31 7,158,335 Method for resonance identification in hard disk drives
32 7,158,330 Method and apparatus for servo track writing by track following on a dedicated servo disk on a fluid spindle bearing
33 7,158,323 Apparatus for switching optical low pass filters for use in optical instrument
34 7,158,246 Method for controlling fax data transmission according to an outputting way of a receiving part
35 7,158,201 Thin film transistor array panel for a liquid crystal display
36 7,158,196 Substrate for liquid crystal display with a substantially u-shaped black matrix and method of fabricating the same
37 7,158,195 Thin film transistor substrate
38 7,158,193 Image misconvergence correction apparatus for less switching noise influence
39 7,158,173 Method for determining environmental brightness to control display brightness in mobile communication terminal including camera having automatic gain control function, and method for controlling display brightness using the same
40 7,158,153 Method and circuit for adjusting background contrast in a display device
41 7,158,101 PDP driving device and method
42 7,158,085 Antenna apparatus for sliding-type portable terminal
43 7,158,084 Variable antenna apparatus for a mobile terminal
44 7,158,066 Pipelined analog-to-digital converter having enhanced high frequency performance characteristics
45 7,158,006 Mobile communication terminal for controlling a vehicle using a short message and method for controlling the same
46 7,157,968 Method and apparatus for protecting a switching amplifier from excess current
47 7,157,960 Apparatus and method for stabilizing a boosted voltage, apparatus and method for generating a boosted voltage having the same
48 7,157,941 Differential switching circuit and digital-to-analog converter
49 7,157,931 Termination circuits having pull-down and pull-up circuits and related methods
50 7,157,855 Plasma display panel
51 7,157,852 Organic electroluminescent display device using low resistance cathode
52 7,157,849 Field emission display including mesh grid and focusing electrode and its method of manufacture
53 7,157,824 Coin type vibrating motor
54 7,157,770 MOS transistor with recessed gate and method of fabricating the same
55 7,157,764 Semiconductor device having isolation pattern in interlayer insulating layer between capacitor contact plugs and methods of fabricating the same
56 7,157,762 Semiconductor devices having improved gate insulating layers and related methods of fabricating such devices
57 7,157,741 Silicon optoelectronic device and optical signal input and/or output apparatus using the same
58 7,157,648 Sliding module for portable terminal
59 7,157,366 Method of forming metal interconnection layer of semiconductor device
60 7,157,204 Soluble polyimide for photosensitive polyimide precursor and photosensitive polyimide precursor composition comprising the soluble polyimide
61 7,157,196 Naphthalenetetracarboxylic acid diimide derivatives and electrophotographic photoconductive material having the same
62 7,157,029 Method for producing molding compound resin tablet for wavelength conversion, and method for manufacturing white light emitting diode by using the production method
63 7,156,892 Filter protection device for preventing damage to an air filter
64 7,156,722 Platen structure of polishing apparatus for processing semiconductor wafer and method for exchanging polishing pad affixed to the same
65 7,156,538 LED package for backlight unit
66 7,156,388 Inkjet printer and paper feeding method therefor
67 7,156,285 Compression bonding method and apparatus using light
68 7,156,047 Apparatus for fabricating semiconductor device using plasma
69 7,155,915 Temperature controller for a semiconductor-fabricating tool
70 7,155,837 Geomagnetic sensor for detecting dip angle and method thereof
71 7,155,836 Method and apparatus for using magnetic field
72 7,155,774 Locking device for extension pipe of vacuum cleaner
73 7,155,772 Fixing device for attaching/detaching dust receptacle of cyclone-type vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner having the same
74 D534,696 Cleaner
75 D534,638 Air conditioner
76 D534,556 Refrigerator
77 D534,555 Refrigerator
78 D534,554 Refrigerator
79 D534,518 Portable telephone
80 D534,515 Mobile phone
81 D534,510 Projection television