Samsung patents granted on 02 October 2007

77 US patents granted on 02 October 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 D552,310 Vacuum cleaner
2 D552,170 Laser printer
3 D552,167 Photo printer
4 D552,142 Camcorder
5 D552,119 Generated image for display on a portable telephone
6 D552,118 Generated image for display on a portable telephone
7 D552,117 Generated image for display on a portable telephone
8 D552,071 Telephone
9 D552,069 Portable phone
10 D552,068 Portable phone
11 D552,067 Mobile phone
12 D552,066 Mobile phone
13 D552,065 Mobile phone
14 D552,064 Mobile phone
15 D552,063 Portable phone
16 D552,062 Mobile phone
17 D552,061 Mobile phone
18 D552,060 Mobile phone
19 D552,059 Portable phone
20 D552,058 Portable phone
21 D552,056 Mobile phone
22 D552,053 DVD player
23 D552,046 Light-emitting diode
24 7,278,146 Apparatus and method for locking tray of disc drive
25 7,278,082 Method of generating parity data based on low-density parity check matrix and apparatus therefor
26 7,277,856 System and method for speech synthesis using a smoothing filter
27 7,277,733 System and method for providing web content provision service using subscriber terminal in exchange system
28 7,277,661 Image photographing apparatus having a developing unit comprising plural units
29 7,277,646 Duobinary optical transmitter
30 7,277,639 Bi-directional optical add/drop multiplexer for WDM optical networks
31 7,277,632 Method for assigning wavelengths in wavelength division multiplexing ring communication network
32 7,277,545 Scrambler and scrambling method
33 7,277,490 Apparatus for converting PCM signal
34 7,277,484 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
35 7,277,458 Apparatus and method for tracking a phase of a pseudo-random noise (PN) sequence of a pilot signal in a mobile terminal
36 7,277,407 Apparatus and method for controlling transmit antenna array for physical downlink shared channel in a mobile communication system
37 7,277,406 Apparatus and method for distributing power in an HSDPA system
38 7,277,383 Redundancy mechanization protocol for a massively parallel router
39 7,277,370 Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium including computer readable code for erasing information recorded on a rewritable recording medium and medium resulting therefrom
40 7,277,356 Methods of controlling memory modules that support selective mode register set commands
41 7,277,319 System and method for reading a memory cell
42 7,277,277 Computer with a detachable main casing cover and a method of assembling same
43 7,277,275 Portable computer having adjustable display
44 7,277,256 Actuator and hard disk drive employing the same
45 7,277,250 Track zero determination method used in data storage system and disk drive using the same
46 7,277,156 Scanner apparatus with twin substrate stage, semiconductor photo equipment with the apparatus and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the equipment
47 7,277,151 Flat panel display with photosensitive glass spacer
48 7,277,148 Thin film array panel
49 7,277,112 Multi-beam light source unit and laser scanning unit having the same structure
50 7,277,106 Scanning apparatus having a fluorescent lamp and control method thereof
51 7,277,093 Low power apparatus used with a display device
52 7,277,071 Luminescent display, and driving method and pixel circuit thereof, and display device
53 7,277,067 Plasma display panel
54 7,277,005 Printed circuit board including embedded resistor and method of fabricating the same
55 7,276,863 LED array driving apparatus and backlight driving apparatus using the same
56 7,276,829 Frame unit of compressor and manufacturing method thereof
57 7,276,799 Chip stack package and manufacturing method thereof
58 7,276,786 Stacked board-on-chip package having mirroring structure and dual inline memory module on which the stacked board-on-chip packages are mounted
59 7,276,740 Submount for light emitting device
60 7,276,732 Thin film transistor array panel
61 7,276,731 Wiring line assembly and method for manufacturing the same, and thin film transistor array substrate having the wiring line assembly and method for manufacturing the same
62 7,276,679 Microwave oven
63 7,276,421 Method of forming single crystal semiconductor thin film on insulator and semiconductor device fabricated thereby
64 7,276,415 Contactless nonvolatile memory device and method of forming the same
65 7,276,404 Methods of forming SRAM cells having landing pad in contact with upper and lower cell gate patterns
66 7,276,389 Article comprising metal oxide nanostructures and method for fabricating such nanostructures
67 7,276,298 Substance for intermediate layer of organic electroluminescent device and organic electroluminescent device using the same
68 7,276,140 Plasma accelerating apparatus for semiconductor substrate processing and plasma processing system having the same
69 7,276,118 Spin-coating apparatus for use in manufacturing semiconductor devices
70 7,276,091 Method of producing polymer capacitor by forming micropore in ion exchange membrane and polymer capacitor produced thereby
71 7,275,905 Method and device for controlling position of cassette in semiconductor manufacturing equipment
72 7,275,865 Temperature measuring apparatus using change of magnetic field
73 7,275,852 Backlight unit and LCD display apparatus having the same
74 7,275,850 Backlight unit
75 7,275,798 Method and apparatus for correcting deviation of temperature sensor
76 7,275,308 Method for manufacturing a monolithic ink-jet printhead
77 7,275,281 Motor assembly and vacuum cleaner having the same