Samsung patents granted on 02 June 2009

121 US patents granted on 02 June 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,543,314 Optical disc drive having impact absorbing member
2 7,543,312 Optical pickup device
3 7,543,264 High frequency signal transmission line having ground line blocks to reduce noise
4 7,543,219 Recording and/or reproducing method, recording and/or reproducing apparatus, and computer readable recording medium storing program for performing the method
5 7,543,218 DVD decoding method and apparatus using selective po-correction
6 7,543,210 Semiconductor device and test system thereof
7 7,543,201 Semiconductor devices including test circuits and related methods of testing
8 7,543,114 System and controller with reduced bus utilization time
9 7,543,106 Apparatus and method for controlling refresh of semiconductor memory device according to positional information of memory chips
10 7,543,099 Digital multimedia device
11 7,543,012 Method and apparatus to perform squaring operation in finite field
12 7,543,011 Montgomery modular multiplier and method thereof using carry save addition
13 7,542,765 Method for handoff in mobile communication system
14 7,542,714 Used toner collecting device and an image forming apparatus having the same
15 7,542,705 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus including a developing roller for a developing unit using non-magnetic mono-component toner, and developing method using the same
16 7,542,701 Process cartridge and an image forming apparatus having the same
17 7,542,700 Image forming process module having a detachable waste developer storage tank and image forming apparatus having the same
18 7,542,693 Phase controlling device, fuser controlling device having the same, and phase controlling method
19 7,542,618 Apparatus and method for data processing by using a plurality of data processing apparatuses and recording medium storing program for executing the method
20 7,542,563 Retractable headset for an audio playback system
21 7,542,530 Apparatus and method for controlling a digital automatic gain controller in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access communication system
22 7,542,518 Predistortion apparatus and method for compensating for a nonlinear distortion characteristic of a power amplifier using a look-up table
23 7,542,507 Decision feedback equalization input buffer
24 7,542,449 Transferring context during hand-over of mobile node in a wireless network
25 7,542,442 Uplink scheduling method in VoIP
26 7,542,441 Resource allocation method in a multicarrier communication system
27 7,542,440 Apparatus and method for providing quality of service for mixed traffic in a wireless network base station
28 7,542,438 Reliable multicast data retransmission method by grouping wireless terminals in wireless communication medium and apparatus for the same
29 7,542,415 Apparatus for performing a packet flow control and method of performing the packet flow control
30 7,542,400 Laser diode driver, method of driving the laser diode driver, and method of initializing an optical recording and reproducing apparatus
31 7,542,392 Optical information storage medium having a transition area provided between first area and second area of lead-in area and reproducing and/or recording apparatus for use therewith
32 7,542,388 Recording medium for storing defect management information for recording real time data, defect managing method therefor, and real time data recording method
33 7,542,386 Optical disc player, method, and media compensating for tilt/skew using RF envelope
34 7,542,372 Circuit and methods for eliminating skew between signals in semiconductor integrated circuit
35 7,542,366 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with wired-or structure blocking data transmission from defective page buffer
36 7,542,356 Semiconductor memory device and method for reducing cell activation during write operations
37 7,542,354 Reprogrammable nonvolatile memory devices and methods
38 7,542,350 Methods of restoring data in flash memory devices and related flash memory device memory systems
39 7,542,346 Memory device and method for operating the same
40 7,542,328 Method of detecting bit line bridge by selectively floating even-or odd-numbered bit lines of memory device
41 7,542,286 Display device with improved heat dissipation
42 7,542,266 Cylindrical battery
43 7,542,237 Apparatus and method for slider including shape memory alloy pads in a hard disk drive
44 7,542,227 Flying height measurement and control with user data signal
45 7,542,226 Algorithm decoupling altitude effect from temperature/humidity sensor
46 7,542,190 Tandem laser scanning unit includes an optical scanning lens includes at least one sub-scanning cross-section having an aspherical surface in a sub-scanning direction to reduce a curvature of the scanning line
47 7,542,157 Method and apparatus for printing accessed data over a network using a virtual machine applet
48 7,542,153 Method and apparatus for fast forming images using toner
49 7,542,150 Displacement interferometer system and exposer using the same
50 7,542,125 Method for cutting an LCD substrate using coolant having low surface tension and low viscosity properties in which a partial cut, cooling with coolant and then a full cut takes place after coolant is removed
51 7,542,112 Four color liquid crystal display and panel therefor
52 7,542,095 Method and system of noise-adaptive motion detection in an interlaced video sequence
