Samsung patents granted on 03 April 2007

60 US patents granted on 03 April 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 D539,995 Washing machine
2 D539,890 Air conditioner
3 D539,883 Air conditioner
4 D539,816 MP3 player
5 D539,787 Headset
6 D539,773 Portable telephone
7 D539,772 Portable telephone
8 D539,771 Complex image player
9 D539,770 DVD player
10 D539,767 Projection television
11 D539,592 Electronic oven
12 7,200,796 Apparatus for generating codes in communication system
13 7,200,792 Interleaving apparatus and method for symbol mapping in an HSDPA mobile communication system
14 7,200,789 Reverse transmission apparatus and method in a mobile communication system supporting HARQ
15 7,200,748 E-mail printer and e-mail printing method having authentication procedure
16 7,200,683 Device communication and control in a home network connected to an external network
17 7,200,653 Data base access method and system in management information base of network management protocol
18 7,200,513 Method for clocking speed using wireless terminal and system implementing the same
19 7,200,429 Mobile terminal and hinge device thereof
20 7,200,412 Paging method which dynamically changes according to network conditions
21 7,200,348 Volatile organic compound detector
22 7,200,258 Method for selecting reference images, method and apparatus for inspecting patterns on wafers, and method for dividing a wafer into application regions
23 7,200,224 Hinge device for portable wireless terminal
24 7,200,181 Apparatus and method for generating and decoding codes in a communication system
25 7,200,135 Method for minimizing searching time for a transport format selection in a code division multiple access mobile communication system
26 7,200,124 Signal measurement apparatus and method for handover in a mobile communication system
27 7,200,098 Objective lens for high-density optical focusing and an optical disk in an optical pickup
28 7,200,087 Method of detecting a type of disc using a reference ratio and detected ratio
29 7,200,069 Semiconductor memory device having external data load signal synchronous with data strobe signal and serial-to-parallel data prefetch method thereof
30 7,200,067 Pad arrangement in semiconductor memory device and method of driving semiconductor device
31 7,200,049 Methods for accelerated erase operations in non-volatile memory devices and related devices
32 7,199,968 Locking device for tape cassette housing of tape recorder
33 7,199,850 Liquid crystal display having oblique domain side and wide viewing angle
34 7,199,839 Color signal processing device for multi-primary color display and method thereof
35 7,199,838 Motion adaptive noise reduction apparatus and method for video signals
36 7,199,810 Beam scanning apparatus having polarization direction adjuster
37 7,199,803 Method and apparatus for image texture describing
38 7,199,787 Apparatus with touch screen and method for displaying information through external display device connected thereto
39 7,199,777 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
40 7,199,756 Planar antenna for wireless communication device and portable computer using the same
41 7,199,669 Dual gate cascade amplifier
42 7,199,634 Duty cycle correction circuits suitable for use in delay-locked loops and methods of correcting duty cycles of periodic signals
43 7,199,632 Duty cycle correction circuit for use in a semiconductor device
44 7,199,630 Delay locked loops and methods using ring oscillators
45 7,199,623 Method and apparatus for providing a power-on reset signal
46 7,199,554 Desktop charger for bar-type portable wireless terminal
47 7,199,522 Plasma discharge method and plasma display using the same
48 7,199,478 Printed circuit board having an improved land structure
49 7,199,465 Wire bonding system and method of use
50 7,199,462 Substrate for producing semiconductor packages
51 7,199,458 Stacked offset semiconductor package and method for fabricating
52 7,199,421 Sonos device and methods of manufacturing the same
53 7,199,406 Method for manufacturing transistor and image display device using the same
54 7,199,393 Photosensitive semiconductor nanocrystals, photosensitive composition comprising semiconductor nanocrystals and method for forming semiconductor nanocrystal pattern using the same
55 7,199,019 Method for forming tungsten contact plug
56 7,199,003 Method of manufacturing capacitor of semiconductor device by simplifying process of forming dielectric layer and apparatus therefor
57 7,198,998 Method of manufacturing bipolar-complementary metal oxide semiconductor
58 7,198,823 Siloxane-based resin containing germanium and an interlayer insulating film for a semiconductor device using the same
59 7,198,819 Substrate supporting frame
60 7,198,419 Apparatus and method of performing double-sided printing