Samsung patents granted on 02 July 2013

115 US patents granted on 02 July 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D685,496 Disk for checking body fluid
2 D685,414 Printer
3 D685,385 Display screen with generated image
4 D685,337 TV receiver
5 D685,326 Adapter
6 8,479,270 Method for allocating authorization key identifier for wireless portable internet system
7 8,479,232 Display apparatus and method for scheduling broadcast using the same
8 8,479,224 Disk drive
9 8,479,102 Apparatus and method for setting user interface according to user preference
10 8,479,085 Memory system with error correction decoder architecture having reduced latency and increased throughput
11 8,479,083 Flash memory devices having multi-bit memory cells therein with improved read reliability
12 8,479,077 Memory device and bit error detection method thereof
13 8,479,072 Apparatus and method for automatic retransmission request (ARQ) feedback in wireless communication system
14 8,478,956 Computing system and method controlling memory of computing system
15 8,478,928 Data storage device and information processing system incorporating data storage device
16 8,478,822 Device and method of sharing contents based on time synchronization
17 8,478,747 Situation-dependent recommendation based on clustering
18 8,478,521 Method and terminal for providing a route in a navigation system using satellite image
19 8,478,517 Method and apparatus to provide location information
20 8,478,367 Portable terminal having sliding module
21 8,478,321 Apparatus and method for allocating channel and power in communication system
22 8,478,302 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving location based service resource allocation information in a mobile communication system
23 8,478,287 Method for positioning target terminal while protecting privacy of user thereof
24 8,478,271 Communications apparatus and method for dispersing traffic
25 8,478,244 Mobile device, and apparatus and method for transmitting content for the mobile device
26 8,478,204 System and method for antenna training of beamforming vectors having reuse of directional information
27 8,478,182 Printing medium alignment device with rollers attached and image forming apparatus having the same
28 8,478,142 Image forming apparatus and toner sensor status sensing method thereof and determination of agitator abnormality
29 8,478,139 Control method of host device reporting error information to a user, image forming system, image forming apparatus and host device employing the same
30 8,478,119 Lens movement control method and lens movement control apparatus of camera module
31 8,478,085 Inkjet head chip and inkjet print head using the same
32 8,478,075 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
33 8,478,058 Apparatus and method for reducing noise from an image
34 8,478,056 Method of and apparatus for detecting error in image data stream
35 8,478,004 Method of controlling digital image processing apparatus for performing moving picture photographing mode, and digital image processing apparatus using the method
36 8,477,985 Customized earphone
37 8,477,962 Microphone signal compensation apparatus and method thereof
38 8,477,951 Front surround system and method of reproducing sound using psychoacoustic models
39 8,477,948 Method and apparatus for forming security channel in short range communication
40 8,477,880 Method and apparatus for signal detection based on MMSE in MIMO communication system
41 8,477,873 Apparatus for generating frequency signal
42 8,477,790 Apparatus and method for operating relay link in relay broadband wireless communication system
43 8,477,722 Handoff control method and a mobile station employing the same
44 8,477,667 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving control information in a broadband wireless communication system using half frequency division duplex
45 8,477,663 Multiple input multiple output communication system and communication method of configuring codebook
46 8,477,554 Semiconductor memory device
47 8,477,553 Fuse circuit and semiconductor device having the same
48 8,477,546 Semiconductor memory devices having redundancy arrays
49 8,477,538 Flash memory device and a method of programming the same
50 8,477,533 Over-sampling read operation for a flash memory device
51 8,477,532 Flash memory device configured to switch wordline and initialization voltages
52 8,477,524 Nonvolatile memory devices and related methods and systems
53 8,477,451 Shroud integrated cover and hard disk drive including the same
54 8,477,450 Base for motor and hard disk drive including the same
55 8,477,449 Base for motor and hard disk drive including the same
56 8,477,366 Apparatus, method and medium outputting wide gamut space image
57 8,477,288 Digital exposure method and digital exposure device for performing the method
58 8,477,279 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel usable with the liquid crystal display
59 8,477,277 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display panel having the same
60 8,477,265 Backlight unit and display apparatus having the same
61 8,477,253 Liquid crystal display
62 8,477,251 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
63 8,477,243 Program guide apparatus acquiring program guide information and/or providing for program guide navigation using same
64 8,477,208 Digital image processing apparatus to simulate auto-focus, method of controlling the apparatus, and recording medium having recorded thereon a program for executing the method
65 8,477,157 Apparatus for processing image signal, program, and apparatus for displaying image signal
66 8,477,144 Image display system and method for increasing efficiency of bus bandwidth
67 8,477,133 Method and apparatus for generating three-dimensional finite element mesh
68 8,477,125 Photo sensor and organic light-emitting display using the same
69 8,477,120 Touch screen system
70 8,477,093 Device for adjusting transmission signal level based on channel loading
71 8,477,089 Liquid crystal display
72 8,477,055 Resistor devices and digital-to-analog converters using the same
73 8,476,994 Electromechanical switch and method of manufacturing the same
74 8,476,959 Radio frequency switch circuit
75 8,476,957 Voltage level shifter
76 8,476,938 Device and method for generating three mode signal
77 8,476,908 Signal capture system and test apparatus including the same
78 8,476,907 Electronic device with power tester
79 8,476,806 Piezoelectric actuator module
80 8,476,802 Core and motor having the same
81 8,476,767 Stacked layer type semiconductor device
82 8,476,763 Semiconductor device conductive pattern structures including dummy conductive patterns
83 8,476,722 Magnetic memory device
84 8,476,715 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
85 8,476,713 Vertical-type semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
86 8,476,700 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
87 8,476,692 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
88 8,476,682 Image sensor
89 8,476,670 Light emitting devices and methods of manufacturing the same
90 8,476,666 Light emitting elements, light emitting devices including light emitting elements and methods of manufacturing such light emitting elements and/or devices
91 8,476,639 Group III nitride semiconductor and group III nitride semiconductor structure
92 8,476,636 Poly-Si thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
93 8,476,634 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
94 8,476,633 Thin film transistor array substrate for a display panel and a method for manufacturing a thin film transistor array substrate for a display panel
95 8,476,631 Thin film transistor with offset structure and electrodes in a symmetrical arrangement
96 8,476,596 Thin film transistor array substrate for X-ray detector and X-ray detector
97 8,476,155 Formation of a high-K crystalline dielectric composition
98 8,476,130 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating semiconductor device
99 8,476,123 Method for manufacturing thin film transistor array panel
100 8,476,103 Methods of fabricating organic thin film transistors
101 8,476,093 Method of manufacturing a display substrate
102 8,476,090 Method forming a semiconductor light emitting device with perforations formed within
103 8,476,046 Method of pre-treating and saccharifying algae biomass
104 8,475,998 Compound synthesis method, microarray, acid-transfer composition, and biochip composition
105 8,475,995 Toner having core-shell structure and method of preparing the same
106 8,475,980 Methods of forming semiconductor devices using photolithographic shot grouping
107 8,475,950 Secondary battery
108 8,475,588 Wafer structure and epitaxial growth method for growing the same
109 8,475,238 Polishing pads including sidewalls and related polishing apparatuses
110 8,475,049 Fluid dynamic bearing assembly
111 8,475,038 Temperature sensor and method of compensating for change in output characteristic due to varying temperature
112 8,475,027 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
113 8,474,937 Apparatus for and method of controlling jetting of ink in inkjet printer
114 8,474,141 Method of modifying a surface of a nozzle of a liquid dispenser used for manufacturing a liquid crystal display
115 8,474,135 Method for fabricating printed circuit board