53 7,542,063 Laser irradiation apparatus and method of fabricating organic light emitting display using the same
54 7,542,061 Thermal image forming apparatus
55 7,542,048 Apparatus and method for converting metadata color temperature and apparatus and method for providing metadata
56 7,542,030 Display panel driving circuits and methods for driving image data from multiple sources within a frame
57 7,542,027 Display system
58 7,542,022 Flat panel display capable of digital data transmission
59 7,542,020 Power supply device and plasma display device including power supply device
60 7,542,019 Light emitting display
61 7,542,016 Electron emission device (EED) with low background-brightness
62 7,542,015 Driving device of plasma display panel
63 7,542,014 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
64 7,541,947 Semiconductor devices, a system including semiconductor devices and methods thereof
65 7,541,891 Dual band digital multimedia broadcasting receiver
66 7,541,845 Signal receiver apparatus and method for detecting logic state represented by an input signal and semiconductor integrated circuit device having the same
67 7,541,840 Buffer circuit having electrostatic discharge protection
68 7,541,770 Battery module having structural strength and efficient cooling
69 7,541,768 Step motor control circuit and method of generating step motor control signal
70 7,541,741 Plasma display panel with sustain electrodes accommodating brightness
71 7,541,740 Plasma display device
72 7,541,736 Thieno[3,2-b]indole based polymer and organo-electroluminescent device using the same
73 7,541,735 Organic electroluminescent device having a transparent layer
74 7,541,732 Electron emission with electron emission regions on cathode electrodes
75 7,541,730 Sealing structure of field emission display device and method of manufacturing the same
76 7,541,725 Electron emission display including a cathode having resistance layer electrically connecting isolation electrodes having electron emission regions to a line electrode
77 7,541,691 Standby power supply apparatus
78 7,541,682 Semiconductor chip having bond pads
79 7,541,680 Semiconductor device package
80 7,541,664 Lead frame and semiconductor device having the lead frame
81 7,541,662 Packaging chip having inductor therein
82 7,541,656 Semiconductor devices with enlarged recessed gate electrodes
83 7,541,653 Mask ROM devices of semiconductor devices and method of forming the same
84 7,541,645 Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors having buffer regions below source and drain regions
85 7,541,633 Phase-change RAM and method for fabricating the same
86 7,541,628 Image sensors including active pixel sensor arrays
87 7,541,571 Image sensor having first and second charge transmitters
88 7,541,424 Oligothiophene-arylene derivatives and organic thin film transistors using the same
89 7,541,390 Composition for preparing electron emitter, electron emitter produced by using the composition, and electron emission device comprising the electron emitter
90 7,541,290 Methods of forming mask patterns on semiconductor wafers that compensate for nonuniform center-to-edge etch rates during photolithographic processing
91 7,541,288 Methods of forming integrated circuit structures using insulator deposition and insulator gap filling techniques
92 7,541,282 Methods of forming metal-nitride layers in contact holes
93 7,541,276 Methods for forming dual damascene wiring for semiconductor devices using protective via capping layer
94 7,541,252 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device including a self-aligned cell diode
95 7,541,243 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having gate electrodes formed on non-uniformly thick gate insulating layers
96 7,541,234 Methods of fabricating integrated circuit transistors by simultaneously removing a photoresist layer and a carbon-containing layer on different active areas
97 7,541,225 Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel that includes using chemical mechanical polishing of a conductive film to form a pixel electrode connected to a drain electrode
98 7,541,223 Array substrate and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
99 7,541,212 Image sensor including an anti-reflection pattern and method of manufacturing the same
100 7,541,207 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
101 7,541,206 Nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
102 7,541,199 Methods of forming magnetic memory devices including oxidizing and etching magnetic layers
103 7,541,118 Phase shift mask
104 7,541,110 Secondary battery
105 7,540,970 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device
106 7,540,913 Coating solution for forming high dielectric constant thin film and method for forming dielectric thin film using the same
107 7,540,743 Memory module, memory module socket and mainboard using same
108 7,540,663 Hydrodynamic fluid film bearing and bearing housing with cooling capacity
109 7,540,635 LED light source lens having upper, central and lower parts
110 D593,573 Video image display for portable phone
111 D593,572 Video image display for portable phone
112 D593,547 Bluetooth headset
113 D593,546 Wireless earset
114 D593,538 Headset for portable phone
115 D593,533 Portable phone
116 D593,531 Portable phone
117 D593,530 Portable phone
118 D593,529 Cellular phone
119 D593,519 Portable phone
120 D593,518 Portable phone
121 D593,405 Mobile phone accessory package