Samsung patents granted on 02 March 2010

110 US patents granted on 02 March 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE41,154 Adaptive variable-length coding and decoding methods for image data
2 D611,032 Receiver
3 D611,026 Mobile phone
4 D611,024 Cellular phone
5 D611,018 Portable telephone
6 7,673,300 Segmented linker using spatial locality of reference for over-the-air software updates
7 7,673,225 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving data in a communication system using structured low density parity check code
8 7,673,220 Flash memory device having single page buffer structure and related programming method
9 7,673,215 Apparatus and method for using an error correcting code to achieve data compression in a data communication network
10 7,673,209 Test pattern generating circuit and semiconductor memory device having the same
11 7,673,177 Circuit and method for providing PCB power-on self test capability for peripheral devices
12 7,673,124 Filtered branch-prediction predicate generation
13 7,672,836 Method and apparatus for estimating pitch of signal
14 7,672,703 Electrode for measuring electrocardiogram and electrocardiogram device including the same
15 7,672,702 Noninvasive in vivo measuring system and noninvasive in vivo measuring method by correcting influence of Hemoglobin
16 7,672,699 Driving apparatus using magnetic substance for sliding type portable wireless terminal
17 7,672,698 Specific absorption rate reducer, mobile terminal using the same and method therefor
18 7,672,691 SIM/UIM card arrangement in portable wireless terminal
19 7,672,670 Method and system for providing status information for Broadcast/Multicast Service in a mobile communication system
20 7,672,668 Calibration system architecture for calibrating multiple types of base stations in a wireless network
21 7,672,652 Coordinator’s data transmission method, device’s data reception method, coordinator using the coordinator’s data transmission method, and device using the device’s data reception method in Zigbee system
22 7,672,643 System and method for transmitter leak-over cancellation with closed loop optimization
23 7,672,614 Driving apparatus, process cartridge and image forming device having the same
24 7,672,584 Digital device
25 7,672,547 Printed circuit board including optical waveguide and method of manufacturing the same
26 7,672,470 Audio/video device having a volume control function for an external audio reproduction unit by using volume control buttons of a remote controller and volume control method therefor
27 7,672,463 Apparatus to control temperature of audio amp
28 7,672,364 Self-calibration method for use in a mobile transceiver
29 7,672,333 Non-agile channelization method for multichannel MAC
30 7,672,307 Apparatus and method for transparent layer 2 routing in a mobile ad hoc network
31 7,672,304 Method and system for switching frames in a switching system
32 7,672,302 Router using switching-before-routing packet processing and method of operation
33 7,672,290 Dual-mode mobile terminal and method for displaying time information
34 7,672,259 Wireless communication system for allocating transmission period
35 7,672,200 Method of inter-layer search in a disk drive
36 7,672,170 Flash memory device and program method thereof
37 7,672,167 Non-volatile memory device
38 7,672,166 Method of programming in a non-volatile memory device and non-volatile memory device for performing the same
39 7,672,162 Non-volatile memory device, memory system, and LSB read method
40 7,672,160 3-level non-volatile semiconductor memory devices and related methods
41 7,672,156 Phase change random access memory device
42 7,672,155 Resistive memory devices including selected reference memory cells
43 7,672,154 Semiconductor memory device and method of programming the same
44 7,672,137 Plasma display module and plasma display apparatus including the same
45 7,672,081 Perpendicular magnetic recording head
46 7,671,969 Semiconductor wafer flatness correction apparatus and method
47 7,671,959 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
48 7,671,951 Liquid crystal display
49 7,671,927 Method for reducing channel switching delay in digital broadcast receiver and digital broadcast receiver using the same
50 7,671,926 Radio frequency modulator
51 7,671,925 Circuits, methods, and computer program products for reducing cross-color artifacts in video data
52 7,671,923 Digital processing system and method for tracking subcarrier included in video signal
53 7,671,910 Interpolator, method, and digital image signal processor for adaptive filtering of Bayer pattern color signal
54 7,671,909 Method and apparatus for processing Bayer-pattern digital color video signal
55 7,671,908 Offset correction during correlated double sampling in CMOS image sensor
56 7,671,904 Apparatus and method for capturing images
