Samsung patents granted on 02 November 2010

135 US patents granted on 02 November 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D626,588 Copy machine attached by function of scanner and printer
2 D626,565 Micro audio
3 D626,564 A/V receiver
4 D626,557 Laser scanner
5 D626,546 Notebook computer
6 D626,541 Cradle for a cellular phone
7 D626,528 Mobile phone
8 D626,527 Mobile phone
9 D626,525 Mobile phone
10 D626,343 Electronic frame
11 7,827,564 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
12 7,827,470 Method of detecting error event in codeword reproduced by perpendicular magnetic recording medium and apparatus using the same
13 7,827,427 System-on-chip embodying sleep mode by using retention input/out device
14 7,827,422 Portable electronic device having double-side display powered by corresponding power supply
15 7,827,347 Memory system, multi-bit flash memory device, and associated methods
16 7,827,328 Method and apparatus for a disk storage device including file system and at least one network interface
17 7,827,322 Method and apparatus for protecting data during storage/retrieval
18 7,827,275 Method and system for remotely accessing devices in a network
19 7,827,267 Method and apparatus for content service
20 7,827,126 Method for changing emotion of software robot
21 7,826,926 Robot and method of localizing the same
22 7,826,843 Method for selecting communication network by wireless terminal
23 7,826,836 Cell base station virtual RF cage
24 7,826,821 Emergency message transmission method and mobile terminal
25 7,826,809 Method and apparatus for controlling gain of transmit antenna in a communication system
26 7,826,759 Power control method and apparatus to heat a heating roller
27 7,826,756 Method for controlling image forming apparatus
28 7,826,713 Storage medium storing multimedia data for reproduction of AV data and programming function, and reproducing apparatus and method thereof
29 7,826,671 Method and system for quantization layer reduction in digital image processing
30 7,826,615 Scrambling apparatus and method using conversion of motion vector information of video data
31 7,826,584 Phase locked loops capable of burn-in testing with increased locking range and burn-in testing method thereof
32 7,826,571 Method and apparatus for detecting signal in a MIMO communication system
33 7,826,551 Input and output driver circuits for differential signal transfer, and differential signal transfer apparatus and methods
34 7,826,543 Mobile station in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing access system and transmit power control method thereof
35 7,826,529 H.263/MPEG video encoder for efficiently controlling bit rates and method of controlling the same
36 7,826,517 Inter-carrier interference cancellation method and receiver using the same in a MIMO-OFDM system
37 7,826,505 III-V group GaN-based compound semiconductor device
38 7,826,473 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data in wireless network
39 7,826,460 Network-on-chip apparatus, and method for controlling dynamic frequency for the same
40 7,826,442 VoIP terminal supporting optimal intercom service and session connecting method thereof
41 7,826,436 Method and system for wireless communication of data with a fragmentation pattern and low-density parity-check codes
42 7,826,432 Apparatus and method for routing on a mobile ad-hoc network
43 7,826,430 Method and system for controlling remote in a TDD optical repeater
44 7,826,417 Apparatus and method for controlling transmit power of preamble sequence for AAS in OFDMA communication system
45 7,826,410 Method for updating DNS address in mobile IP terminal
46 7,826,407 Versatile system for efficient version control messaging in a wireless radio access network
47 7,826,405 Wireless local area network system capable of supporting host mobility and an operation method therefor
48 7,826,395 Communication system using zigbee and method of controlling the same
49 7,826,344 Apparatus and method for transmitting pilot signal in a BWA communication system using transmit antennas
50 7,826,276 Non-volatile memory device reducing data programming and verification time, and method of driving the same
51 7,826,269 Flash memory device and method for driving the same
52 7,826,263 Memory system including flash memory and method of operating the same
53 7,826,206 Receiving module for a display device, display device including the same, and method thereof
54 7,826,173 Disk spacer and hard disk drive having the same
55 7,826,166 Data pattern for fly height measurement
56 7,826,162 Apparatus and method for sensing an external magnetic field to protect a perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) hard disk drive
57 7,826,136 High resolution 2D/3D switchable display apparatus
58 7,826,118 Composite scanning unit for reducing speckle noise and laser projection system employing the same
59 7,826,111 Color conversion method using a colors look-up table
60 7,826,073 Method of managing settings of properties of an image forming device
61 7,826,024 LCD module and liquid crystal imaging means using the same
62 7,826,018 Liquid crystal display
63 7,826,013 Liquid crystal display device having OCB mode liquid crystal layer and method of fabricating the same
64 7,826,011 Display and method of manufacturing the same
65 7,826,005 Light source supporting member, display device comprising the same and method thereof
66 7,826,003 Back light assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
67 7,826,002 Liquid crystal display device
68 7,826,000 Array substrate, display device having the same, and method thereof
69 7,825,999 Autostereoscopic display
70 7,825,992 Video processing apparatus and video processing method
71 7,825,980 Electronic device, display method thereof, and storage medium storing program for executing the method
72 7,825,970 CMOS image sensor and image sensing method using the same
