Samsung patents granted on 02 September 2008

98 US patents granted on 02 September 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D576,362 Drum washing machine
2 D576,176 Graphic user interface for a cellular phone
3 D576,172 Generated image for display on a personal digital assistant
4 D576,144 Mobile phone
5 D576,143 Mobile phone
6 D576,142 Mobile phone
7 D576,141 Cellular phone
8 D576,140 Cellular phone
9 D576,133 Mobile phone
10 D576,130 Portable phone
11 D576,117 Light-emitting diode
12 D576,116 Light-emitting diode
13 7,421,719 Disc recording/reproducing apparatus
14 7,421,639 Information storage medium on which drive data is recorded, and method of recording information on the information storage medium
15 7,421,635 System-on-chip (SOC) having built-in-self-test circuits and a self-test method of the SOC
16 7,421,624 Data recovery apparatus and method used for flash memory
17 7,421,622 Recording medium for storing start position information for each zone and method of managing data using the information
18 7,421,558 System controlling interface timing in memory module and related method
19 7,421,557 Method and device for performing cache reading
20 7,421,338 Robot system
21 7,421,280 Wireless network and wireless access terminals using enhanced SYNC.sub.–ID parameter
22 7,421,268 Method for fast roaming in a wireless network
23 7,421,263 Circuit for reducing second order intermodulation
24 7,421,262 Tuning method and apparatus for reducing interference between adjacent channels
25 7,421,246 Wireless communication device and a method for controlling the same
26 7,421,238 Used developer cleaning system and image forming apparatus having the same
27 7,421,236 Fixing unit including backup pressure members and image forming apparatus having the same
28 7,421,235 Electrophotographic color image forming apparatus
29 7,421,146 Apparatus and method of processing shoot artifacts of image signals
30 7,421,120 Apparatus correcting image by luminance histogram
31 7,421,074 Security system using RSA algorithm and method thereof
32 7,421,026 Multiplexing video decoding apparatus and method
33 7,420,946 Apparatus and method for indicating a base station in a mobile station provided in a CDMA communication system
34 7,420,906 Automatic power calibration apparatus for optical recording device and automatic power calibration method therefor
35 7,420,904 Recording medium for storing version information for maintaining recording and/or reproducing compatability, and method and apparatus for managing the same
36 7,420,895 Signal detection method and apparatus and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the same
37 7,420,871 Synchronous semiconductor memory device
38 7,420,870 Phase locked loop circuit and method of locking a phase
39 7,420,861 Semiconductor memory device and data read and write method thereof
40 7,420,856 Methods and circuits for generating a high voltage and related semiconductor memory devices
41 7,420,852 Non-volatile memory device providing controlled bulk voltage during programming operations
42 7,420,831 Semiconductor chip and semiconductor chip package comprising semiconductor chip
43 7,420,818 Memory module having a matching capacitor and memory system having the same
44 7,420,814 Package stack and manufacturing method thereof
45 7,420,783 Slim actuator and slim micro-drive apparatus comprising the same
46 7,420,775 Hard disk drive
47 7,420,766 Video cassette recorder
48 7,420,764 Servo controller method and apparatus for high tracks per inch hard disk drives using a delay accomodating state estimator
49 7,420,760 Method and apparatus reducing flying height drop in a hard disk drive under humid conditions
50 7,420,759 Apparatus and method for internal calibration of normalized playback transfer curve in a hard disk drive
51 7,420,755 Lens driving device
52 7,420,717 Method and apparatus for scanning image
53 7,420,693 Paper cartridge for printer
54 7,420,639 Liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the same
55 7,420,613 Method for controlling flash apparatus, wherein preliminary flashing is performed one time
56 7,420,602 Cmos imager for cellular applications and methods of using such
57 7,420,601 Digital camera and method of controlling a digital camera to determine image sharpness
58 7,420,577 System and method for compensating for visual effects upon panels having fixed pattern noise with reduced quantization error
59 7,420,570 Methods and systems for video processing using super dithering
60 7,420,551 Image display apparatus with driving modes and method of driving the same
61 7,420,548 Display system and control method thereof
62 7,420,528 Driving a plasma display panel (PDP)
63 7,420,496 Digital/analog converting apparatus with high resolution
64 7,420,492 Current range control circuit, data driver, and organic light emitting display
65 7,420,444 RF MEMS switch having asymmetrical spring rigidity
66 7,420,429 Source coupled differential complementary colpitts oscillator
67 7,420,415 Method and apparatus for controlling a power amplifier in a mobile communication system
68 7,420,387 Semiconductor device capable of controlling OCD and ODT circuits and control method used by the semiconductor device
69 7,420,382 Apparatus and method for testing semiconductor chip
70 7,420,330 Plasma display panel having improved efficiency
71 7,420,329 Plasma display panel (PDP)
72 7,420,328 Plasma display panel design that compensates for differing surface potential of colored fluorescent material
73 7,420,306 Brushless DC motor
74 7,420,270 Tape wiring substrate and chip-on-film package using the same
75 7,420,256 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having a gate stack and method of manufacturing the same
76 7,420,244 Semiconductor device having a fin structure and method of manufacturing the same
77 7,420,243 Non-volatile memory device with buried control gate and method of fabricating the same
78 7,420,212 Flat panel display
79 7,420,207 Photo-detecting device and related method of formation
80 7,420,198 Non-volatile memory cells employing a transition metal oxide layer as a data storage material layer and methods of manufacturing the same
81 7,420,135 Micro electro-mechanical system switch and method of manufacturing the same
82 7,420,129 Semiconductor package including a semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the same
83 7,419,918 Methods of forming a thin-film structure, methods of manufacturing non-volatile semiconductor devices using the same, and resulting non-volatile semiconductor devices
84 7,419,909 Methods of forming a semiconductor device that allow patterns in different regions that have different pitches to be connected
85 7,419,888 Method of forming a silicon-rich nanocrystalline structure by an atomic layer deposition process and method of manufacturing a non-volatile semiconductor device using the same
86 7,419,881 Phase changeable memory device and method of formation thereof
87 7,419,880 Transistor having a protruded drain
88 7,419,879 Transistor having gate dielectric layer of partial thickness difference and method of fabricating the same
89 7,419,859 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a single gate electrode corresponding to a pair of fin-type channel regions
90 7,419,856 Methods of fabricating integrated circuit devices having fuse structures including buffer layers
91 7,419,843 Method of manufacturing semiconductor probe having resistive tip
92 7,419,759 Photoresist composition and method of forming a pattern using the same
93 7,419,737 Fuel supply device for direct methanol fuel cells
94 7,419,521 Dust collecting apparatus for a vacuum cleaner
95 7,419,381 Hybrid circuit board and display device having the same
96 7,419,378 Socket for testing semiconductor package
97 7,419,279 Backlight assembly, liquid crystal display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing lamp-fixing member
98 7,419,099 Portable terminal and swing hinge module thereof