57 7,671,866 Memory controller with graphic processing function
58 7,671,855 LCD, and driving device and method thereof
59 7,671,833 Touch sensible display device
60 7,671,831 Output buffer with improved output deviation and source driver for flat panel display having the output buffer
61 7,671,800 Beamforming apparatus and method in a smart antenna system
62 7,671,695 Parallel coupled CPW line filter
63 7,671,693 System and method for a tunable impedance matching network
64 7,671,692 Apparatus and method for compensating carrier feedthrough in quadrature modulation system
65 7,671,661 Integrated circuit and method for automatically tuning process and temperature variations
66 7,671,651 Duty cycle correction circuit of delay locked loop and delay locked loop having the duty cycle correction circuit
67 7,671,632 Transmission system and method
68 7,671,617 Test system to test multi-chip package compensating a signal distortion
69 7,671,616 Semiconductor probe having embossed resistive tip and method of fabricating the same
70 7,671,572 Voltage boost circuit and voltage boosting method using voltage boost clock signal with varying frequency
71 7,671,526 Light emission device and display device including the light emission device
72 7,671,525 Electron emission device and electron emission display having the same
73 7,671,514 Electroactive solid-state actuator and method of manufacturing the same
74 7,671,443 Integrated circuit fuse structures including spatter shields within opening of an insulating layer and spaced apart from a sidewall of the opening
75 7,671,435 Pixel having two semiconductor layers, image sensor including the pixel, and image processing system including the image sensor
76 7,671,427 Method of manufacturing film bulk acoustic resonator using internal stress of metallic film and resonator manufactured thereby
77 7,671,420 Semiconductor devices having faceted channels and methods of fabricating such devices
78 7,671,419 Transistor having coupling-preventing electrode layer, fabricating method thereof, and image sensor having the same
79 7,671,406 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
80 7,671,400 Semiconductor memory device including double spacers on sidewall of flating gate, electronic device including the same
81 7,671,395 Phase change memory cells having a cell diode and a bottom electrode self-aligned with each other
82 7,671,389 SRAM devices having buried layer patterns
83 7,671,368 Capacitor and light emitting display using the same
84 7,671,366 Thin film transistor and organic light emitting device including thin film transistor
85 7,671,364 Thin film transistor substrate for display unit
86 7,671,361 Semiconductor device including fuse focus detector, fabricating method thereof and laser repair method using the fuse focus detector
87 7,671,359 Thin film transistor, a method for preparing the same and a flat panel display employing the same
88 7,671,314 Image sensor including active pixel sensor array with photoelectric conversion region
89 7,671,285 Dome switch assembly and mobile communication terminal having the same
90 7,671,272 Hole transporting material and solid electrolyte and photovoltaic device using same
91 7,670,942 Method of fabricating self-aligned contact pad using chemical mechanical polishing process
92 7,670,916 Semiconductor device doped with Sb, Ga, or Bi and method of manufacturing the same
93 7,670,912 Methods of fabricating multichannel metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors
94 7,670,910 Method of forming self-aligned inner gate recess channel transistor
95 7,670,904 Nonvolatile memory device and method for fabricating the same
96 7,670,878 Method for manufacturing semiconductor package
97 7,670,862 Silicon optoelectronic device, manufacturing method thereof, and image input and/or output apparatus using the same
98 7,670,772 Microfluidic chip for multiple bioassay and method of manufacturing the same
99 7,670,761 Method of forming a fine pattern of a semiconductor device using a resist reflow measurement key
100 7,670,748 Cyclic compound, photoresist composition and method of forming a photoresist pattern using the same
101 7,670,725 Optical masks and methods for measuring aberration of a beam
102 7,670,713 Fuel cell electrode and membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell system
103 7,670,692 Cyclometalated transition metal complex and organic electroluminescent device using the same
104 7,670,691 Cyclometalated transition metal complex and organic electroluminescent display device using the same
105 7,670,582 Mesoporous carbon and method of producing the same
106 7,670,399 Exhaust pipe having turbulence wings and an exhaust system
107 7,670,134 Injection molding apparatus
108 7,670,115 Turbo fan
109 7,670,019 Backlight assembly, liquid crystal display having the same and method thereof
110 7,669,267 Ball balancer control method of washing machine