73 7,825,934 System, medium, and method automatically creating a dynamic image object
74 7,825,926 Point-based rendering apparatus, method and medium
75 7,825,921 System and method for improving sub-pixel rendering of image data in non-striped display systems
76 7,825,919 Source voltage removal detection circuit and display device including the same
77 7,825,912 Touch screen for mobile terminal and power saving method thereof
78 7,825,894 Display device with display panel processing input data
79 7,825,881 Organic light emitting display device
80 7,825,876 Plasma display panel brightness correction circuit and method, and plasma display panel video display device and method
81 7,825,874 Plasma display panel initialization and driving method and apparatus
82 7,825,834 Scalable audio data arithmetic decoding method, medium, and apparatus, and method, medium, and apparatus truncating audio data bitstream
83 7,825,773 Mobile radio frequency identification (mRFID) reader
84 7,825,717 Electronic apparatus and control method thereof
85 7,825,710 Delay-locked loop circuits and method for generating transmission core clock signals
86 7,825,692 Semiconductor memory device and output drive circuit thereof
87 7,825,635 Computer system and control method thereof capable of changing battery charging mode according to user’s selection
88 7,825,613 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
89 7,825,612 Light emitting diode array driving apparatus
90 7,825,594 Organic light emitting display and fabricating method of the same
91 7,825,589 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
92 7,825,585 Organic light emitting display
93 7,825,584 Organic light emitting display device and method for fabricating the same
94 7,825,581 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
95 7,825,576 Pixel structure and organic light emitting device including the pixel structure
96 7,825,523 Semiconductor chip having bond pads
97 7,825,496 Semiconductor device having a filling pattern around a storage structure and method of forming the same
98 7,825,495 Semiconductor chip structure, method of manufacturing the semiconductor chip structure, semiconductor chip package, and method of manufacturing the semiconductor chip package
99 7,825,476 Method of fabricating polycrystalline silicon, TFT fabricated using the same, method of fabricating the TFT, and organic light emitting diode display device including the TFT
100 7,825,475 Mixed voltage tolerant input/output electrostatic discharge devices
101 7,825,472 Semiconductor device having a plurality of stacked transistors and method of fabricating the same
102 7,825,468 Semiconductor packages, stacked semiconductor packages, and methods of manufacturing the semiconductor packages and the stacked semiconductor packages
103 7,825,461 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
104 7,825,459 Method of operating a SONOS memory device
105 7,825,438 CMOS image sensor having drive transistor with increased gate surface area and method of manufacturing the same
106 7,825,428 GaN-based semiconductor light emitting device
107 7,825,411 Thin film transistor with improved junction region
108 7,825,361 Light sensor test unit of testing a light sensor that senses an external light, method of testing light sensor using the same and display apparatus
109 7,825,041 Method of reworking a semiconductor substrate and method of forming a pattern of a semiconductor device
110 7,825,030 Method of forming a spacer
111 7,824,972 Producing a thin film transistor substrate by using a photoresist pattern having regions of different thicknesses
112 7,824,959 Wafer level stack structure for system-in-package and method thereof
113 7,824,954 Methods of forming phase change memory devices having bottom electrodes
114 7,824,953 Method of operating and structure of phase change random access memory (PRAM)
115 7,824,952 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing thereof
116 7,824,936 Method of manufacturing dispersion type AC inorganic electroluminescent device and dispersion type AC inorganic electroluminescent device manufactured thereby
117 7,824,838 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
118 7,824,819 Membrane-electrode assembly for mixed reactant fuel cell and mixed reactant fuel cell system including the same
119 7,824,816 Fuel cell system
120 7,824,813 Fuel reforming system having movable heat source and fuel cell system comprising the same
121 7,824,798 Secondary battery
122 7,824,794 Battery having simplified arrangement for insulating electrode assembly
123 7,824,780 Imidazopyrimidine-based compound and organic light-emitting device employing organic layer including the same
124 7,824,771 Carbon-metal composite material and process of preparing the same
125 7,824,758 Filter for display device and method for fabricating the same
126 7,824,621 Apparatus and method for ejecting droplets using charge concentration and liquid bridge breakup
127 7,824,585 Apparatus and method for fabricating semiconductor packages
128 7,824,530 Apparatus having reduced noise and method of using the apparatus for detecting ionic materials
129 7,824,501 In-situ method of cleaning vaporizer during dielectric layer deposition process
130 7,824,323 Apparatus for evaluating blood flow and controlling blood flow using a magnetic field and methods therefor
131 7,824,093 Backlight assembly, liquid crystal display device having the same, and method of manufacturing thereof
132 7,824,066 Prism member, backlight assembly provided with the same, and display device provided with the same
133 7,824,006 Image forming apparatus and method to operatively control the same
134 7,823,412 Hermetic vessel equipped with inserted-type discharge pipe, and oil separator, gas-liquid separator, and air conditioning system using the same
135 7,823,407 Water filter and refrigerator having the same